Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G review

09 October 2020

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  • 27 Mar 2024

Bionic Chip, 14 Dec 2021Cameras are great. Check the cinematic videos on YouTube fr... moreHey guys I'm really enjoying the phone try one.So far so good all i can say is one of best phones produced in the market.

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    • 13 Mar 2022

    Bane, 07 Dec 2021How can i disable speak Incoming Caller ID Numbers or Names... moreYou can download True Phone Dialer and manage yourself what buttons you want,I left only speaker and dialpad.
    Even you can set where to place them.
    I know it was frustrating evreytime the mute button is touched.

    I had you same idea no Xiaomi but now I fixed the problem.
    My Mi10t Pro is a great phone

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      • 21 Jan 2022

      Bane, 07 Dec 2021How can i disable speak Incoming Caller ID Numbers or Names... moreIt's not Xiaomi's fault,open google phone app and go to settings in the app in the first row touch caller id and open it then disable that

        Cameras are great. Check the cinematic videos on YouTube from various content creators. The 8K clips that are downsampled to 4k are extremely detailed.
        I don't know why the sample photos here are soft; especially the studio images. Probably a focusing issue.

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          • 07 Dec 2021

          How can i disable speak Incoming Caller ID Numbers or Names? I am owner about one year...
          It s so frustrate... Terible sofware, mute call (proximity sensor)... Never again Xiaomi...

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            • 18 Sep 2021

            sean8102, 07 Sep 2021IDK what this talk of AMOLED screens burning in like crazy ... moreI think the reason why most of ur Samsung phones doesn't suffer amoled screen burn ins is because u don't put ur screen up to max brightness for a long time compared to other people who do it.

              IDK what this talk of AMOLED screens burning in like crazy is about. I've had multiple Galaxy S phones over the years, and currently have a Note 20 Ultra 5G. I've never experienced burn in on any AMOLED. And I don't upgrade phones that often. Heck I upgraded to the Note 20 Ultra from a Galaxy S8+. I gave the S8+ to my sister who is using it just fine, and still with zero burn in or display issues.

              I'm trying to think of how people that get burn in have it happen. Do they fall asleep with the screen on and all or part of it displaying the same thing all night, almost every night for a long period of time? I fall asleep with YouTube playing my watch later playlist frequently and still no burn in on any AMOLED I've had or any display issues of any kind.

              But I do agree choice is good. That's the strongest aspect of the Android ecosystem, choice. I think it's great we can choose between AMOLED or IPS LCD's and there are very high quality displays of both tech you can get in a Android phone.

              My concern with this phone would be all the comments I see about software bugs with the Global version, and some people saying they are having trouble getting software updates. Also I haven't looked at MIUI in a long time but boy is it obvious how much they try to make it look like iOS. Not just a little but A LOT. I'm guessing as long as it's theme engine is good you can negate that.

              My question regarding this phone is how well dose it work with US carriers? Specifically AT&T? I notice it's lacking support for thing like band 14 LTE which AT&T uses quite a bit, as well as band 30 and 66 which using a app on my Note 20 Ultra 5G there are multiple towers sending out a LTE signal on those bands but mainly a lot of band 14. I'd be worried about reception when trying to use this in the US with AT&T. I can't speak for the other US carriers as I'm not familiar off the top of my head what bands they use.

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                • 07 Jul 2021

                Dave , 20 Jun 2021This particular reviewer and the weird phones he likes ehh.Maybe you can do a counter review and list out why he is wrong to like the Mi 10T Pro ehh

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                  • Nu6
                  • 20 Jun 2021

                  This particular reviewer and the weird phones he likes ehh.

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                    • 24 May 2021

                    Sady, this is the only phone that has IPS and have flagship features(made from aluminium and glass with flagship internals), but it seems that has also alot of issues. But that could be like with all consumer products these days, rushing it to put it on a market and fixing issues and manufacturing defects during its production. So maybe i just need to wait for a half a year or so to iron out all the defects and a price will also drop, but main issue remains, it is a big heavy brick...

