Asus ROG Phone 3 review

22 July 2020

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  • Goose

ed, 02 Aug 2020No more headphone jack? No more wish it..Dude, get a walkman. It's 2020

  • ed

No more headphone jack? No more wish it..

  • User New

SestoPT, 22 Jul 202014 hours on the WEB Browsing test, with a 6000mah battery i... moreFaster Processors will consume more power
Like in Laptops an Intel i3 core 10 gen will give more battery backup than a intel i9 core 10 gen
Same is the case with phones

iOS Succckkks, 24 Jul 2020Please read the entire review carefully. The weight issue i... moreI guess I wasn't using the word "overlook" correctly, my apologies. I wanted to say that they tend to underestimate the long term effect of using heavy phones daily (Hence I said it's "only mentioned very briefly on the second page in this review").

  • Dometalican

Eric, 28 Jul 2020Does phone works on sprint network?Only if Sprint allows for voice over has the LTE bands; just no CDMA.

  • Eric

Does phone works on sprint network?

Andreidinutu, 27 Jul 2020When it comes t the performance section, especially the hig... moreAnd also in the software session, you said something along the lines of ''all the goodies asus put on the android pie core''. Isn't it over the android Q core?

  • XPGamer

I wish they the tweak the camera quality that will complete with iphone and become a not just a gaming phone but a dream phone everything in one phone .

When it comes t the performance section, especially the high refresh rate part, you said PUBGm had 5 frame rate options just like Arena of Valor, which is false, since the only game with 5 frame rate options you listed before PUBGm was Call of Duty

iOS Succckkks, 27 Jul 2020But it outputs 4K60 only. So it technically doesn't d... moreLol, well now we all know you are like lying, going from a 11 Pro Max to OnePlus 8 Pro and trying to convince us that the OnePlus has a good camera, hilarious, thank you for a good laugh though.

iOS Succckkks, 27 Jul 2020You've never used anything above 60hz The iPad is a j... moreThe biggest joke here is you speaking about Oxygen OS as though you are actually having a half decent experience when OnePlus continues to be a hotbed of data leaks and build poor quality phones, lool

SizN80, 25 Jul 2020As it stands iPhone 11 records in 4K @120fps for dynamic ra... moreBut it outputs 4K60 only.
So it technically doesn't do 4k120.

IPhone was the best video recording (auto mode) last year.
This year's flagships are ahead.
I am coming from an iPhone 11 pro Max.
Video stabilization while running wasn't as good as my current OnePlus 8 pro.
Besides night video was also weak with too much grainy footage since it's a small sensor compared to 2020 flagships. Daylight video was the best though.

SizN80, 25 Jul 2020Makes no difference over 120hz,going back to my point about... moreYou've never used anything above 60hz
The iPad is a joke, it doesn't do constant 120hz.
Lack of optimization as the other user explained.

Me personally never downgrading back to 60hz display.
Enjoying my 240hz touch sampling rate with Oxygen OS.
Never going back to pedestrian 60hz ever again!

[deleted post]$50 and $1000 androids all provide the same poor experience and poor updates,don’t try separate em fella! :p

  • AnonD-947580

If that phone had a 4K or even 2K display it would be perfect. I had the ROG 2 but ended up returning it due to the low res screen. Photos and games looked so blurry compared to my Note 8 screen.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2020 "Exposures are even, and the dynamic range is good. ... moreLol, I quoted S20 Ultra and you didn’t like that, I then quote this very phone we are on ( the ROG Phone 3) and you don’t like that either, now you have to desperately find the LG, looool and I am being selective? Hilarious!

Thank you for proving how poor and inconsistent features can be in android, you have countless times here proved me right in your desperate attempts, it’s hilarious!

Also from the V60 review:
“ The truth is, there is no real need to record in this high of a resolution. ” again proving my point, just ticking specs with diminishing returns, looool!

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2020Don't worry, you'll get 144hz super smooth screen... moreNot worried about it, we already have the best experience without having to tick spec lists with diminishing returns,lol

  • Anonymous

SizN80, 26 Jul 2020According to GSMarena “ Framerate isn't terribly stabl... more
"Exposures are even, and the dynamic range is good. White balance and skin tones are both great as well.

The video quality is quite good with lots of details"
- Gsmarena

Again selectively ignoring V60 8k recording which also has manual mode.
IPhone doesn't even have manual mode for video.
Don't worry you'll get 8k video recording in year 2030 when Android will be giving 12k.

  • Anonymous

SizN80, 26 Jul 2020It’s the best and most consistent implementation of high re... moreDon't worry, you'll get 144hz super smooth screen with 1ms response time and 270hz sampling rate in the year 2035.

  • MrKong

DrummerAJL, 25 Jul 2020You can't just say fake news to something you don'... moreUseless. 8K at 30fps had few frame drops. 4K at 120fps is probably much more demanding than 8K 30fps. Let me know once you tried.