Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G review

08 October 2020

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  • Preetham

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021My S20fe is the worst piece of crap I have ever owned. 5g i... moreYou can change the button options in settings. And power off the phone is quiet easy, just scroll from top and u see it on top right corner.
Your keyboard setting has auto correct turned on. You can just disable it in settings too. May be U need to explore the phone first

  • Anonymous

SurplusHuman, 24 Jun 2021My s20 fe front camera is a joke, all photos I get that stu... morebruh just turn off the beauty feature and your face will look natural

  • SurplusHuman

My s20 fe front camera is a joke, all photos I get that stupid wax skin effect, and yes, I'm 100% sure the effect is disabled or dialed all way down. Unfortunately, the front camera quality ruins the phone. Why Samsung insists in this terrible filter and won't give us an option to disabled it for real? This is insulting.

  • Bruh

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021My S20fe is the worst piece of crap I have ever owned. 5g i... moreBro that your keyboard problem, just turn off the auto correct bruh

  • Anonymous

My S20fe is the worst piece of crap I have ever owned. 5g is a joke. Writing a letter is easier than texting. It keeps changing the spelling of whatever words it wants. If I could go back to my old phone (we don't support that phone anymore, you have to have a new one), there was NOTHING WRONG with the old one. Turning this phone off is near impossible, Bixby (that I DON'T WANT) keeps coming up. No other electronic device has the buttons in these positions. I think this my LAST samsung phone...

  • Mona Lisa on Weed

I've had the Exynos 4g variant of the s20FE for less than a month as my daily driver. All was well to begin with, ok screen resolution (not the best, lower resolution than s20, s21 and even previous flagships). Performance pretty good. Not the fastest but far from sluggish. Cameras seem to be good, not excellent, good. Mind you I'm not a camera guru so I'm not an expert. Design quality, mediocre. Not really a fan of the plastic back plate but aluminum frame is nice I guess. A bit disappointing to have only gorilla glass 3 when newer and even previous flagships have had gorilla glass 6 and victus. Battery life is good. I can usually go a full day and still have at least 30% left in battery life. Overall the biggest disappointment for me has been the Exynos chipset. It's inferior, causes the phone to overheat and slows down performance. But because I'm in New Zealand I am stuck with Exynos. Would much rather prefer Snapdragon.

  • Wilson-smyth

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021Isn't it a concern that the S20 FE does not have Goril... moreIt does, gorilla glass 3.its not bad at all. It's harder than some of the newer variants meaning it's more scratch resistant, but at a coat of being less shatter proof in the event of a serious fall.

That's basically the trade off, scratch resistance or playability in the event of a fall.

Even then, the difference between them all is not massive. They simply have to release a new versionevery so often to stay relevant.

  • Wilson-smyth

Commenting with my experience which has been great since the April patch.

Got the S20 FE in January and after a month had unresponsive screen issues that would only resolve with a reboot.
A number of calls to Sammy support following the usual, restart, factory reset etc steps didn't resolve the issue.

I was preparing to send it in but that day two things happened
1. The April patch was released.
2. The sd card, which hadn't been formatted since it's days in my S7 got wiped.

Unsure if the issue was the sd card with old versions of configs or something, or the update but it's been too notch since then and I'm glad I held onto it.

I wish Samsung wouldnt wait for users to uncover these issues but from experience, no other brand are any better (similar experience iPhone, HTC, Huawei), and Samsung hardware and launcher, in my experience is a step above anything else.

I still wish it had a notification LED,a physical proximity sensor and the selfie cam had more than a fixed focus, but those are minor gripes.

Excellent phone, imo better than the S21 due to expandable storage , larger battery and non sd888 chip which seems to run very hot.

Hopefully Samsung stick with the polycarbonate back too, it's a 100% improvement, being lighter, stronger, more durable, doesn't attract fingerprints and feels solid. If they do, I'll be back for an s22FE but see no need to upgrade this year.

  • Anonymous


  • HRB

Some parts of this review are false and misleading, I have reviewed the phone myself and have had no problems that were mentioned in the review. Please update your facts!

  • To jonathan whatever

You must be one of those Samsung hardon supporter genius with an empty stomach.
There is nothing wrong this review. BTW he is honest and always reviews according to the truth.
Samsung had been releasing bunch of confusing array of mobile hardwares, with some good features and bad. And with some confusing names. ie S20 S20+ S20ULTRA and S20 FE. Now some are even adding with "s" on an old lineup calling it new when the hardware are same. To note they even released same S20 FE as 4g and 5g variants when both uses same Snapdragon 5G chip. Some are frustrated why 5G is released only one country and not globally.

Dont blame the reviewers because they are voices of the end users as well. And as most of end users are frustrated with Samsung line up. One being lack of reply from Customer Care when there are complaints made about "falling Buds" and lack of free accessories that comes with premier phones like S21 and Tab S7.
OTHER FAILURES to note. Most of recent Note 20 are also showing display failure after sometime uses. And some other phone models are showing overheating on their battery packs. If Samsung refuses to listen, then they are doom to fail with their line up of bad designs and lack of care.
GSMarena keep up the good work.

  • Jonathan from the US

This is the worst review I've ever read on a device, extremely biased/negative. Even the positive parts of purchasing this device were made to look like negatives. The writer sounds lazy and uninterested and used too many words and it wouldn't be a surprise if they were paid off by Apple or some other company to make Samsung devices look bad. There were a lot of errors in the review even thinga as simple as pixel density and HDR support were inaccurate. Fire this writer get a new one GSMARENA, articles like this make the website look bad.

  • S20 Fe 5g user

I can't use super fast charging with 65w pd charger with 100w usb c to usb c pd cable (supposed to be 25w with this phone)

The Vivo X60 Pro which falls right in the price bracket of Samsung S20 FE 5G and the Oneplus 9 gets little or no attention. In fact, in this S20 5G review, it is not even on the alternates, whereas iQoo is compared... weird.

  • Anonymous

Maysa, 10 May 2021I bought my Samsung S20 FE on January. I love resolution... moreDo a reset factory, sure you have a bug inside!

  • Shashidhar

Maysa, 10 May 2021I bought my Samsung S20 FE on January. I love resolution... moreYou can follow the steps mentioned in the video.
I too faced the issue and I uninstalled apps which I don't use like samsung pay and many more. Now I don't see any heating issue.

  • Maysa

I bought my Samsung S20 FE on January.
I love resolution, back camera. but I have troubles with phone temperature.
after 45 minutes on video call or watching videos, screen shows a notification is going to turn off due overheating.
I already sent my phone to fix because I bought on a authorized reseller store. but unfortunately it continues given me same issue and problem.

Tomorrow I will go again to use warranty again. Hope this time a got a really fixed phone or I'll request a reimbursement.

I love my google pixel 3 XL

  • Kim

j.bawlin, 19 Apr 2021how is video compared to iphone 11 ? be it not upto the lev... moreI find the video excellent on the FE I had a Samsung s10 before and this one is much better. You can also capture a picture from the video as many times as you want. Videos has stability same as the s10 but for the price it is not far from the s20 I have read it is better. I take a lot of photos for my work and videos and works perfectly..You can also edit the videos. I hope this helps?

  • j.bawlin

how is video compared to iphone 11 ? be it not upto the level but does it have that potential to record detail?
coz i want to shoot My short movies...but may not afford 128 gb iphone 11.