OnePlus Nord hands-on review

21 July 2020

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florin, 21 Jul 2020that battery tho, I was seriously considering buying this p... moreJust the battery??? lol... for that price, the whole phone is a disappointment lol.
Im the same case as you, was hyped and really wanted to buy it but now after the reveal, not so much. We have much better options from Xiaomi in almost same price, will just have to compromise a bit on UI.

harwey, 21 Jul 2020Good points...Ok,this Nord thing has just been released so ... morethe mid range killer! from the flagship killer

This is basically NOR&D in India

Hole and hole and hole but Useless six camera bcos not a single telephoto camera you provide
Missing 3.5 mm headphone jack
Ugly dual punch hole front camera
Average battery 4100 mah
Previous budget OnePlus x was flagship sd801 processor this time it is average
Missing dual stereo speakers like OnePlus one
But only single average speaker

This time OnePlus you missed the mark...

TSi Power, 21 Jul 2020NOT SD 768G, It's still SD765According to GSMARENA it is SD 765G in their review. BTW, any difference between the two, if they are two different versions?

Aspros, 21 Jul 2020A failure, coming from an oneplus fun, currently owning a 7... moreGood points...Ok,this Nord thing has just been released so I guess prices will go down till the end of a summer.Fair point with OP 7 Pro,much better device,better display,faster chipset,much better cameras and currently goes for 477euro(Aliex.).For about same money P30 Pro another much better option,Mi Note 10 you mentioned too,if cameras are priority...👍

  • Later

I would not buy this phone !

I need to get a phone for my aged father and he is using Samsung C7 Pro. I am battling with the following choices.
1. Future proof (5G) since I don’t want him to change his mobile any sooner
2. Minimum 8 GB of R A M
3. AMOLED screen 6.44 minimum(he is probably spoiled with Samsung AMOLED). 90 Hz refresh rate is preferable but not show stopper
4. Good Cameras with front and back to have OIS (at least rear). He takes selfie and it must be decent enough(No flagship expectations). Front facing twin cameras is desirable but not mandatory
5. Battery must be super good in terms of longevity (minimum 4000 mAh
6. Price bandwidth Maximum ₹45,000($500)
7. Memory Card expansion option is desirable though not mandatory
8. Colour options like IQOO Orange is desirable but not mandatory
9. Body must be made of Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 with aluminium frame
10. Wireless charging is optional not mandatory
11. IP rating is highly desirable but not mandatory
12. Can wait briefly for better bargains

I am toying between the following
1. Realme X50 Pro 8 GB-128GB RED (or 12 GB 1 256 GB)- within the price range
2. IQOO 3 - Within the budget
3. MI Note 10 - Slightly beyond the budget
4. Nord - Really seems to be best but yet to get first hand reviews
5. OnePlus 8 - 8GB -128 GB (within the budget but seeing lots of defective screen issues reported by users in Amazon, bit concerned)
6. Sony Xperia 1 II (yet to launch here)
7. ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Yet to launch
8. RED Magic Nubia 5G - No idea when it gets released.

Your suggestions for THE ONE mobile ?!

All that hype and then we get this normal device which has same specs as a $220 Xiaomi Note 9 Pro phone plus a better screen... Hmmm. Well dont get me wrong, I really loved their marketing and how they created the hype but the phone is just ok. Not really a value for money when compared to its similarly abled competition. Vivo X50 Pro really deserved all that hype more than Nord lol.

BrendonF, 21 Jul 2020Because its One Plus only second attempt at a mid range pho... moreNOT SD 768G, It's still SD765

I like what I see, I have the 7pro, and there's nothing that appeals to me to move off it. I like the price concept. I don't need a flagship killer, this phone would be well good enough if something were to happen to my daily. On another note..
5G is at least 2 years away from my area, how many phone will OnePlus put out in that time?

  • florin

that battery tho, I was seriously considering buying this phone, but that battery does dissapoint me. 30w fast charging is good, but I want a strong endurance time, 4100mah is not enough for this. They also removed the audio jack in order for us to buy those new buds. No thanks, oneplus!

A failure, coming from an oneplus fun, currently owning a 7pro.
We were loughing of the S10+ double cameras, then the huge selfie cam the note 10 had. Samsung got it and they really improved the selfie cam in the S20.
Yet oneplus goes and copies the what was designated as failure, the note 10 huge selfie on the 8pro and now the s10+ double selfie on the nord.
I understand the need for speed some ppl have, even when they have a limited budget. A great part of 1+ speed comes from their software. So a flagship chip was not needed to reach that speed and they are cutting costs, hence the DDR4 and ufs 2.1.ok fine with that and all those saving went on those 6 cameras and inflated the price back to flagship standards. This is where the plot was lost. Most of the 1+ funs care about speed/buck ratio. They are not IG queens, those queens buy dedicated camera phones and they don't care about speed that much.
So 1+ now scraps their base fans and aims for the IG queens, well good luck with that.
Since even their flagships left a lot to be desired on the camera department and there are Mi notes 10 out there with 400 euros, currying much better cameras.
The oneplus fans that cannot afford the 8th generation and their holes, now must turn to poco F2, just 10% more expensive than nord and carrying all the punch to defeat the 8pro

  • Wac

TSi Power, 21 Jul 2020why this shit is special creating a lot of hype? you can bu... moreMay I know which phone are you referring to?

  • failplus

According to hype Oneplus created:

"We are going back to our roots this will be flagship killer"

What we got:

Good midrange phone but not flagship killer like Oneplus 3.

  • indianemperor

Realme X2 pro is a much better option than this. phone is overpriced for what is being offered.

cheapsk8, 21 Jul 2020They're just pinning their hopes on that brand loyalty... moreAs someone who's been looking to buy a OnePlus phone, this is definitely the one I would go for.

The same shitty screen cut-out for the front facing camera. Also, I need a real camera instead of those so called "CAMERAs". I'm out and won't be sold this year.

  • Anonymous

* fixed focus macro instead of making ultrawide af
* usb 2.0 so no desktop mode
* tall-ass phone with "only" 4100mah and no 3.5mm jack

new beginnings boys

  • Anonymous

I think Samsung Galaxy s10 lite is better than oneplus nord.
In my opinion galaxy s10 lite win in every spec except 90hz screen.
Also at this time I don't care about 5g because it is not available in my area now.

TSi Power, 21 Jul 2020why this shit is special creating a lot of hype? you can bu... moreBecause its One Plus only second attempt at a mid range phone. And no you can't get phones with the same processor for half the price. If you look at the headline features alone - 768g processor, 90Hz Ammoled screen, OIS camera you will be hard pressed to find anything in that price range.

And coming to software updates you will not find ANYTHING as good unless you go for another One Plus phone.