OnePlus Nord review

10 August 2020

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  • Anonymous

In one plus Nord there is in built call recording feature available but there is a big issue first of all while having a call there is a ring which plays automatically so the other side person knows that the call is being record. 2nd issue some time random calls being record and sometimes not 3rd there is no specific storage where all recording you can find and delete useless recording. You need to everytime add specific number to being record there is no feature where all your call being record. And specially when you ask for Missing recording to their team there also they won't solve your problem. I am just being harassed by this feature. I am actually done with this phone.

  • Anonymous

One plus nord ce is a asshole has a major hanging problem even in 90 % free memory....
They have cheated us with new update...
Don't buy
Asa hole company

  • Ishu

I got very disappointed with OnePlus service centre and customer care support... OnePlus aren’t even deserving of a 1 star review.

Do NOT buy a OnePlus device especially the one plus nord!

I purchased OnePlus nord phone and immediately noticed a fault with the heating and low performance and same issue has been noticed by my friend who also using one plus nord but didn,t realize it is the issue with only this device so didn't take any action on it even I was having the warranty and insurance for first one year. The days go and I had issue with mobile rebooting happened automatically while the whatsapp backup is running and after that I was not able to switch on my device hence visited the OnePlus  service centre which is in VR mall chennai they took my device said that needed to go for repair which is require only software update and doesn't have any other issue and asked us to comeback after few hours. 

When we received message from service centre to collect my device that time they were telling that the mother board has gone and we need to replace it and mobile state come to Qualcomm crash dump mode but this information was not there in my device while I submitted the device with them.

So I contacted OnePlus customer care support with the above mentioned information and they said that my case(211215005122) has been escalated with service centre by the higher official and confirmed me that this service will be done for free of charge through call and asked me to submit the device in same service centre, it's been a week my mobile is with the service centre.

Customer care support told me that they will update me with resolution through call or email when I used to contact them so often in daily basis for the past 15 days but finally they told me that even the mistake happened with service centre you need to pay charge for the service that is only the resolution they mentioned.

This is really inferior shoddy workmanship of both service centre and customer care support and Completely mislead by OnePlus customer service as they giving wrong commitments with customer!

  • Anonymous

Sazar, 19 Jun 2021I've used 5 phones till now nokia samsung s5 samsung ... moreBro which one is best in camera & video iphone8+ or nord??

  • nik

Ambica maithni, 11 Jul 2021I bought one plus nord few months back n m extremely disapp... moreActually there are some people who dont know how to capture images even they are provided with best phone in the market, in my personal opinion one of my friend cannot capture with 8 pro and other one did best photo using nord. It all depends on you have capturing skills or not.

  • Lucky

Qasian Altaf, 28 Mar 2021I bought the 9nePlus Nord at least 6 months ago. It does n... moreTrue💯

  • Anonymous

Best mid ranger that's all

  • Ambica maithni

I bought one plus nord few months back n m extremely disappointed wth it. the phn heats up wth 20 minutes of usage ,the camera I tell yu is pathetic evn worst thn any 10k phn in the market ,the onscreen finger print sensor rarely works .I so mch regret buying it n I suggest anyone reading this not to buy one plus nord at all .

  • Nithi

Please don't buy one plus nord CE5 G, it has over heating issues while charging from beginning itself, camera is not that much great, excessive, over heating annoys me, Please don't loose your money...recent one plus phones are not good..

  • Sankar

Thangavel, 09 Oct 2020Last month I purchased one plus Nord serious After 1 mont... moreBro share your nord mobile experience....I am tamil

  • Vikas

camera quality is vrey poor specially selfi camera...

  • Sazar

Summi, 04 Jun 2021Is it gud to buy ?? Plz answer I am sucked at it and little... moreI've used 5 phones till now nokia samsung s5 samsung j7 iphone 8+ and now oneplus nord and my biggest disappointment is oneplus nord

  • Markjon

When will the updste of oneplus nord for both sim slot will have 5G?

  • Summi

Akhi.K, 29 Jan 2021Why is the oneplus nord call volume is low? I purchased it ... moreIs it gud to buy ?? Plz answer I am sucked at it and little bit confused 😢

  • Rahil

Bob, 01 May 2021Just bought a samsung a52 it sucks they should have hire... moreBob, what problems did you face with Samsung A52

  • Bob

Just bought a samsung a52 it sucks they should have hired a professional progammer instead a helter skelter approach camera is good speaker is better but functionality is ridiculos cant believe professional reviewers gave this phone a pass when rating

  • Anonymous

Waste of buying after the update phone lagging issues they don't even have a solution for that don't buy these phones

  • Anonymous

This was my first OnePlus and it does not disappoint. Almost a year of ownership and I'm loving it. It's seriously everything a mid ranger should have!

I bought the 9nePlus Nord at least 6 months ago.
It does not disappoint.
The camera is amazing (try night mode, it will blow your mind)
The battery lasts very well. I'm talking about 10 hours of direct PUBG.
As, you already know 5G will be available.
OS is Incredible.
And it feels a bit slippery due to glass back. But it's color is out of the world and really pleasing(Blue Marble).

  • Anonymous

Don't buy this OnePlus....2 months ago I buy this mobile we can't hear the voice during the voice calls
Battery dry after one month
No headset Jack 3.5mm