OnePlus Nord hands-on review

21 July 2020

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OnePlus Nord Issue List & Deficiency list. 24 total issues . Think before you buy OnePlus Nord..

Issues list:

1. During phone call screen get locked and you have to unlock again to do anything like disconnect call.
2. After every call you will get notification of phone getting updated.
3. Battery drain drastically. From 100% to 90% in 7 mins. (Not using any heavy apps. By just screen on).
4. Heating issues. Heats for just using messages, what's up and phone calls too. While charging it heats upto 45° C. So battery is going to get damaged very very soon.
5. Call logs missing. Last week call logs are also missing.
6. Bluetooth disconnect issues with headphones,buds,health tracker watches or any other Bluetooth devices. Quite embarrassing.
7. YouTube videos stuck halfway,not because of internet. That means video(visual stuck) and voice goes on. Like old TVs.
8. Wifi speed is low. Laptop shows 40 speed and Nord speed is 18 speed. Other mobile shows 38 speed.
9. Messages will be delivered late. OTP get received after few hours sometime.
10. Only few apps are permitted to have parallel apps. Mostly very generic. But if you need any specific app you can't.
11. Charger and red cable type C pin also heats up high during charging.
12. Camera do not open sometimes.
13. You have to Click and wait for photo to be captured without blur both front and back cameras.
14. Even if you do point 13. Still photos are not upto mark and night photos not atall upto mark.
15. OnePlus Nord is not tested mobile in Market. OnePlus don't agree but if it is tested then why there are so many issues.

Deficiency list:

1. No 3.5mm Jack.
2. Display tint issues. 90% devices have it.
3. No external memory slot.
4. No infrared to use as a remote of your TV and music system,smart light at home.
5. OnePlus Oxygen OS Contacts and Phone dialer apk is missing. And Google contacts and dialer has lot of issues and they are not stable.
6. OnePlus Oxygen OS message apk is missing.
7. Oxygen OS phone contacts, dialer and messages apks are actually signature of Oxygen OS without which Oxygen OS is clearly incomplete like half meal.
8. Plastic body.
9. No Automatic call recording. Big deficiency.

When talked to OnePlus they gave 100 reasons for deficiencies on this OnePlus Nord. No reason is sounds satisfactory. Mostly every reason OnePlus gave is silly excuse.

This is a consolidated list. If you see anything missing please add in comments.

All my issues I have raised with OnePlus bit nothing turned out to be resolved.

Visited OnePlus services center nothing resolved. Discussed with OnePlus customer care, feedbacks given complaints given for each issue given to them with logs, screenshot and what all OnePlus has asked for. I have spent many many hours to inform OnePlus about each and every issue of the above mentioned issues.

So please don't reply back to me to reach OnePlus team. This post it here because OnePlus did absolutely nothing to resolve these.

Dirty truth of the scenario.

joe nodden, 27 Aug 2020If my LG V30 has a garbage selfie camera I can only imagine... moreI can't understand why you're calling it terrible
When the prices go down velvet would be a affordable midrange phone with premium look
Also you didn't tried gcam on your v30 anyway. The stock camera app is terrible it adds lots of sharpening and hdr is not working properly. Just try gcam
I use lg v50 by the way very impressive phone

userbenchmark, 27 Aug 202025w vs 30w charging means like 10minutes faster charging an... moreIf my LG V30 has a garbage selfie camera I can only imagine how terrible your G6 one is.

And of course I'm going to complain about the price. Nobody wants to wait a few months for an already terrible phone just to buy it used.

joe nodden, 27 Aug 2020(1) Ok then so don't complain about the lack of an IP ... more25w vs 30w charging means like 10minutes faster charging and if you're gonne die in 10mins
okay it's a differance

selfie cam has wore dynamic range on velvet but it's for now for example my lg g6 had problems with selfie cam but after the update it was just better

also stop complaining about the price everybody knows lg will drop prices after a few months
same happened with g8 it was 850 bucks at the launch but prices dropped very fast to 400

yes the pricing of lg phones are so dumb but I think I can wait a few months

userbenchmark, 26 Aug 2020yes thats true it's a bit waterproof but they drop it ... more(1) Ok then so don't complain about the lack of an IP rating. Nobody cares if there's no warranty for deep water. 97.59% of us aren't gonna ever drop our phones in water because we have more than half a brain.

(2) No. The specs are not the same. The Velvet doesn't have OIS. The Velvet has a much worse selfie camera. The Velvet charges at 25W vs the Nord's 30W. And you're forgetting the fact that the Velvet costs twice as much.

joe nodden, 26 Aug 2020(1) You just mentioned the three things 90% of us care the ... moreyes thats true it's a bit waterproof but they drop it in a bowl of water for a few mins
for example I had a lg g3 at the time and it didn't have ip rating but it was a bit waterproof
but theres no warranty for deeper water(for example swimming pool)

the specs of velvet is nearly same with only 90hz display missing
main differances I said quality and design and if you're gonna use it for 3-4 years it's important

otherwise if you are only intrested in with specs and bank for the buck then go ahead

userbenchmark, 26 Aug 2020actually design of the velvet is pretty and unique in my op... more(1) You just mentioned the three things 90% of us care the least about when buying a new phone. This is gsmarena. We care about specs. The Pocophone F1 was famous for a reason, and it sure as hell wasn't for its build quality or design.

(2) Tut tut. You meant to say the IP rating, not waterproofing. The phone is quite water resistant, there's a water test on YouTube. They just didn't feel like adding $30 to the price tag by letting a monopoly test it. An IP rating is a downside not an upside. This is a budget phone, there's no sense behind adding 10% to the price for such a meaningless reason.

(3) Why don't you mention the specs if the phone is that good? -oh wait

joe nodden, 25 Aug 2020Somehow no, somehow LG has gone even lower, even worse with... moreactually design of the velvet is pretty and unique in my opinion
also the build quality and waterproofing
it's worse than g series but not that bad

userbenchmark, 24 Aug 2020then worse than lg velvet right?Somehow no, somehow LG has gone even lower, even worse with the Velvet. I didn't know it was possible. But LG did it. They made a phone worse than the Nord.

joe nodden, 21 Jul 2020It's worse than I could've ever imagined. then worse than lg velvet right?

I show my pictures in 16:9 format and this is missing in Nord. Pictures can be croped from Full or 4:3 however this adds another step in handling the pictures and you will not get WYSIWYG when taking the photos.
The format is frequently available in competitor phones so it is strange OnePlus skipped it and I have seen several users asking for it. Please discuss this in the comming review of the Nord

  • Jazzi

Ritz, 09 Aug 2020OnePlus 7T is best ....7t pirce is also more than nord

  • Sri

One plus nord is water proof or not

  • Ritz

Puppukutty, 07 Aug 2020Which mobile is best OnePlus nord 256/8 or oneplus7T 128/8.... moreOnePlus 7T is best ....

  • Irfan

In display finger print available?

  • Puppukutty

Which mobile is best OnePlus nord 256/8 or oneplus7T 128/8. Can u pls guide

  • Iamgroot

Pralhad, 05 Aug 2020I bought the same day before yesterday and it's awesom... moreHw iz sound, quality

  • Pralhad

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020How much storage space is taken up by the operating system? 20 GB

  • Pralhad

Kritika, 03 Aug 2020Is there actually any problem with display I was thinking t... moreI bought the same day before yesterday and it's u can go wid this

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020Is it really worth buying? Please give honest answersGot mine today. I'll say it's very worth of buying if you can accept it's little bit large size.