ROG Phone 3 review

22 July 2020

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cheapsk8, 22 Jul 2020Somehow there's something off about zero-day reviews. ... moreYes indeed!! So all the leaked information about was just fake? People knew the information contained long ago, but they went along with articles that said "what we know so far" just to hype up the product

  • Dapper

"..We also can't fail to mention the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro, as the latest and greatest from the company's gaming-specific series. We can't exactly recommend it over the ROG Phone 3, nor the Nubia Red Magic 5G, for that matter, since it is even slimmer of additional features.."
Well, the experts have spoken but you'll still see people like Red Magic M0nkey Boy harping about the Nubia & Legion, trying to belittle the Asus ROG Phone.

  • Essen

Full marks to Asus for
a) A proper battery
b) Great battery management
c) The best ever battery charge management

This the kind of charging management we all need. Instead of going 0-100 in 15 minutes with some ridiculous 150w charging.

  • Anonymous

ROG Phone 2 had a red tint issue in low brightness (prominently noticeable with greys). Does the ROG Phone 3 suffer with similar issues?

Yes I wait that one! That’s My mobile

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e, 22 Jul 2020Even the main 64mp camera needs to be improved a lot. In th... moreagain and again and again. there must be someone that always complaining about camera on gaming phone. on gaming phone! this is not a mainstream phone! why everyone can't understand this simple thing smh

Somehow there's something off about zero-day reviews. It means they have had material, non-public information.

TSi Power, 22 Jul 2020what's the difference between Asus ROG Phone 3 and Asu... moreThe Strix apparently only has the 865 while the non-Strix has the 865+. And if the gsmarena page is right, the Strix is 200 euros cheaper.

Well this certainly came out of nowhere. I didn't expect to see it for another month or two.

what's the difference between Asus ROG Phone 3 and Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix?

  • e

Even the main 64mp camera needs to be improved a lot. In the photo comparison tool, even LG G7 brings about same level of quality if not better.

Price? Does it support wirelesscharching?


It's nice but Price higher 12GB 512 GB 999euros🙄🙄🙄

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  • Dometalican

With all those refresh rate and battery/charging customizations, this is it folks. Phone of the freakin' year right here. Lenovo did great in terms of pricing (and ACTUALLY having US LTE bands to be usable here), this phone takes it. I hate the headphone jack being external but it's better than what all the other flagships 'offer' not named Sony and LG of course.

Anons, 22 Jul 2020How do you run the ANTUTU tests even though it's Not a... moreWe sideload the main and corresponding AnTuTu 3D APK files. And there are more user-friendly ways of getting the app installed, as well, like alternative app markets. There is a rich, rich Android world beyond the Google Play Store.

How do you run the ANTUTU tests even though it's Not available on the Play Store?

Red Magic 5S comparison with Black shark 3S Pro and Lenovo Legion.

  • SestoPT

14 hours on the WEB Browsing test, with a 6000mah battery is COMPLETELY PATHETIC... I guess the screen is really power hungry with it's 144hz (Even when test was done at 60hz, it only gave a 16hour score... which is EVEN MORE PATHETIC, than 14h @ 144hz) ... a proper web browsing test time for a 6000mah battery should be at least 20h +++++...

It will be a very interesting comparison between the ROG 3 and the Legion phone