Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G review

18 August 2020

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  • Anonymous

got my new Note 20 Ultra phone and immediately has wifi connection problem. Wasn't able to connect to wifi. After many calls and remote diagnostic done, had to bring it down to Samsung Service Center (my "new phone's" 3rd day). Their "QC" checked and indicated "No Fault!" on the report. Brought back home and still couldn't connect to wifi. Had to bring it down to SSC again and shouted at the manager. She finally tested herself and said will bring it up to management for either repair (yes, they may try to repair a new phone!) or exchange a new phone. The above took 1 month and i am still waiting for SSC's reply to get my "new phone"... Such low quality and bad customer service for a $1k+ so-called "high end" phone. Last Samsung phone for me...

  • Anonymous

CECIL, 23 May 2021Last January 2021, I have bought a Note 20 Ultra 5G 512GB m... moretf is wrong with repairing the current phone instead of offering a new one?

  • Anonymous

LOL, 13 Oct 2021Why would they switch to a more expensive and mediocre devi... morewhat? tell us how is it more 'mediocre'

  • LOL

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021If all the Americans stop running after Apple for a day...t... moreWhy would they switch to a more expensive and mediocre device? Lol.

  • Anonymous

If all the Americans stop running after Apple for a day...they will get enlightened on how Apple's been swindling them of their money and come running to Samsung. Though the thought is very utopian. Apple's basically enslaved them all with the quality of its first, initial products. Not that Apple makes bad tech nowadays...they have just stopped being how they used to example to the world. A few, very few lazy, overpaid techies have ruined the culture at Apple...making it a potato-couch organization.

  • Fanie

Bought the note 20 Ultra and enjoyed it until 4 days after the cellular service provider warranty expired the screen died on me. Took it to cellular service provider who had it checked out and said I needed a new screen. Out of warranty cost to me. Contacted Samsung directly and they said they give a 2 year warranty and referred me to their service provider. Since the onset the service provider trie

  • Jawad

Not feeling comfortable since it is a much bigger phone in size.
Camera is outclass. But would like to switch back to ios

  • Troy

Smartphon, 03 Jul 2021Any Note 10+ user using note 20/ultra now? Please leave you... moreJust got the note 20 ultra yesterday and it is better than the 10 plus but not by much. The camera is better. Battery is bigger but I have to use it for a couple of days before I can comment on how long it lasts.

  • Louri

Switched from Note 10+ to Note 20 Ultra out of necessity: the 10+ got dropped and the glass cracked.
Except for somewhat better cameras, I did not notice any major improvements. If you have a Note 10+ you might not want to bother with the upgrade.

  • John

So the phone got 88 hours of battery rating in 1080p 120Hz but managed to gain an astonishing 12 hours of extra battery rating in 1080p 60Hz, and yet people say 60Hz is outdated? Yeah, right. Keep that utterly nonsensical "new is best" ideology to yourself. I'd be more than happy to take 60Hz all day long. Why should I even slightly care about the "smoothness" of the scrolling effect when I care a lot more about the content inside the app itself.

Any Note 10+ user using note 20/ultra now? Please leave your feedback about both phones.

  • Ino

rama krishna - india, 24 Oct 2020am a Samsung lover using from last 10years. but every time ... moreConclusion is you’re happy


Last January 2021, I have bought a Note 20 Ultra 5G 512GB mobile from Samsung KSA, but after 4 months, yesterday the phone was completely blackout (dead) and communicating with the Samsung team they told me to hand over the phone to their service center.
It is extremely disappointing me. I cannot imagine that such an expensive phone completely dead in less than 4 and half month of time. If this happened in Europe or USA, the company would offer new phone instead of repair the existing phone. Not recommended to anyone and definitely this is the my last Samsung Phone. Good bye Samsung.

  • Danarman

MrHukaka, 24 Dec 2020yes ,I am a ex huawei user from mate 9 to this N20U,I found... moreDo you have the version with Exynos processor?

  • wpymes

Bulkier, heavier and much bigger than my old Note 10 that I Love. But it's a beautiful powerhouse once you get used to the dimensions and weight. You'll never want anything less.

  • bali

anyone here to share opinion over the samsung note 2o ultra please?

  • Anonymous

Yaso Misak, 14 Apr 2021It's a very expensive phoneYes very

  • Thabo Kay

Great phone

  • Yaso Misak

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Regarding the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g, while it may... moreIt's a very expensive phone

  • Edwin

Great Phone