Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro long-term review

17 September 2020

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This device still deserves to be top 10 cameras, even to this year. I mean, this thing is the most versatile cameraphone yet (alongside with the Mi 10 Ultra, which unironically still has the best camera setup in the market)

Just wishing they'd bring back the camera setup properly on the Mi 12 Pro.
They actually made the Mi 11 Pro quite garbage (mediocre ultrawide and mediocre 5x, plus they made it China-only)

This device still can go head to head with any other 2021 flagships.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020They are badly made with cheap components (other than the c... moreNo they are not. Have you got one?? Well, you know nothing because most Chinese phones made by Huawei, Xiaomi etc all have exemplary build quality and are not cheaply made. Little do you know

Are you being paid or sth? The camera samples are among the worst I have seen, including low-range devices!!

  • KILu

(Dark mode) "design-wise it's just as dark as it should be - no weird grays that are too light, nothing like that." - Actually, light gray background is much better for your eyes than black. Normal, non-inverted theme is even better, but only if you set very low brightness when reading in dark place. Dark mode is a gimmick and has been introduced mainly to reduce battery consumption by OLED screens.

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Excellent review.

You can currently buy the China version for 575 pounds which is a bit of a bargain for one of the best phones out there.

Video quality ??

  • KrishSaxena

There's been so many security issues with Snapdragon lately and considering the price and everything else, this is definitely not worth the hype

Perfect smart phone 😎

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2020Then what is no.1 spot for phone camera?Mi 10 ultra

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020big downgrade sir.You can't be serious.

  • Anonymous

nice billboard you have there.

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BMSmith, 18 Sep 2020I have a Mi 10 Pro myself and find this review to be absolu... moreThey are badly made with cheap components (other than the chipset) and unreliable.

  • Anonymous

Emeric, 18 Sep 2020I got my Mi10 2 days ago to replace my old 3,5 years old Ga... morebig downgrade sir.

  • Adrian M

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020How? Where exactly do you experience ads ? Applications ( like apps from the store) ads are introduced by devs to monetize their work, you can't do much about those. Otherwise you can debloat, i did this. Remove /block apps that are known to track and send data to china/korea/usa or whatever, google debloat.

You keep on coming here in romania and taking pics of Timisoara.
It isn't nice

joe nodden, 20 Sep 2020"first true flagship"? If this is their first tru... moreVery true.
And today the sd 855 is at a jockingly 280 euro here in romania
We get a mi note 10 lite for 300 euro, and it's far weaker in all ways

"first true flagship"? If this is their first true flagship then what on Earth was the Mi Mix? That thing was a year or two ahead of its time.

  • Kai

Mi 10 Pro's ultra wide lens has "Autofocus"....which can perform Macro shot on this lens, please correct your review.

  • Anonymous

Then what is no.1 spot for phone camera?