Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G / Find X2 Neo review

29 June 2020

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Samath N8 808 owner, 08 Jul 2020I read each and every article they post. I know they used R... more- Noise/Audio crosstalk or whichever presented in their graph is not perceptible via your earphones, it's just there for reference but the audio can still be deemed excellent by average on each and every phones tested.
- Their 32 ohm "standard" is just that, a test method by which the results is dictated by that 32 ohm impedance headphone/earphone. Xiaomi phones for example plays well within 16 ohm to 24 ohm (based on my own testing using IEMs, headphones have bigger drivers so their impedance should be lower), only selected Xiaomi phones have high-power amp which they had advertised. That's what you call impedance mismatch which usually causes lower volumes on the output and this is what users usually perceive.
- If you really are into audio and you really fight for what's right, make sure you know how to match impedance first before you decide that a phone has bad audio via their 3.5mm jack. That simple knowledge will give you an idea that audio equipments needs to be matched before they can perform well within their range.

There's no one-size fits all in terms of audio, you need proper matching. This is the reason why audio test using a single 32ohm headphone does not represent the whole spectrum of earphones out there. Their impedances varies. Testing via 32 ohm only represents 32 ohm earphone. I'm not even talking about the impedances of IEMs compared to headphones. 32 ohm headphones are not direct comparison to 32 ohm IEMs. Their audio drivers are just not the same size.

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DroidBoye, 06 Jul 2020Too much questions (no matter how rhetoric) simply shows th... moreI read each and every article they post. I know they used RM Audiomark Analyser before discontinuing it, as its now obsolete.

"All phones arriving are excellent in this regard" has only one meaning, that all phones are excellent. If there are caveats, they should be clearly mentioned. Same for "any difference can only be detected by lab equipment".

Even if I accept your assumption, that they refer to their own testing methodology only, it still doesn't hold water. Because, even by their standardised tests, things were not excellent for all phones. They themselves gave "ok-ok rating" to Redmi Note 7/8/ Pro/T versions (non amplified, headphone test) with high IMD & Noise and terrible Stereo Crosstalk. Check their reviews.

So, even if their 32 ohm standard headphone is not giving "excellent" output, then what else on Earth will? We can't use a 61 ohm because volume will fall below acceptable levels.

Simply speaking, these phones are not excellent even by RMAA testing. So, your statement is negated, even if I accept your assumption to be true.
I'm a research student, pursuing PhD. right now, so please let me know where I went wrong...

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Yesnt, 03 Jul 2020It's ridiculous thinking that Oppo have the right to s... moreIts just the way it is with brands like Oppo and Vivo, who are like twins, and then you get their offspring which is OnePlus. All have the same marketing strategy, sell their phones at premium. They spend too much on their marketing and not on the actual phones that people will use, and then pass these costs to the consumer, hence the pricey products. I'd buy the Poco F2 Pro in a hearbeat compared to this junk.

Samath N8 808 owner, 05 Jul 2020Then, why don't they measure voltage of phones's ... moreToo much questions (no matter how rhetoric) simply shows that even at 15 years, you never tried to understand how GSMArena does their stuff. They document those procedures within their site and I think you never cared to read or even knew that documentations exists, or just ignore them altogether. For GSMArena, the term "All phones are excellent in this regard" are based on the tests they made using their own test equipment and each and every phone they tested before. The term "excellent" is only factual to the equipment they use during tests and once the earphones being used changes (on the user end), the results will always vary based on the specs of that earphones. Again their statement is only factual on the equipment they use, NOT based on the equipment that you have. Do you get this part?

DroidBoye, 03 Jul 2020GSMArena was right with their decision and explaination. Th... moreThen, why don't they measure voltage of phones's audio output, and then conclude the statements they're giving?

And tell me one more thing:- If a basic 10mm driver low impedance earphone can show a difference in acceptable volume and quality aong 2 modern phones, what do you expect from high impedance headphones? Will they improve quality or volume? I have both so I know what I'm talking about.

