Motorola Moto G Pro / G Stylus review

25 July 2020

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nah those are so addicted to Xiaomi that any other brand is bad in their opinion /s

  • From LA.

I have Moto X pure edition version. It's still working after 5 years. Got it in 2014 or 15 as I recall.

I also had iPhone 10x from my company recently.

I prefer my Moto X. iPhone was very good. But still Moto X features cannot be beat.

I think it's an excellent phone for those who want a smartphone with clean android and a stylus, but don't need the features that the s-pen brings or don't want to pay the premium pricetag the Note series asks. The design is not that great in my opinion but since the LG Stylo phones are only available in certain regions, there's not much of a choice.

  • Anonymous

I've been using the moto g series 2 years now. I copped the moto g power and I love it. Makes my wife's galaxy 8 look cartoonist. Impressed with screen quality and I have a 5k battery that will give you 2 days of use.

  • th3aman

The best phone I ever had and I had a Samsung Galaxy 9

  • Anonymous

This is truly an amazing phone. It wasn't the phone that I was originally planned to get..(previous phone andriod HTC), but I am so glad I settled with the Moto g stylus. I even love the accent of the "hello Moto" greeting when turned on. There is absolutely nothing this phone cannot do. Don't mind the "budget phone" labeling. I would put this phone up against the iPhone and the Samsung any day of the week. It is not a cookie cutter phone. It is a unique handset. If you want a phone like everybody else don't consider this phone. Love the stylus, has whet my creativity taste buds. It's like whoever created this phone... thought of everything...not kidding. I was talking to an iPhone user, comparing features, and their final response was, "you make me want to get an Android phone! This is a very user friendly, user pleasing phone. A lot of thought went into the design and functionality of this phone. And for a really good price.

  • Anonymous

High price, low end SOC, mediocre camera setup, so so battery life, and Motorola's legendary crappy software update policy. Who buys this crap ? Please stop.

  • xcv

Included USB-C cable can't transfer files. What?! How's that even possible...

Lazy review. We already reported in phone's comment that this model is not a real dual SIM just like the almost new Motorolas. And yet in the review you again wrote that it has dedicated microSD card slot. It's not, it's hybrid.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2020That's a very weak battery time for a 4000mAh battery,... moreAgree, i use moto x 2200ah last a day for 5years, worth every penny

  • Johns

Where is the video?? Waiting for it...

  • Anonymous

I actually like the Moto G design philosophy, the only downside is the horrendous size. Despite "one handed mode", I still prefer being able to use my smartphone one handed, being able to thoroughly grab it. 150mm in length and 70mm in width would be a great start.

  • Gei

lol what phone these days comes with a cable that can't transfer data and just charge?

  • Anonymous

That's a very weak battery time for a 4000mAh battery, probably needs some patches to fix that because it should not be that bad.