Moto G9 Plus review

16 Oct 2020

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  • plegu

Horia, 17 Oct 2020In Romania 205 euros, charger 30w usb-c to usb-c cable, blu... moreHoria,did you manage to pair the motobuds as a whole?if so,please explain how.thanks!

  • Nitin

It all depends on the cost now. If the cost is too high with the Snapdragon chipset, it would be a waste of money.

  • Maven

CM64, 20 Oct 2020NOT Fake News I'm in Australia & I got an updat... moreOhhh really

  • Surendra paswan

CM64, 20 Oct 2020NOT Fake News I'm in Australia & I got an updat... moreBeautiful

  • Graham

Install Nikita Gcam. Moto will perform much better. I have done it today. Images , especially wide Lens, are nicer .

xcv, 18 Oct 2020Fake news. G8 Plus got Android 10 in Europe, Brazil, and Me... moreNOT Fake News

I'm in Australia & I got an update to Android 10 only TODAY.

Very good proposal. In Bulgaria the price is 197 Euro, which is absolutely OK and there is no competition - Xiaomi Note 10 Lite is 315 Euro.

  • Joe

DroidBoye, 20 Oct 2020That's just wrong to blame the sensor manufacturer. Th... morePerhaps my wording was bad. I'm not saying Sony Sensors are bad in themselves, just that the software in Sony phones doesn't make the best of these sensors. Though, frankly speaking, I would like to see more phones use the new OmniVision 48 and 64 mpx sensors with larger size and pixels.

  • Anonymous

RamanD, 19 Oct 2020Agree with all the specs except for the processor. The Snap... moreit's a sub-300 dollar phone

Joe, 18 Oct 2020Their cameras are okay, but GCam does wonders for them. I b... moreThat's just wrong to blame the sensor manufacturer. There are better sensors in Sony portfolio but the choice is always with the phone manufacturer. They're the ones that decides to put that sensor in there and if that's not good then it's their fault for choosing that particular sensor when better ones were readily available.

  • Anonymous

Gandalfdenvite, 19 Oct 2020223g, that is just far too heavy!Actually for it's screen size that is normal weight.

  • Gandalfdenvite

223g, that is just far too heavy!

  • Nitin

Looks almost exactly like Fusion plus in terms of features and I really don't understand why they are doing this.

  • RamanD

Agree with all the specs except for the processor. The Snapdragon 730G is not even fit for the gaming needs.

  • JRustyCage

My moto G8 plus had android 9 when I bought it back in 2019 and it was just updated to android 10 last week. Great phone for the price but don't expect regular updates. I assume they consider the initial low price when they know some buyers will get a new phone when android 12 comes out

  • Joe

Family Friend, 17 Oct 2020The biggest disappointment for me with this G9 Plus is that... moreThis + the lack of OIS on the main camera. I was hoping that the G9+ would take a hint from the 7th generation...

  • Joe

Alop, 18 Oct 2020I don't understand how Motorola manages to continuousl... moreTheir cameras are okay, but GCam does wonders for them. I believe the award for messing up good camera sensors goes to Sony, which is a shame considering that they make some of the best sensors for phones.

  • Anonymous

Doesn't feel worth the money.
The plastic unibody probably will make some heating issues since the mainframe is not aluminum, heat dissipation is gonna be shot.

The camera setup is kinda meh, only the main sensor is useful the rest is repeated garbage that every brand puts into phones to rise the camera count.

$273 against other global phones like realme 6pro and poco x3 with better stuff and lower price? Nah pass

  • Anonymous

I never came across such an in-depth review of a gadget. Even as a layman reader who has no great idea on gadgets i felt it a good article. I appreciate the effort by gsmarena team.

  • Buaha

Making the LED flash imitate a XENON flash...

Nice try Moto, er Lenovo...