Samsung Galaxy A31 review

08 July 2020

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  • Emmanuel

useless phone 1week one of my sim is showing no service

  • Dol

I bought Samsung A31 and in less than two weeks it stopped charging completely and died. I'm quite disappointed especially so because getting it was a huge sacrifice on my side.very disappointed.

  • Dark

If anyone knows how long in minutes or hours I can record with the Samsung Galaxy A 31

Subhanshu, 10 Aug 2020Samsung A31 is a Pathetic phone. I am using this for the p... morePoor user, you may have a defective unit. I've been using A31 for 2 months as my primary smartphone and so far it's great, the battery endurance is really great, camera is decent for midrange, gaming is okay for non-hardcore ones. Screen is very A (Awesome!). The only thing I miss is infrared blaster which I feel still useful for my daily life.

  • Subhanshu

Samsung A31 is a Pathetic phone. I am using this for the past 2 month, and came across so many issues like call disconnect automatically , audio issue over call , mobile signal lost suddenly and many more . I will strictly suggest not to but this crap .


  • Yashwant naik

Camera features missing night mood ,slow motion , super slowmotion video Timelapes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Im sure there are for worst devices from this yearThere are far worst

  • Phantom

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2020Worst phone ever..the quality of camera is really bad Processor is the problem why samsung even considered using that processor a exynos processor should have been use

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2020Worst phone ever..the quality of camera is really bad Im sure there are for worst devices from this year

  • NotYousuf

I seen all the Comments on A31 and I was thinking of buying it till I saw this Comments Section tbh and how the Cameras r so Bad...... So is M31 a Better Solution??

  • Nana-Sarfo

I'm not impressed with the camera especially the rear camera. For 4GB RAM phone, it's not smooth and lags sometimes.
I'm very disappointed with the phone.

  • Disappointed T

I had the Samsung A31 for 7 days now. I can honestly say, I never had such a terrible device. The GSM reception is poor, WiFi not great. The biometric reader is non existant, it works maybe 1 out of 5 times(already removed the expensive screen protector). It can't even count steps properly. My 2 year old Huawei P20 lite is a much much better phone, apart from the battery.

  • Anonymous

Iam disappointed with the 📷

  • Sammy

What are the available bluetooth audio codecs? Does it support LDAC and/or any of the APTX variants?

  • Hisam

Not only the performance is bad (coz of mediatek chip) the cameras r kinda poor!!

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ever..the quality of camera is really bad

  • Thomas

Purchased new A31. The finger print scanner is nt working properly. I am nt satisfied with the product.

Only giving 6 stars out of 10

  • Zain

camera is not so good n display is also they mentioned in advertising super amoled but display quality is poor

  • Nick

Why do they always get away for giving weak processors and plastic build for all prices. I do get that there are others also giving a plastic build but above 300 usd it doesn't look good. And what makes it worse is almost bo reviews call them out like they do for other company products.

  • Dodo

a bust. M30s is older cheaper and better.