OnePlus Nord long-term review

05 October 2020

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  • Satish
  • Dkc
  • 16 Jan 2022

Update OS version 12???

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    • kan
    • RxX
    • 28 Jun 2021

    seeing lots of reviews claiming nord a small compromise flagship killer...but

    Disappointing ultra-wide and macro cameras
    Several minor display issues
    Games limited to 60Hz

    how can these be small compromise

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      • Shashank
      • uvG
      • 28 Mar 2021

      What is zooming point......?

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        • Lakshitha
        • nC6
        • 12 Feb 2021

        Honestly after read many reviews I realized lot of peoples didn't know what they brought.This is mid range mobile and we can't expect higher level performance.Before we buy mobile we have to decide ,what is our requirements. I'm using nord 12/256gb since 2 months.For me I didn't found any issue yet.With in an one hour we can fully charge the battery.For gaming it has good performance.Specially I like the gaming mode.We can avoid the all other disturbance in gaming mode.[I meant like notifications,calls]

          I purchased oneplus nord from in UAE (15 sept.). All time network disconnecting, bluetooth connectivity also not good, call drops so many times.
          I think it's worst phone. Pls oneplus team do something if chance in update. If not pls replace my oneplus nord. Otherwise because of oneplus nord it's big loss of your popularity. Thank you.

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            • Shyam
            • a4}
            • 02 Jan 2021

            I purchased the phone from in UAE ( 15 sept). All time network disconnecting, bluetooth connectivity also not good.
            I think one plus nord is worst phone. Pls one plus team do something or if have chance then replace it otherwise because of oneplus nord oneplus can big loss for their future.

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              • Faizi
              • rJx
              • 31 Dec 2020

              Anonymous, 24 Dec 2020what is the battery packup ??. what is camera protection??Im using oneplus nord, thus having better optimization and fast charging, which require appr an hour to get fully charged. Heavy use amay drain battery frim 100 to sero in 4/5 hours. Normal use with gprs allow u to use a day (mng 7 to eveng 7)

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                • Anonymous
                • XD8
                • 24 Dec 2020

                Syed ali, 19 Oct 2020It's a worst mobile..... Plz before buying this mobile... morewhat is the battery packup ??.
                what is camera protection??

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                  • Rocky
                  • DkA
                  • 08 Dec 2020

                  Sach, 06 Oct 2020I am using nord 8gb/128 gb variant. I realised that I canno... moreSame issue with my nord too some one can help?

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                    • Sohail
                    • U{V
                    • 28 Nov 2020

                    KASHRIFF, 20 Nov 2020nord front camera not goodBack camera was superb even in night mode also
                    Front camera is average

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                      • KASHRIFF
                      • XUh
                      • 20 Nov 2020

                      nord front camera not good

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                        • Bzk
                        • pTf
                        • 09 Nov 2020

                        I want to know about dual-band gps & sbas and accuracy if anyone tested OnePlus NORD with ( gps test application)

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                          • Anonymous
                          • U@E
                          • 03 Nov 2020

                          Nord is an awesome phone , with good DSLR portrait photos ..when you compare to others phones

                            Data disconnecting all time

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                              • Raghu
                              • X$v
                              • 23 Oct 2020

                              Nord is an awesome phone , completely loving it .

                                There is no such thing as "battery backup". No one knows what you are talking about when you say "camera protection". Nothing in your comment made any sense at all.

                                  • Y
                                  • Yash
                                  • XV0
                                  • 21 Oct 2020

                                  Would love to read about your experience with the front cameras too

                                    • S
                                    • Syed ali
                                    • DkN
                                    • 19 Oct 2020

                                    It's a worst mobile..... Plz before buying this mobile..... Go n check with previous customer.... No auto call recorder... No battery backup... No camera protection. Camera worst.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • rJr
                                      • 14 Oct 2020

                                      Thomas Oellgaard Den, 11 Oct 2020I now had my OnePlus Nord for 2 month and in general it... moreYe i am 2 facing the same problem

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                                        • uv
                                        • rJX
                                        • 14 Oct 2020

                                        Ramandeep singh, 13 Oct 2020I'm very disappointed for my OnePlus nord 12/256gb pho... more😂😂😂😂