GSMArena's own tests on their "standard 32 ohm" headphone resulted in few phones giving distorted output... So, if a phone gives bad output on both 8 ohms and 32 ohms, what is the conclusion?

I very well know amplified setup gives better quality, but we can't drag around amplified setup everywhere... We need a phone output result, right?

They're saying that "all phones arriving are excellent in this regard", how do you come to this conclusion? You mean, LG G7 and Redmi Note 5 Pro are both excellent?
On which particular headphone in this world, can Note 5 Pro beat G7 in quality, tell me? Tell me the headphone's name please?

And second statement is, any difference is only noticeable to their lab equipment... oh really?
This might be true for amplified output, but for non ampified one, tell me which headphone can give equal quality for all phones?

Even today, phones are coming with software enhancements that spoil audio built in, not to mention hardware placements that interfere with audio signals.
And we're pretty ok with saying, "All phones are excellent in this regard"... instead of just erasing the statement.

I've been following this site for 15 years now. I have no words what to say & how to say it.

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Until this day Oppo Find X is still stuck with Android version it comes with

It's ridiculous thinking that Oppo have the right to sell this for more than £600, even more established company could be cheaper or i mean, even their cousin Oneplus 8 cost similar to this, and it have way better spec(flagship spec), and stock like Android, you also get 3 years of major software update instead of what? 2 years on a good day?

Samath N8 808 owner, 02 Jul 2020Dear Readers, Please be aware that the statement about all... moreGSMArena was right with their decision and explaination. Their test with the 3.5mm jack and the type-C to 3.5mm jack adapter would return a very good result since they only test for how clean the audio output is. A simple mismatch in the impedance of your "basic" earphones will have a varied result and is not a representative of overall performance of the phone's audio because you might have, for example, an impedance mismatch (which can result to very low volume or rattling audio at full volume). Your own testing methodology is only a representative of what equipment you have available. The truth is that users have different equipment, their earphones varies from its impedance up to its frequency response. Again, your own testing with that basic earphones is only a representative of the test specific to that earphones, not with the audio capability of the phone as a whole.

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With that price make no illusions for the OP Noord. It is coming with starting price below 500$, but not a penny cheaper than 499. Cheers.

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I stopped reading at the starting price of 630€!? Really? For Sd765 and a mediocre camera? This is reaching a whole new level of greedyness. Soon Apple will become the affordable brand.
This is MADNESS!

Dear Readers,
Please be aware that the statement about all phones arriving with excellent audio quality is lies!
Also, it is possible to distinguish between quality even on basic headphones, so that statement is also wrong.

I've tried to get these inaccurate (or maybe propogated) statements removed from GSMArena, but so far I've been ignored by the staff.
They can choose to remove the statement itself, as no one asks for audio quality anymore, but they don't.

Please be informed for good knowledge.

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I had the oppo find x2 neo last week. Had it for 3 days and sent it back. The phone is really good, the camera is amazing. But if you do alot of voice messages i.e on whats app or facebook, it wont be any good. It didnt matter what i did the mic hardly picks up your voice. You sound like your so far away from the phone. I had it tested all it passed. Talking on a phone call is fine. The mic is perfect.
Apart from that, the camera is the best!
Iv now got a samsung s20+ ☺️

quite like my reno 2 but its a shame Oppo are so useless at updates and there seems no development going on for their phones.

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This phone is amazing, am Just seeing the photo and am fee

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Phone of the year. Good job.

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Can I request the GSMArena team to standardize the front camera test? It's quite easy to check and compare samples from the main camera, but for selfies, the subjects and settings are always different and there's no easy way to check how phone A compares with phone B. Thanks!

Funny, the Reno3 Pro otherwise has higher specs than the Reno3 Pro 5G.

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I'm from Australia and they sell it as the Find X2 Neo

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Duh :D

even if it uses snap 865, i still cant buy it