Asus ROG Phone 3 review

22 July 2020

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  • KKdesu

Ben-Ameer, 04 Jun 2021Hi would like to confirm, does Asus ROG 3 compatible with t... moreUnfortunately no, ROG 5 has different port for accessories, so they're not cross compatible.

  • Deltadragon666

Ben-Ameer, 04 Jun 2021Hi would like to confirm, does Asus ROG 3 compatible with t... moreI remember they have different one.

Hi would like to confirm, does Asus ROG 3 compatible with the new aeroactive cooler 5?

  • Nona

Does this phone actually have 12gb RAM? If so how can purchase it and be delivered to Nauru at the earliest?

  • Anonymous

I'm wondering if the lightning armor for the rog phone 3 is compatible with the rog phone 2

  • Anon

Can't mapping on rog 2

Hi I need help my Kunai 3 gamepad seems not working in USB handheld mode in my ROG phone 3 I bought it yesterday, and I dont know if theres any specific instruction in using hanheld mode, i try bluetooth mode handhel it works, and bluetooth mode only it works fine, pls help me on how to use handheld mode usb thanks.

  • Contme

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020""The ROG Phone 4 has a total of four Wi-Fi anten... moreAlso maximum radio exposure...

  • RsdFnd

I own Rog Phone 3. I've done multiple photo captured comparison between 64mp main camera vs 13mp ultrawide camera.

Answer: the 13mp camera always looks extremely much better compare to 64mp camera. Always! So, do not waste your storage with the higher mp. 😁

  • Eshan


  • Anonymous

""The ROG Phone 4 has a total of four Wi-Fi antennas and a system called HyperFusion, which allows the software to switch between these automatically, as well as a cellular data connection, for the lowest possible latency and best speed.""

Rog Phone 4???

  • Gannu

What about the POOR BLACK LEVELS and BLACK CRUSH issues?
I am facing the same with my device.
The blacks are not good at high brightness and at lower brightness levels the colours are changing like grey looks like browns don't know why.

Pls, shed some light on these display issues also in high refresh rate displays with a video if possible.

  • gl

are the side dust covers the same as rog phone 2??

  • Biu

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2020My cousin have the red magic with 144hz and touch screen st... moreSo you're comparing ipad with a phone?
thats cute

  • Aditya

Price is very high

I can't watch the review video because restricted mode is enabled by my administrator.

  • Anonymous

Tacky... Would be embarased carrying this around.

  • Anonymous

Asus should stick to computer peripherals and parts. This phone is a overpriced rich kids toy.

  • Anonymous

Anadtech has a very different set of benchmark results. Asus are great with paper specs but not much good in the quity or support department. Stick to motherboards Asus.

  • Anonymous

They gained 35000 km2 while removing 3.5mm jack.