OnePlus Nord hands-on review

21 July 2020

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why did they forgot the 3.5mm jack id beyond comprehension.

  • Dmn562

Lack of stereo speakers and the fact the X50 Pro can be picked up with the SD865 for not much more money means I'll be passing on this.

  • Forseenink

Popy, 21 Jul 2020Totaly useless depth and macro lens. Manufacturers must avo... moreYou are absolutely right, that is why my iPhone 11 pro max is really good

They're just pinning their hopes on that brand loyalty. This phone won't win new converts, it looks like everything else out there.

Does the front facing camera actually records 4k/60p or is it a typo?

why this shit is special creating a lot of hype? you can buy a similar phone for half the price

  • Forseenink

I would definitely buy this phone.

Totaly useless depth and macro lens. Manufacturers must avoid to implement them just so that they can add the number of cameras behind
The best cam lenses are Wide :18mm Telephoto :55mm Ultrawide : 12,13,14 mm
All these 3 is welcome other than these everything else useless