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                      • 18 May 2021

                      About MEMC, yes, you can turn it on and off:

                      Enabling Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro MEMC
                      I'm not sure why Xiaomi or anyone has not shared this yet but in order to get MEMC to work you will have to do the following: -

                      Go to Settings -> Special features -> Video toolbox
                      Make sure the first two sliders are enabled. (Shortcut location is up to you)
                      Tap 'Manage video apps' and tick the apps you want this toolbox to appear on. (I will be using YouTube)
                      Open the app you've added and on the top-left edge of the screen there should be a thin vertical bar.
                      Swipe right of the vertical bar to bring up the Video toolbox.
                      Within the Video toolbox middle section, swipe it to the left in order to see the 'Picture' option.
                      Tap the 'Picture' option and within it tick the first option to turn on MEMC!
                      Feel free to experiment with it on/off to see the difference, there are also other options that may improve your viewing experience too.

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                        • 17 May 2021

                        I keep wondering why there is no mention of the heavy weight as one of the cons of this phone.

                          Tiger55, 06 Apr 2021Its a heavy phone.! The MIUI interface is pure waste of res... moreTRUE this is the last phone I accidentally bought
                          I will never ever xiaomi to anyone

                          It is a faceless company with no interest in customer care

                            Josh, 23 Apr 2021To be honest. I want this phone, because it has Flagship le... morePhone hangs company guys say it is manufacturing defects

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                              • 09 May 2021

                              Tiger55, 06 Apr 2021Its a heavy phone.! The MIUI interface is pure waste of res... moreI have iPhone 12 pro max and i take this 10t pro as backup. both main cameras are great for day and night, iphone do a better job at portrait photos. Back to the point, 10t pro is damn good, fast and smooth just like iPhone with cheap price. I dont have any issues at playing games. Downside of 10t pro? No water resistant and no wireless charging.

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                                • 23 Apr 2021

                                Tiger55, 06 Apr 2021Its a heavy phone.! The MIUI interface is pure waste of res... moreTo be honest. I want this phone, because it has Flagship level spec for low price. I mean, I (some people) don't consider 600$ low price, but, I saw some options on Aliexpress with lower prices (depending on region, i think..) But, yeah. The first reason.

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                                  • 20 Apr 2021

                                  this phone DOES have night mode for ultra wide cam

                                    I purchased this MI 10 T Pro from Flipkart on 25.03.2021. The phone looked good and was hanging

                                    The display was set at 60 KHz by default. I changed it to 144 kHz

                                    Unable to play any game even in FB

                                    Took it to the xiaomi repairs. On my arrival he said it is a common problem wait for the update

                                    I reported it to flipkart. They said returns period is over

                                    I told them when the phone is having manufacturing defects and hanging why are you selling it

                                    As xiaomi has become faceless arrogant sellers and we have no Avenue to report

                                    As an advocate thought of suing both xiaomi and flipkart for deficiency in services

                                    Again went to xiaomi service center on 15.04.2021. This time the guys took the phone and noted the complaint as phone freezing and reformatted it and gave it after 3 hrs

                                    I came and checked. The hanging is reduced but not fully

                                    I am able to handle the phone

                                    I find the have changed the OS from Android 10 which came by default to Android 11

                                    Therefore the hanging is reduced

                                    I will be testing for another 2 days

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                                      • 06 Apr 2021

                                      There IS night mode for ultrawide...
                                      Be honest reviewer please...

                                        Its a heavy phone.! The MIUI interface is pure waste of resources.The Global version has no call recording built in. The UI is buggy. The fact that the screen is IPS and not always on is AMOLED is a disadvantage as well.The fingerprint scanner is sluggish as well ( We have 3 phones in the family all the same model. all same issues).Taking pictures or video with 108MP is insane as the file is huge so unless you wish to fine print something its a waste of money to invest in this phone for the 108MP camera. All in all its the first time i regret buying a phone. Would have preferred the the Mi9 lite , my advice to you is: What do you need the phone for.!Think carefully where and when you are going to use it the most