Oppo Reno4 Pro review

31 July 2020

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GSMARENA guys... I have been following you from a very long time.... This time you guys are overhyping this phone by comparing it to flagship and 5G smartphones while it is just a midrange phone with curved screen...

  • Ayaan Goswami

The fact that they are still using the Snapdragon 720G for their new releases says a lot.

Sorry, but I'd rather much prefer the Reno2. The only thing I might miss from the Reno4 Pro is the 65W fast charging rate, but even that didn't interest me as I'm far more interested in long term battery longevity instead of short term short charging time.

I am a little disappointed with this phone.
The camera loses zoom, degrades in processor, it is plastic.
Compared to the Chinese version, it is below.

Love the 90hz refresh. Big difference between 60hz refresh when you're scrolling webpages.

Cons: Oppo usually has minimal radio bands and the International Reno4 Pro is no exception. It wouldn't work well where I live or anywhere I travel.

It's a shame that sibling OPO has all the radio bands but not the headphone jack and memory slot.

  • Anonymous

Reno4pro is very good power full model. Iam waiting for purchase . Pree booking offer's is very bad offer's . Iam 35k amount ready to spent you have any Worthy gifts wated in iam satisfaction . Thank you , I like it oppo

When super cheal and valuable phone like redmi 9 get 3 star rating, but this overpriced plastic with meh camera is rated 4 star wow

  • SteveFOX

Another overpriced phone, selling only on the 90Hz screen and fast charging.
Poor cameras and cheaper build quality.
SD720 and 765 are pretty much equal in performance and efficiency.
The Vivo X30 I use is around the same price and has better cameras, build quality and a faster chip with 5G support. Charging is fast enough at 33W and the screen is amazing, even without the 90Hz refresh rate.
Honestly, these $400hish phones with 765G and 730/20 are just a waste of money.
Samsung S10e and S10 lite can be found for the same price along with LG G8s and are far superior devices overall.

Would expect more in resolving of pattern with so hi res sensor, rainbow+pixelation damage.

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020Want to see a bend test done on this device. At 7.7 mm it l... moreAre you going to go for a war, taking your smartphone daily?
What kind of military level sturdiness are you expecting here?

Moff Gideon, 01 Aug 2020for that poor build quality and unimpressive cameras (worst... moreNot everyone is a gamer. So I think non-gamers can also adjust with SD 720G .
Even when I saw 720G for this price of 35K I was shocked.
But they are compensating with Beautiful looking curved display and 65W Superfast charger. These 2 features are not available in any smartphone at this price range

Kim , 02 Aug 2020Bruh, SE is an overrated phone too, except it's CPU, e... moreIphone SE is the most pathetic phone I have ever seen. It some old crapy with LCD display and button. I wont even take it for free. Just some great processor alone wont help. It should also have good looks, good battery.

Iphone SE 2--> Total failure

  • Anonymous

Kim , 02 Aug 2020Bruh, SE is an overrated phone too, except it's CPU, e... moreAt least iPhone will get OS updates...

  • johnny

Oppo Reno 2 was the best! It was unique now they are just sheep

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020Pathetic from Oppo again. When will you understand Indian ... moreWell actually 2 of them are of use.... Many people do use an ultrawide lens

But yes the other two are just to up the camera count and are basically pointless...... Especially the monochrome sensor

  • Kim

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020I feel reading the reviews GSM Arena has given up on neutra... moreBruh, SE is an overrated phone too, except it's CPU, every other component (yes, even the camera) is the same hardware as iPhone 8 series. LCD screen, one camera, 1820 mah battery, USB 2.0, all these are primitive features and not worth 42k INR at all. Even reno4 pro has better specs for less price.

  • Anonymous

Pathetic from Oppo again. When will you understand Indian market. Just fooling customers by giving 4 camera sensors at rear but 3 of them not useful. Why isn't telephoto lens given? You should have concentrated on cameras. Look at the price charged? Just to take care of your marketing expenses

  • Ghazali

Rasheed T, 31 Jul 2020Midrange phone ( just a midrange phone worth INR18-20K NOT ... moreAgree, oppo is fooling us again, it's overpriced than it's processor, cams and build quality

Bruh, 01 Aug 2020K30 Pro/K30 Pro Zoom Edition is a way better phone than thi... moreTotally agree, I also liked the specs of redmi 10x pro.