Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 review

11 September 2020

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I'll wait till the Z Fold 3 arrives so that the Fold 2 gets cheaper and then I'll finally buy a used Fold 1

    Whether you like Samsung or not, you have to agree that this is a solid piece of tech.

    Obviously there is much room for improvement, but for a 2nd-gen device, it is surely impressive.

      Right now, the Fold seems to be the Only foldable device that ticks most of the boxes. The Fold 2 has added a lot of great refinements.
      The Galaxy Flip is good. Hopefully Samsung give it a much larger outer screen in version 2.0, along with slightly more ergonomic design (less boxy). Wider would also help with the screen aspect ratios, especially for the inner screen.

        Whether you like it or not, that's the only innovative phone samsung released this year.

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          • 11 Sep 2020

          I am poor.
          I still play Game Gear.

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            • 11 Sep 2020

            I disagree saying that gen 1 fold is not good alternative. I bought it brand new last week for 999 euros with 3 year of guarantee. Very happy with it.

            Maybe i will upgrade to fold 3, have to see if it has water and dust protection because 2000 euros is lot of money for a device without it. Of course if some other oem will make better foldable phone for less money i could live without water and dust protection.