OnePlus Nord review

10 August 2020

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  • Ahmed

Excellent phone

  • Anonymous

cheapsk8, 10 Aug 2020It's pretty good, had it been released in 2019How were OP going to introduce a phone with a 765 SoC in 2019?

  • T M

Wave of flaming in 3...2...1...

  • alojzijw

SSnorlax, 10 Aug 2020Didnt live up to the hype.I disagree.

Didnt live up to the hype.

  • ilove

I love it! Awesome phone, way better than iPhone SE and Pixel 4a

  • Dh gogo u

Redmi K30 Pro is about 420€ or 430€ on Honorbuy, when it is in stock. This phone costs 400€ in Europe.

It's pretty good, had it been released in 2019

  • GeekyGirl

The best value for money proposition and a cool brand in top! Definitely worth it!

You forgot adding about the vibration motor. Is it the same as OP8?

  • DafDaf

Didn't even mention the Facebook bloatware?

  • Anonymous

What the use of this phone since one plus 8/8pro price drop!.

  • Anonymous

ok this is the right pace for the reviews, not too many per week