Samsung Galaxy M21 hands-on review

12 Jun 2020

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  • Anonymous
  • QwR
  • 18 Feb 2022

I was ready to buy this phone but I confused to see the reviews of this phone from public. Now I think I will never buy this phone coz everyone's review is against the said phone....

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    • Rupali
    • CbC
    • 05 Oct 2021

    Refund policy bad ,after buying within 3 day speaker problem don't buy

      Literally saying don't believe in the warranty period of Samsung mobile as they are making us fool.
      The case happened with me there was no physical damage in my mobile screen i.e. Samsung galaxy M21 but I don't know how my whole screen turned black when I wake up in morning. I went to service centre they denied they told to call customer care but customer care number also not accepting the call. And in WhatsApp too I talked to customer care they say you go to service centre they will help and service centre staff says ask to customer care but at last they have not accepted it in warranty period I have to buy new screen that too screen price is different in different service centre , you must know how these people are making us fool. So I must say don't believe in the warranty period of these Samsung mobile.

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        • Rajesh
        • DkH
        • 22 Aug 2021

        Dear friends i used this phone last 6 month but there is no problem at all..good product in this range..camara quality is too good,,battery is awesome
        Overall very nice performance

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          • Anonymous
          • 7km
          • 08 Aug 2021

          Muthukumar, 17 Jun 2021I bought a SamsungM21 on 6th May2021. But within 20 days t... moreI was also facing the same problem. I bought it on Nov 2020. 7 days before I saw a purple spot in the screen . Now it almost covered the full screen. Service center behaviour was the same . I am helpless now . Please don't take this brand.
          Subhendu. Burdwan . W Bengal.

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            • Prasad
            • teq
            • 01 Aug 2021

            Robert Marcel dsouza, 21 Jun 2021I bought samsung m21 galaxy 7 months ago, safe using, sudd... moreI also have same problem... Have you received any solution

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              • Rashik
              • XR2
              • 21 Jul 2021


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                • Anonymous
                • DkA
                • 20 Jul 2021

                It is a worst mobile network signal quality in this mobile is very poor

                  5/6 Month ago ,I brought samsung galaxy M21. Now samsung galaxy m21 shows purple color problem. 75% of screen are affected by purple color. I think manufacturing problem. WHERE IS SUPER AMEOLOED DISPLAY?

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                    • Mahedi
                    • t43
                    • 14 Jul 2021

                    I brought a samsung galaxy m21 , 6 month ago.
                    Now I faced purple color problem in my mobile screen.
                    I m hopeless.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • U{M
                      • 14 Jul 2021

                      Robert Marcel dsouza, 21 Jun 2021I bought samsung m21 galaxy 7 months ago, safe using, sudd... moresame problem occured with my device

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                        • Kuttu
                        • rJx
                        • 06 Jul 2021

                        If you does it for gaming?

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                          • Robert Marcel dsouza
                          • U@E
                          • 21 Jun 2021

                          I bought samsung m21 galaxy 7 months ago, safe using, suddenly yesterday stuck logo,then I pressed vol and power,then it open,but working time hangs,going restart,what to do?

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                            • Kannan
                            • D02
                            • 19 Jun 2021

                            Duel app, whats app files, image, video not showing Galary Or file manager... Second app document or images video is Which location. 😇😇😇😇👎👎👎

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                              • Muthukumar
                              • 7k3
                              • 17 Jun 2021

                              I bought a SamsungM21 on 6th May2021. But within 20 days there was a pink dot in the display and slowly it increases and now the display is full black. We didn't drop the phone. And we use it very carefully. We were in covid lock down. But when I went samsung service centre they said display is not covered under warranty. I have seen on internet ,a lot of other people are also facing the same issue . So my sincere request to you all to not buy Samsung M21 phome.

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                                • Perera
                                • u{J
                                • 19 Feb 2021

                                The camera sucks! It is below the average. But back camera is somewhat okay with proper lighting

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                                  • Vinod
                                  • 7tW
                                  • 17 Feb 2021

                                  The android version is 8+ in this device but why this is not supporting virtual background in zoom?

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                                    • Esje
                                    • vGv
                                    • 15 Jan 2021

                                    wbpwns, 14 Jun 2020Does m31 have same issues? Signal bar is one or two,.. so what samsung phones shows signals actual, you people measured signal strength ..?... don't be a nonsense, also don't tell any thing wrong to public, if you are not satisfied leave it ... right

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                                      • Esje
                                      • vGv
                                      • 15 Jan 2021

                                      Some people are telling xiomi is boss samsung not good, why using this type of mentality,...respect everyone manufacturing company, i think that samsung phones always good, let people choose which one they like, don't miss guide ....thank you.

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                                        • Pas
                                        • f}I
                                        • 15 Dec 2020

                                        Most of the time I'm using my phone's hotspot to work. How much time do you think it will take to drain the battery when both mobile data(4g) and hotspot on?