Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G / Find X2 Neo review

29 June 2020

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  • 27 Mar 2022

Bought for 299£, at this price is a very nice phone, i agree with the build, the screen and the overall feeling like a flagship, sadly im not impressed by the front camera, imho it have problem with colours and lights adaptation of the sensor, also when you have a videocall on whatsapp your image look crappy, poor software integration?

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    • ShalokShalom
    • 03w
    • 26 Dec 2021

    ShalokShalom, 02 Dec 2021Yep, mine isNo, my mistake.

    It's not

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      • ShalokShalom
      • iL9
      • 02 Dec 2021

      Finch, 17 Jun 2021I'm interested to get a Find X2 Neo and I don't s... moreYep, mine is

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        • 17 Jun 2021

        Eric Gilean, 02 Jan 2021Got one and satisfyed due specs , size of the screen and Am... moreI'm interested to get a Find X2 Neo and I don't see the spec of being DUAL SIM. So, is it dual sim?

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          • 25 Jan 2021

          Its 449 euros in Spain, is that a good price or should I get a OnePlus Nord for 390 euros (although its 8gb 128gb)

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            • 02 Jan 2021

            nikojas, 03 Dec 2020Anyone bought this recently and can comment if they are hap... moreGot one and satisfyed due specs , size of the screen and Amoled.
            Processor medium-high run all very confortable and not slow at any moment.

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              • 10 Dec 2020

              Julio Lamont, 08 Sep 2020This phone is sold as the "Oppo Find X2 Neo" in A... moreYep, you're right! I just bought one a week ago, and loving this handset the more and more I use it.

              Something people don't often talk about and reviewers should too... the sensor size of 1/2.0" actually means you can take photo's of a4 sheets of paper (lets say using Adobe PDF Scan) and it's all in focus.

              On my P30 Pro that I use with my work number, I find it's sufficient but sometimes bits of it are blurry, due to the shallow DoF...

              I used to own the Xiaomi Note 10 with its 108mp sensor, and forget about taking any sharp photo of a document for scanning purposes... the sensor is too large ,', blurry as anything. Just rubbish in that context.

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                • 10 Dec 2020

                nikojas, 03 Dec 2020Anyone bought this recently and can comment if they are hap... moreYes I picked one up in Australia with Telstra (named as the Find X2 Neo... by the way, so the article is incorrect on that bit of information).

                It is a fantastic handset, I use it alongside my P30 Pro which I've relegated to my work number. It's buttery smooth, and takes great photo's without an excessively big camera bump. Something rare in 2020.

                Also, the loud speaker is one of the loudest I've heard on a smart phone in a very long time.

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                  • 03 Dec 2020

                  Anyone bought this recently and can comment if they are happy with their choice?

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                    • 10 Sep 2020

                    Julio Lamont, 08 Sep 2020This phone is sold as the "Oppo Find X2 Neo" in A... moreI bought a NEO tonight. I compared it to LG Velvet and Motorola Edge. On paper the NEO looks like a winner. Will see how's it performance goes in a week.

                      This phone is sold as the "Oppo Find X2 Neo" in Australia not the Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G. I know...I just bought one!

                        I had to weigh in on this as an audio nutcase, both y'all Samath and DroidBoye make valid points, but on some you're brainwashed as hell. Samath man you seem to be on the verge of being the 'audiophile' who every devoted audio engineer loathes. "Less crashing of +ve and -ve poles.." give the world a break with that level of bull. The headphone you were referring to is the DT880, going by your logic, 600 ohm should be the best, and maybe a "1200 Limited Edition" would be even better. Your answer is that the 250 ohm version has the best objective measurements out of the 3, primarily FR and waterfall plot with the buzzy resonances mitigated reasonably. No wonder it sounds the best among them. Impedance doesn't mean anything unless it's value is a horrendous roller coaster throughout the audio range, which is usually never the case with dynamics. It only influences driveability. Learn more about audio for 808's sake.
                        DroidBoye you do have a fair approach already and could learn much faster in comparison.
                        The audio test discontinuation here was a bit of a bummer, but it's ok as it wasn't much worth its salt anyway with no important metrics considered except IMD+N, that was useful. Most all 'latest' phones output second class quality at the headphone jack anyway as the industry has successfully convinced it's customers to not need a jack anymore. It's past the point of no return. One as an enthusiast ought to have made their arrangement yet.

