Oppo Watch review

24 August 2020

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  • CWO

Bought this watch oct'20 , 56mm model after few days used ,noticed battery drain super fast less than 12hours ,and bluetooth connection was very very poor, it always reconnect, whatsapp does not support well,it always didn't show notification, speaker super lousy very low volume, don't recommend to buy,cheap quality watch, prefer to Samsung.

  • Sonu

When will oppo provide LTE /4G support in India.?

  • Ilia.N

I really like it...

  • Boy

Cannot use for more than 12 hours.
Very bad battery life.
Very dissappointing.

  • Anonymous

4thDimention, 25 Aug 2020All WearOS watches get horrible battery life for the 1st we... moreapple watch has terrible battery life 😋😋😋

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2020looks like upgraded apple watch More like downgraded

  • Anonymous

How is this thing even legal? I mean it's ok to be inspired but this is next level. I have an apple watch and almost everything software and design in this is exact copies of the apple watch! Seriously people go to a store and play with an apple watch. It's shocking. Better go with a samsung watch! at least that won't look like a copied product.

They should be ashamed

  • Anonymous

Nick.B, 25 Aug 2020Bought oppo watch 3 months ago. when it was released. from ... moreCongrats! you paid 450-500 for 250-300 worth of equipment. Patience is a virtue FYI!

Bought oppo watch 3 months ago. when it was released. from CN. turned out esim function work ONLY in CN. Returned it.

Sorry oppo, but saying this is only for CN, and 2 and 1/2 months later you say, okey, we will do global version, is somehow childish!

In the time beeing I bought apple watch series 4 with esim, and iphone SE (1st gen) to sync it, update it, and else, from home

And ended with apple watch on my hand and oppo find x2 pro in my pocket.

next time think twice before rush into releasing great product only for CN, and much later changing your mind and doing global version of it

  • gam

even the wallpaper they have to make it look like apple. garbage

  • Anonymous

looks like upgraded apple watch

  • Nick

My God, they're not even trying to hide it anymore...
Here comes the next lawsuit, and logically so!

4thDimention, 25 Aug 2020All WearOS watches get horrible battery life for the 1st we... moreis this true?
can anyone confirm?

  • 4thDimention

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2020terrible battery life no thanksAll WearOS watches get horrible battery life for the 1st week or 2. After that the battery settles down and you get the battery life described by the manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

terrible battery life no thanks

  • Anonymous

"...relies on an undisclosed version of Corning Gorilla Glass. Sounds reasonable to us."
... because oppo feeds our mouths, so of course it has to sound reasonable to us.

  • SpaceQ

Sctaj , 25 Aug 2020It's Chinese isn't it?Made by Internet

Common Android Wear OS you can choose what you boot... +
If we don't judge by colour of the skin why should we judge by old style borders if we live in borderless internet? ... Sure threat is everywhere but identifying it based on obsolete criteria is just... dumb

  • Anonymous

Best Wear OS watch right now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2020Horrible watch. Bought the 41mm model .. doesn't even ... moreThis is strange. I have the 41mm one with similar set up as yours, but with continuous heart rate on, and it goes for a day and a half, including sleep tracking during the night.
In terms of overall use, I get about 30 notifications per hour, most of which I check on the watch, while I also reply to some through dictation. I use it also as a music remote control, but I have not saved or play music from the actual watch. I use its alarm and I also use it for timers, reminders etc. With this use pattern, I get a full day and a half on one charge.