OnePlus Nord review

10 August 2020

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  • royal

Can some Nord owner tell me if there are still issues with drain battery and network ? I am on the edge to buy this, Realme X50 pro (SD865) or Oppo X2 Find neo

  • Jejay Southbay

My kind of phone. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜ƒπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈ

  • Anonymous

Using OnePlus Nord since 2 months. Only a single complain with it is it's selfie camera. I'm a bit unsatisfied with it. It's nothing like 32mp. Although the rear camera portraits with this phone are awesome but the selfie camera quality hits me badly:(

  • Anonymous

Amn, 07 Jan 2021Service is very poor.if service center not near by u please... moreIsn't that a network issue?

  • Manas

4th Day of using the Nord. Wile the overall usage is quite good, the battery drains pretty fast. A large part of the usage is for conf calls and other online usages. You'll need a good 2 charges to last through 15 hrs of usage. The fast warp charger is definitely a help to mitigate this.

  • Amn

Service is very poor.if service center not near by u please don't buy

  • Anonymous

Camera Software update

  • Rajesh

DINESH, 27 Dec 2020one plus nord over heating issue & battery drain issue&... moreIm willing 2 buy it, my phone got stolen


one plus nord over heating issue & battery drain issue&net work not stable....etc bugs😠

  • JG

someone please tell me a TRIED and TESTED app to record call on Nord...Nord doesn't hav the automatic call recording feature and if u want to record calls then u hav to manually do it on every call and that too happens after a loud recording greeting.

Plsssss help people

  • Rasmi khadgi

Its been a week I am using oneplus nord. It is very good for gaming but talking about camera it morphs . I am out of social medias I only use tiktok but in nord it is having so much of problem with camera... Very low video quality and apps like zoom and duo screen also morphs and shakes .. it is my biggest concern with oneplus nord.
Hope for software update as soon as possible to solve this issue.

  • Raghav rathod

Rajesh, 15 Nov 2020On 12th nov news came that nord n10 & n100 won't g... moreHello friends what's problem this mobile

  • Kim brately

Rajesh, 15 Nov 2020On 12th nov news came that nord n10 & n100 won't g... moreNo op nord is different model n10 and n100 is upcoming models of nord community

  • Rajesh

On 12th nov news came that nord n10 & n100 won't get update past Android 11, in india, i am planning to buy Nord 5g from Amazon, is that the same phone for which the news came out?

Meh, 10 Nov 2020Cheap trash based on paper specs? You must have skipped rea... moreThe green tint issue is there on most AMOLED phones except Samsung. I have checked a couple of them.

  • Deps

Khan, 07 Oct 2020Any suggestions which one should i buy nord or a71 i am con... moreI got the A71 for the following reasons
1. 2 day battery
2. Symmetrical single punch hole
3. Daylight Camera quality and auto focus precision
4. Metallic matte finish of the haze crush silver
5. Reliability, Knox security of samsung
6. Option to toggle on/off fast charging
7. Samsung pass
8. Samsung pay
9. Storage expansion to 512 GB
And most importantly the 6.7 inch Samsung super amoled plus display for Netflix/YouTube and multitasking with the 8GB ram and pop up view and split screen
If these specific things don't interest you nord is a plenty capable design. It has a faster chip and a more premium feeling glass back and the stock android experience.
I'm a biased a bit as I believe Samsung has always served me better on the long term in terms of screen reliability and data privacy especially with Knox security. Plus they have guaranteed 3 years of android updates and security patches for the A71

  • Meh

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020You get what you pay for people , bought one too many Xiaom... moreCheap trash based on paper specs? You must have skipped reading this Nord review till end since most of the Nord's hyped on paper specs like the 'flagship grade camera' and 'Dirac sound' are only meh according to the reviewer. Please don't pretend that Oneplus is free of problems. Green tint in the display and spontaneous factory reset are just some of the major problems Nord users facing. You, sir, sound like pretending to own other brands but sounded more like a paid troll defending Oneplus. Seen plenty of your kind in the comment section unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

You get what you pay for people , bought one too many Xiaomis until I tried a OnePLus. Never again will I buy cheap trash based on paper specs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2020For the price of op nord there is poco f2 pro and oneplus 7... moreThe Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has too many problems driving people crazy(look it up) and the Poco software is a mess ,used one for a while and it stutters too much.

  • Anonymous

yes compare it to a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with Buggy MUI 12 , ghost touch problem and a proximity sensor that drives people crazy with no fix in site.