                          DroidBoye, 18 Jul 2020If you can actually understand what scopes and limitations ... moreYou're talking to a student of research so I know what you're saying.
                          So, in short, I can say that "D.Trump is the best President ever" without including the line, "according to my own little sweet methodology", because this last (conditional) line is in a separate article?

                          And again, when did I say my own methodology is better, or it even exists? Can't you see I refer to typed lines of GSMA, none of my own?

                          And I'm not pushing ideas as you're saying. Know that I was ok with their audio test removal later on.
                          All I'm saying is that "all phones are excellent" in isolation, is a lie. The same included with a clear line, "according to our testing" may be truth.
                          Although, even in the last days, most phones pushing out high THD, and with bad stereo crosstalk, I'm not even sure if that is true.

                          You're not wrong here except where pointed out by me. I want them to say it clearly, you say its ok as long as its obvious. Simple.

                          I guess I'm done here.

                            Samath N8 808 owner, 17 Jul 2020When high impedance itself results in wider, spatial, natur... moreIf you can actually understand what scopes and limitations are, then this is actually the time that you should learn about one. Their decision for the term "excellent" is with their available equipment that they have. "Quality" can be measured on a properly matched impedance to the player because what they mainly measure is the DAC with their specialized equipment (which is excellent on most of newly made smartphones nowadays), that is where the "quality" comes from. The amplifier is the ones that decides which headphone you can or cannot drive with the player based on their power requirement. IF you are measuring quality via "impedance", you're just measuring the power output capacity of the AMP not the quality of the output of the DAC. People nowadays just calls DAC + AMP combo as just a DAC but way before minaturization comes into play, people use separate DAC and AMP for their audio needs.
                            Consider this:
                            Their testing provides line input calibration before each tests are being done and this is what we call "proper" testing of audio equipment, this is where the "excellent" output mainly comes from. Eliminating impedance mismatch before the test starts is crucial in measuring quality just to eliminate the variance that the different AMP power output may provide. Do you think that your own testing is much more superior and what we may call standardized than this?

                            I am not an avid fan of GSMArena in their audio testing BUT I am an advocate of proper testing with properly controlled variables. The problem with you is that you are pushing an idea of testing which is not controlled and could even be deemed subjective and make it as your own fact to argue upon. GSMArena's use of term "excellent" is still valid, the problem is that you couldn't understand why even though the ideas were already spoonfed by this discussion and even available in GSMArena's testing methodology articles.

                              DroidBoye, 16 Jul 2020- Headphone impedance dictates power requirements to drive ... moreWhen high impedance itself results in wider, spatial, natural audio, then it can't be argued its not a part of audio quality. Its not about impedance mismatch, using the higher impedance is only a matter of voltage/ volume your device can provide.
                              Using a rough, loose language, just understand that more the impedance, less the actual crashing of + and - electricity poles within the headphones. Isn't that a good thing for quality?

                              This is just like arguing that background blur (due to aperture) is not a part of DSLR quality & experience. Its not directly I admit, but it affects.
                              I think you ignored my example of three impedance versions of the same headphone... used yes, with the same device. The 250 ohm is always superior in quality, if you have the power.

                              Got it? The deficiency is in the player, not the impedance matching.

                              Now, GSMArena just want to prove there's no world in portable music, beyond their "general" standards of mobile audio.
                              I won't say your comment convinced me, because my question still is, why use a superlative like "excellent" when its clearly not?

                              But I guess we better leave the discussion here.
                              I'm talking at a place where there're more fans of the site, than neutral judges who'll empathise with me... and the site guys are anyways just that, a bunch of guys...

                                Samath N8 808 owner, 14 Jul 2020If its not a feature on every smartphone, how come all get ... moreLG is excellent on the extreme in terms of audio implementation. It being on the extreme end of excellency does not imply that others below it are worse. GSMArena's audio tests does not include a wide range of headphones, earphones and IEMs for testing. Their term "excellent" again is only specific to their audio equipment used. It is not based on your equipment or mine for the matter so you should take it with a grain of salt and if you find results that's not the same as they have, it just means that you don't have the same exact audio equipment that they used during their testing.

