Oppo F17 Pro hands-on review

2 September 2020

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  • Sharjeel Ahmad

Battery mah is only 4000 am soo disappointed when 6000 mah available why we prefer that small battery

  • Anonymous

Make a video !!!!!!

  • Mohammed shuaib

No automatic call recorder

I bought this phone today for my mother. It has a beautiful display, and a good looking phone nonetheless. I had realme 7pro and samsung m31 in my mind before going to shop. Realme 7pro was the better choice if we consider the specsheet. But the phone does not have good color options that's why i gave it a pass.

  • Anonymous

Shreyash, 07 Sep 2020I have purchased this phone 2 days ago, Oppo would not be t... moreMake a video

  • Shreyash

I have purchased this phone 2 days ago, Oppo would not be the first choice I would have went to, I made a wise decision and purchased this model of Oppo rather than One plus nord. I have got everything what that phone could have offer. And I am content that I hadn't had to pay extra rs 5000

  • AnonD-937790

mr binulbol, 02 Sep 2020Oppo and Vivo has been lagging lately, with their current r... moreThat's the point I'm going to tell, the marketing sratergies are worst when it comes to OPPO or vivo. The offline market it filled with oppo and vivo phones and people tend to buy the phone by watching the ads which they show......... Even in offline market still we can see people purchasing two year old phones manufactured by these companies....

  • AnonD-937790

What P95 at 20k......... Seriously OPPO???
I'd this phone launched for marketing purpose....
I suggested you not to buy this phone by watching ads in television or other platforms.......

  • Hm

Superman, 03 Sep 2020The camera module looks like iPhone 12 lolIt kinda looks like the realme 7 pro

Another day, another phone with sh*tty macro/depth sensor and stupid dual punch hole just so it can marketed as a phone with "6 cameras". And 12nm chipset? In 2020? For 300$?! Good luck.

However I do appreciate the camera module design, ie that each cam has it's own small glass, so that it's not all covered by a single piece of glass like e.g. Redmi 9 or this years' Galaxy phones - it has much lower chance of cracking this way.

Reviewers are to be blamed for this specs ticking of a thing, you get phones with 4 cameras that can’t t ether shots than iPhone SE with one, they keep forgetting a premium chip delivers premium experience, every other hardware element compliments the chips capability, but when it comes to android, Specs first, it’s just too bad, tell us how the phone works in comparison to a similar priced phone, compare it to a flagship, tell us what we are missing for going cheaper, don’t tell me a macro and telephoto camera is on board and it’s appreciated, idc, can I take a great shot or do I have to borrow my friends iPhone even after buying a new phone

  • Superman

The camera module looks like iPhone 12 lol

  • Anonymous

Good looking phone. Seems plastic backs are a trend now.

Nothing new to be mentioned, idk what is it with oppo in terms of "processors" they gotta do much better

  • Anonymous

Adam84, 02 Sep 2020No OIS, no QI, no IP58, another useless phone, same as many... moretrue, bro

  • Zero

507AMS, 02 Sep 2020what phone (2020 model) offers all these features within $3... moreMi 9T (if you want global) or Redmi 10X.

iphone looks, useless cameras, cheap setup main+8+2+2 as in multiple cheap phones, but they at least got macro and 150-200 euro price. Expected more from oppo.

  • Anonymous

Moto g g plus copycat

  • mr binulbol

Oppo and Vivo has been lagging lately, with their current releases. Using old chips or mid range socs and then pricing them as flagship (Vivo X50, Vivo V19/V19 Neo and some Oppo releases). This is not a good showing for them. Kinda funny this marketing stunt they do with pricing. A lot of people are now more mindful before they buy.

Adam84, 02 Sep 2020No OIS, no QI, no IP58, another useless phone, same as many... morewhat phone (2020 model) offers all these features within $300-$400 USD ?????