Ulefone Armor 9 review

30 Sep 2020

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2020Ulefones advertise FM radio, but you will not find any port... moreWhat do you mean? I personally tested the FM radio app - there is a screenshot in the Software section. The 3.5mm jack is on top of the phone - photos in Design chapter.

  • Anonymous

Ulefones advertise FM radio, but you will not find any port for radio and ear piece. Why do you decieve the buying publich.

  • Anonymous

Same here... Writing on brokken Ulefone. Not that rugged at all. Stay away.

  • A.Customer

If Ulefone ever starts making phones with better chips in them they're going to crush their competition. These MediaTek chips are trash though...

I will be watching Ulefone regardless.

  • K

Wouldn't buy Ulefone again. Have Ulefone armor 5. And it is completely crap. All the rubbers are peeling from the sides, charging port cover fall of after half year, screen broke, phone switches of unexpectedly then battery is around 25%, photo quality like from '90...
Waterproofness saved my ass few times.

  • user

I was using a ulefone armor 5.They said it was water resistant, but water did manage to enter the phone and damage it, but not before the the speaker stop working. So i do not recomend those kind of phone anymore

  • BigDog

Just noticed a mistake in your review...
The PTT key is reconfigurable and very flexible!
Via: Settings > Smart Assistant > Shortcut Settings

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

TTingGalate, 01 Oct 2020phone looks nice also it has 128 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM but th... moreActually the P22 is fine for most games, this is even better so light to medium gaming will do just fine! ;D

  • Anonymous

I'm a big fan of the way GSMArena does reviews. It's my go to site for phones. However, I have an issue with the way they describe battery endurance.

My opinion is that the Armor 9 has sub par battery life for its capacity and chipset, in the screen on tests. Why do the reviewers never take issue with that?

If you had to equip the Redmi Note 8 Pro with the same size battery it would get 22+ hours in both the browsing and video tests.

  • TTingGalate

phone looks nice also it has 128 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM but the downside is the processor of it. If your not a mobile gamer MTK P90 is good enough for daily use.

  • Anonymous

Dana, 01 Oct 2020I have the ulefone 6s. It Is adequate, but found that it ha... moreJust gonna say real quick, Chinese phones are NOT crap. If you landed yourself with crappy Chinese phones... well... you are really unlucky. Some of the absolute best bang for the buck are all Chinese phones, distancing yourself from them is just not a wise choice in my opinion.

Fun fact Ulefone is from Shenzhen, China - what are you going to say now? :D

I have an armor 3 that I love & have worked hard games, movies books & bouncing off roads, the hifi chipset & 10300 battery, admit a bit heavy but other phones were dying just by looking at them, the newer models seemed to go backwards with battery life & less go just for more profit the armor 9 seems good but so much dearer, the trade off with battery & speaker is hmmm, I have just ordered a armor 8, as was quarter the price while 5&7's were a lot dearer. Must admit have a rugged soldier 4 the bigger battery to try out. I will wait 4 the armor 9 to come back down in price, but honestly a slightly lighter armor 3 with Android 9 or 10, would have me happy android 8.1 still rocks

  • Dana

I have the ulefone 6s. It Is adequate, but found that it had some either trackware or malware. It can't be upgraded to latest Android. Otherwise it is rugged and it is a good work phone. I will not EVER be spending my money on Chinese crap phones.

New OnePlus User, 01 Oct 2020Its nice that GSMARENA listed this phone and it's spec... moreoukitel phones are very very very bad. no parts available. mine broke after 2 months of use. really no oukitle reviews needed ...just waste of time ..believe me. been there done it!!

Akira Kurou, 01 Oct 2020I think the targeted customer for this review are more gear... moreBut a few times I saw some delivery guys or electrician using this kind of phone while doing their job.

[deleted post]I think the targeted customer for this review are more geared towards SMEs and Enterprises whom might using this phone for business purposes.

Eventhough this phone is also being sold to consumers, I don't really think people are going to buy them. How many people around you are using this g-shock kind of phone? Probably none. But a few times I saw some delivery guys or

  • New OnePlus User

Its nice that GSMARENA listed this phone and it's specs. With GSMARENA being the 'go to' website for phone specs and updates, I would like to also see other rugged phones, inclusive off but not limited to OUKITEL, BLACKVIEW, CUBOT, DOOGEE. I believe that rugged Smartphones are an essential category and 'the people' needs more information on the variety that is out there.

  • BigDog

Received one of these as an early adoptee.... The phone itself is great! The problem is that so not expect support of any kind from UleFone. Their customer service is worse than non existent.

  • Anonymous

That endoscope will come in handy for checking out various things.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 30 Sep 2020Glad GSMArena gave this 5 stars... It really is worth it. R... moreThey didn't though?