Realme 7 Pro review

07 Oct 2020

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xcv, 23 Oct 2020In my country, 6 Pro is just 10 € more expensive. Anyway, ... moreDim screen is the biggest possible NO on my list of priorities. Not seing what's on the screen defies the whole purpose of the phone,it's useless.
On the topic of speakers 6pro is quiet and thin sounding. According to GMS test 7 pro is whole 4dB louder when you need to hear notifications and cals. For music headphones are a must for every phone....even flagships.

  • Atik Hasan

It's very gorgeou.

  • xcv

Jakez, 22 Oct 2020Realme 6 Pro in EU is about 50€ more expensive than 7 Pro.... moreIn my country, 6 Pro is just 10 € more expensive.
Anyway, you completely ignore that:
1) 6 Pro has very useful telephoto camera instead of totally useless depth one.
2) Mono speaker on 6 Pro is much better than stereo one on 7 Pro.

Mike Coxlong, 07 Oct 2020Or they can also just buy the Realme 6 Pro and enjoy better... moreRealme 6 Pro in EU is about 50€ more expensive than 7 Pro. 7 has Amoled with close to 600 brightness, 6 has IPS with 440 brightness. Other than ultrawide selfie (for plus 50€)
7 pro is much more practical,usable and bang for buck phone than 6pro.

The UK version does have NFC. Incredible value for money, a really nice handset (mirror silver)

  • Akshay

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2020I don't really understand why people want higher refre... moreHahaa!!!
For sure, you haven't used a high ref rate panel in all your life to see the difference it makes in the overall user experience of a phone.
I'm not gonna explain it out to you
You gotta experience it for yourself man!!

  • Flo

This phone is so so good for the price! The audio quality is very good via the jack! (in desactivate dolby atmos). The image quality is better with google camera port. This realme's phone is a big winner! I love it!

  • Butterfingers

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2020A budget Xiaomi phone ? Had 3 Xiaomis and they all fell to ... moreWhat makes you think Realme with plastic frame can survive your recklessness for more than 6 months? You need to invest in a good case, because not even Note20 Ultra with GG Victus can survive your abuse. I have been using both Mi 9 and Redmi Note 8 for a year now and they are still in good shape, so that is why i say you are reckless.

  • Sinister

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2020what about FM radio. this is very essential when you are in... moreYou can still listen to downloaded music though.

  • Ffll

Can you charge It with a 32 watt charger and its batter for battery Life?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2020The difference between IPS and OLED is so overrated. People... moreMind to enlighten us what is the important stuff??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2020what about FM radio. this is very essential when you are in... moreTell me honestly. How many times in a year do you end up in nowhere? 🤔

  • Anonymous

The difference between IPS and OLED is so overrated. People claim OLED is better, mostly because they own phones with OLED's.

Now we need OLED's in budget/mid-range phones and won't get telephoto and in this case, the phone would've needed it. The 64MP mode is disappointing here, but otherwise the camera is okay.

I just love it how people are asking for less important features/gimmicks and don't care about actually important stuff. Nice.

  • Anonymous

what about FM radio. this is very essential when you are in the middle of nowhere and with out internet! it is a must have to all phones!

  • Prem

Realme 7 pro . It's have not use dual app options . I expect that option but no option there , some specific not available .

  • Anonymous

Realme 7 and 7 pro in indonesia have nfc though

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2020Not true! Super AMOLED panel with normal 60hz is deal to m... morePlenty of times the stereo speaker is worse than single speaker. My LG V50 stereo speaker is worse than my Poco F2 Pro mono speaker.

To quote the review above from GSMarena:

"As for the quality - it's not so good. When compared to Realme 6 Pro - the 7 Pro lacks in bass big time and the output sounds, well, shallow. The high tones are well presented on the 7 Pro, better than on the 6 Pro, but still - the previous model offers richer audio with its single speaker."

  • Anonymous

Realme 7 pro auto call recording not available android 10

I bought this device a week back after using a Samsung A50 for 1.5 years. My views:
- Battery optimization is much better in Realme as the battery. The battery drop% is at less speed compared to Samsung in the case of a moderate usages
- 65 Watt charger is a blessing. While Samsung is still giving a 15 W charger on F41 containing a 6000 mAh battery here this device saves my time (0% - 100%) in 32 mins flat
- Camera is good too, could have been better
- One area where I still feel Samsung lead is its Super Amoled screen. The color and black distribution on a Samsung screen are much better.
- Regular updates is the area where Realme is slowing to become a leader. I have seen all of its devices get updates in the first to the second week of a month and they keep upgrading the software and adding features.
- Speakers are pros and cons too, the device has a dual speaker which is loud enough in case you do not want to use an earphone. Trust me they are so loud that you will never listen to them at full volume. However, the back panel takes the sound vibrations in case of spearkers being played in full volume
- Google messaging and dialer has made the device snappier and fast. Seems its also reduced the load on CPU and overall RAM usages

Tried both. Friend of mine is manager at phoneshop. I decided to buy samsung m51. They are both good. Did not notice much difference.only battery life. I expected the fast charging of the m51 to be slow. But iwas surprised. Also fast. Durability I expect the samsung to be better. I hope so.