Huawei Mate 40 Pro review

22 October 2020

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It's so funny to read this "and pretty much whatever app your heart craves" (iphone 12 pro max).

  • Terence

Domas, 13 Mar 2021I order yesterday. Just get today AMAZING PHONE. I all the... moreI agree with you man its a SUPER phone!!

  • Terence

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021"While 2020-powerful, the chipset might be lagging beh... moreHuawei's Kirin 9000 actually kills the snapdragon 888.... Snapdragon 888 is known for overheating issues... Huawei's soc's are super reliable... Even after years and years of use.... I compared the 9000 to the 888.... Real life results are amazing but where the 9000 shines brightest is the 5G speeds.... Its a way better package

  • Anonymous

"While 2020-powerful, the chipset might be lagging behind next year's competing designs." well, it as fast as the 888 on benchmarks with huawei flash memory

  • Domas

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021best phone in the worldI order yesterday. Just get today AMAZING PHONE. I all the time using Android with Google. But on this phone i dont need it any more. Amazing Huawei phone

  • Anonymous

Huawei uses a Quad Bayer dual pixel sensor and I just found out that with a dual pixel sensor a slightly higher resolution might be possible indeed. I always thought that a (for example) 12 megapixel dual pixel sensor can not produce sharp 24 megapixel photos due to the microlenses and that's correct. But I didn't know that you can use a super resolution algorithm in order to use all 24 million subpixels of a 12 megapixel dual pixel sensor in order to get a slightly (!) sharper result. I don't know whether any smartphone company uses dual pixel sensors this way, but Samsung,Sony and Omnivision advertise that a higher resolution is indeed possible when you use subpixels of a Quad Pixel / Dual Pixel sensor. This could be another reason why Huawei's camera is so sharp at 2x (even at the edges) as Huawei uses a Quad Bayer dual pixel sensor, which actually has 100 megapixels and could be able to produce slightly (!) better super resolution results than a 50 megapixel Quad Bayer sensor.

  • Anonymous

best phone in the world

  • Anon

Best spec (even beats A14) though I can't even afford a half of that price if for smartphone

Anon, 25 Oct 2020Eeveryone gangsta in camera section until Huawei releases i... morelol log off.

Thanks GSMArena Team for listening to my Speaker Audio Quality related bitter criticism as an audio nut. The graph is now way more usable per industry standards.

I don't care if it has no Google services. Some people misunderstand this and immediately assume that the whole phone is garbage, even though most Huawei phones have the some of the best specs out of the whole competition.

  • SpaghettiKink

iOS Never Again, 02 Nov 2020Yes gapps are malware. Google is evil. And this comment mig... morelol

  • Anonymous

"Sure, there's no 3.5mm jack, but does that really bother anyone at this point?"

Yeah, it does, pretty much everyone who cares about practicality and/or has cashed out significant amounts on decent wired headphones.
The 3,5mm jack is pretty much analogous with actual physical buttons in cars - yeah, having only touchscreen for controlling car options looks and sounds cool, but is undeniably less practical when you're actually driving it.

gsmarena team, make a camera comparision between mate 40 pro vs mi 10 ultra. both cameras are crazy

SShreyas, 02 Nov 2020You know the first thing I do when my warranty expires? FL... moreYes gapps are malware. Google is evil. And this comment might get deleted.

iOS Never Again, 30 Oct 2020Find X2 pro isn't a display focused phone, it is good ... moreYou know the first thing I do when my warranty expires?
GAPPS are malware, nothing more than that

What are those negatives?!??!? The disadvantages are "it is not as innovative as I wanted to be" wtf do you mean the processor in 1 year will be slow, every processor is slower than the next gen

iOS Never Again, 30 Oct 2020I have the OP8 pro which is like a slightly watered down ve... moreunderstandable, but mate 40 pro display isn't bad by any means, bright and color accurate,

my point is mate 40 pro ticks all the boxes of a flagship

I have the mate 30 pro, best cameras ever, it destroys my gf iPhone 11 pro in low light video with the main cam. If you use the wide cam it's all most as good as my Sony zv 1. The only thing I don't like is the curved screen. So the mate 40 should be great

Dennis.K, 30 Oct 2020it is, do you see how much they advertise this display? and... moreI have the OP8 pro which is like a slightly watered down version of the Find X2 pro.
The selfie cam is adequate. Yes it lacks 4K60 but none of the selfie cams on the market are a league above the others unless you count the Zenfone 7 pro.

Wireless charging is a gimmick. Never bothered using it even though my phone supports
30W wireless charging. Wake me up when we have truly wireless charging where the phone gets charged inside the room completely free of wires.