                                  Samath N8 808 owner, 14 Jul 2020Forget my little experience, just answer this:- how do you ... more- Headphone impedance dictates power requirements to drive that hardware. it DOES NOT dictate "quality". Impedance is mainly used in audio instead of power. Not all phones even specific audio equupment has the same power output via their amp. Plugging-in for example a 100W speaker unto a 4W headphone jack would never result to a satisfactory audio because that's an equipment mismatch in terms of power and in case of audio, that's an impedance mismatch. All of the problem you think the phones has can easily be revoked once known that you used a high-power speaker on a low-power amp. Impedance does not dictate quality, it dictates power requirement which depends on the voltage, mass and the size of drivers which could denote resistance measured in impedance. Equipments have impedance ranges. Claiming that an audio equipment does not perform well while using it outside its scope/spec is just plain disappointing to argue upon.

                                    DroidBoye, 14 Jul 2020Your ideas are all over the place. Here to put it as simple... moreOne more thing:- I or anyone can deduce the following:-

                                    1. extreme variances in frequency response, on regularly heard tracks, if you're noting heavy bass or treble, or mid frequencies, its a sign of it...
                                    2. noise levels, maybe, not sure. High noise will make its presence felt at some point.
                                    3. Dynamic range, maybe on regularly heard tracks, we can detect extreme variations, you know when a background tone disappears when another loud instrument is played, it suggests low DR.
                                    4. no idea, not sure. But I did hear an old Redmi Note 2 which had high distortion accd to GSMA test, and it didn't sound well, but I can't detect it as such I think.
                                    5. Yes, very easy, its the left to right mixing up, if you heard a track in proper stereo, you can detect mid to high variations by properly listening to it..
                                    I can easily prepare a sound track in Audacity/ Mixer of number countingm with number 1 playing only in left channel and 2 playing in right channel... Now, if the crosstalk is heavy, I can hear 1 in right channel and 2 in left. What's the big deal?

                                    Again I repeat, my comments are not against GSMA test, or lack of it.
                                    Its only against these comments that all phones are "excellent", which they are shamelessly repeating every review, under industrial pressure or maybe something else I don't understand...
                                    So much, that they've not even removed the word "recently", while the decision itself is now few months old...
                                    Can you believe it? For them, "recently" is few months ago, is it?

                                    They're only making fun of themselves in the open platform, what can I say.. Continue...

                                      DroidBoye, 14 Jul 2020That's a known feature of LG but it is not a standard ... moreIf its not a feature on every smartphone, how come all get excellent rating?
                                      And its not a test of my knowledge, its a debate on GSMArena's misleading statement, which just suggests that you can get excellent audio out of every next smartphone (in unamplified manner), which is not the case.

                                        DroidBoye, 14 Jul 2020Your ideas are all over the place. Here to put it as simple... moreForget my little experience, just answer this:- how do you conclude that all devices are excellent as told by GSMA?
                                        You think David Guetta would get a RN5 Pro or Poco F1 even for portability? GSMA did say they're all excellent, so he must get it, right?

                                        You say, audio equipments perform well within their impedance range, true. (which by the way is nothing but max volume match up, its a rough rule that if you're comfortable at 66% of max volume).
                                        But we don't have very high quality low-impedance head/earphones in the market!... So, how will you get high quality on Redmi Note 5 Pro?
                                        The mid-top grade Sennheiser doesn't run on 16-20 ohms that our beloved RN5 Pro is "comfortable" with.... so, isn't high impedance a given to achieve portable-audio-quality?

                                        Its a well known fact, that high impedance headphones give the most spacious, real life sound, as if they're playing right in your hall and not like a bee buzzing in your ears.
                                        One particular headphone which has 32 ohms, 80 ohms and 250 ohms versions, all identical looking and equally priced, plays the best quality on guess what... the 250 ohms version.
                                        What's your argument against this?

                                        Instead of opposing misrepresenting journalists, you're picking on a user who's right in opposing the misrepresentation...
                                        Instead of using words like "audio is ACCEPTABLE enough for majority of users with their basic earphones", look what Superlative words our favourite site is using...

                                        " Excellent. " Wow! They can't even push 1.5 volts out the jack and they're touted as excellent...
                                        And let's repeatedly quote a man who has the knowledge, who's posting the truth.. no words bro.