Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro/9 Pro Max review

22 June 2020

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  • lilly
  • 6vT
  • 12 Nov 2023

Had this phone since it came out, it's amazing for all daily life purposes, doesn't heat up as fast it usually takes me 5 hrs of intense gaming with apps running in the background to heat up. Has a great mic and great camera though it lacks in taking pictures in night, they tend to be blurry or just bland
The ultra wide feature is nice to play with and the filters that come with the camera app can give vibrance to the pictures. The fingersensor on the power button is my personal favorite feature Abt this phone and it has a headphone jack which is something hard to see in recent phones!! After 3 yrs of use it still charges up fast but is also losing my battery fast so beware of that

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    • Momin
    • U{$
    • 01 Jun 2023

    HD quality clearly photo

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      • MD AYUB KHAN
      • Dk%
      • 06 May 2023

      Redmi note 9 pro Max is a Good Phone i like it

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        • Fearised
        • Kxe
        • 05 May 2023

        It's a good fone using from 2019 , almost 4 years, not get any problem...

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          • Shailesh
          • TS8
          • 19 Mar 2023

          It's very good fone using from 2021not get any problem...

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            • Lubo Sweden
            • N1Y
            • 08 Mar 2023

            Athaiguy , 20 Nov 2022I purchased this phone two and a half years ago the origina... moreAbsolutely agree. I have it over 2 years. No issues what so ever. Great budget phone.I love it. Was looking for upgreat several times, but there is no point!!! I decided to run it until it dies....

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              • Aya
              • Bpj
              • 31 Jan 2023

              Satisfied with this phone for more than 2 yrs now. Never encountered any problems.

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                • Athaiguy
                • GTm
                • 20 Nov 2022

                I purchased this phone two and a half years ago the original battery still gets me over 30 hours between charges. It has been a beast I will definitely buy another xiaomi when the time comes

                  Pls I bought this phone redmi note 9 pro global 64gb rom 6gb ram around May last year getting to a year how and I was only giving a security patch update for march 2021, which is more than a year now and ever since I haven't been giving any updates and am still on miui which is the only update this phone has received ever since I bought the phone, and when I try to check it tells me there's no update,, pls what do I do,,, or how can I be receiving ota updates any help from anyone??? Thanks

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                    • Toseef
                    • KIq
                    • 18 Mar 2022

                    I am facing fast charging issue. My phone takes almost 2 hours to get fully charged. How to fix this issue ? Plz help

                      Anonymous, 31 Jan 2022Hi. Honest opinion require. Currently I'm using Redm... moreNo, not major differences between the two. Redmi note 9 pro is still a solid device.

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                        • Shabanta Har
                        • Dky
                        • 25 Feb 2022

                        Worthless Phone. Everyday twice or thrice it automatically reboot while in a call... Network connectivity is worthless...compared with any other mobile...Camera is good...Have 128 GB storage but...still inam frustrated with this handset...
                        Not worth buying.

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                          • termid36
                          • vIk
                          • 03 Feb 2022

                          Anonymous, 31 Jan 2022Hi. Honest opinion require. Currently I'm using Redm... moreYes, if it's redmi note 10 pro max

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 64i
                            • 31 Jan 2022

                            Hi. Honest opinion require.
                            Currently I'm using RedmI Note 9 pro. It is worth for me to upgrade to Redmi Note 10 pro? Advise please. TQ

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                              • ChoCho
                              • Nu6
                              • 12 Dec 2021

                              Julie, 05 Dec 2021Its not good..... Not working.......If you're using this phone, do not turn on task toolbar for the notes app and the game toolbox at the same time or you would have problems trying to minimize your game 'cause sometimes it just says there and keep starring at you andbreboots itself

                              PS Turn off notes task bar display form the notes settings!!!

                                • J
                                • Julie
                                • L1w
                                • 05 Dec 2021

                                Its not good..... Not working.......

                                  After mi2.5.... i lost all pages saved on the surface...
                                  it was a 3years work ,it took me me 1month to mive them from note5 to note9pro.
                                  I mentioned to the company in Greece ,but who cares

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                                    • gilbert
                                    • tDE
                                    • 27 Sep 2021

                                    Ejayyyyy, 08 Aug 2021My redmi note 9 pro 6/64 is already 5G after i update. Is ... moreno, because the 720G not support 5G yet

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Dk7
                                      • 15 Aug 2021

                                      my phone is not clear

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                                        • Ejayyyyy
                                        • sxr
                                        • 08 Aug 2021

                                        My redmi note 9 pro 6/64 is already 5G after i update. Is this legit? Anyone ?