Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra hands-on review

06 August 2020

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  • Abdul razack

Asif burki , 24 Sep 2020Is this phon is a waterproof?Yes it's water and dust proof for around 30 minutes with 1m depth pool

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020I like the camera setup design rather than on Note10, other... moreBecause Samsung is very tired with all your complaint regarding the broken back panel because drop to the floor, and if you are using phone case, some phone case will close the shiny back panel, plus you are free from doubt that glass will broke while open the back panel for replacing battery, i have s10 and iphone 8, all with case that close the back panel, so what i see at the back panel? NO, silicone cheap case? NO, will be yellowish easily, hard case? I don't guess it is easy to find cheap and reliable hard case

  • simple

the phone was so nice and simple. i wish i could have a phone like that .

  • Anonymous

I like the camera setup design rather than on Note10, otherwise it is still confusing on how they keeping the price but downgrading the spec, yeah downgrading all the specs, make it more like Note10 Lite, the battery is supposed much better than Ultra, if the battery is not better, this phone is one of the failure in 2020

  • Anonymous

Surjsuraj , 25 Nov 2020I like to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy note 10+ to Samsung not... morethats a downgrade my guy are you good

  • Surjsuraj

I like to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy note 10+ to Samsung note 20 5G

  • Anonymous

In Thailand, Note 20 Lte (vanilla) is priced only from 800 US$ but stores says: no one buy it.
550-600 US$ is a more realistic value of this phone, if anyone want pay 600 for last years specs, only in new clothes. I keep my S10Plus

  • Dad0

Lg had stainless steel way before iphone and samsung

  • Anonymous

The only disappointment is lack of optimisation

  • nasir

Price in Saudi Arabia??

  • Anonymous

Very disappointed with the close up shots from note 20. The image is only good where there is focus. The outer of the image is very blurry. My s10+ close up pics are better.

  • Asif burki

Is this phon is a waterproof?

  • AnonD-947580

wasox, 13 Aug 2020Although the differences do exist, they are by no means so ... moreDidn't XDA heavily criticize the garbage Exynos 990 chip in the Note 20 Ultra??

  • AnonD-947580

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2020iPhone 11 Pro Max still faster than both variant of note 20... moreActually both the garbage E990 and the great SD865+ chip are still better than both the A13 and A14 bionic chip - why? Because A13-14 will thermal throttle like crazy and reduce performance to something like SD855 chip. You can't play games for extended time on A13 and A14 chips.

  • Anonymous

Khokhar , 22 Aug 2020well phone is ok in his price range but not compair to ipho... moreThese phones are equal in quality. It is what a person likes.

  • Jahangir khan

Note 20 Ultra Have a very bad battery Battery timing is very bad

  • Anonymous

wasox, 11 Aug 2020By the way you talk, you consider "europeans" as ... moreI mean won't you be also pissed if only an inferior version of a product is available in your region.
I mean why should Europe get the obviously less good exynos for same price
Does that sound fair to you?😒

  • Jv

I hope samsung learn a lesson this time. Europeans are not stupid. Will not spend 1p on a samsung product. That is on principle.

  • David

I brought my note 20 ultra on release date. After few days of using, im feel the phone is always on warm side. But overall it is great phone...

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2020 No stainless steel still al... moreWhat is wrong with you? It is not aluminum