Huawei Mate 40 Pro review

22 October 2020

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  • Danie

Well you guys. I think this is a page turner..... A new beginning..... A blank piece of paper...... Just think of it this way.... We finally get away from Google and it's ads...... There's nothing more frustrating that those shitty ads they force down our throats.You can't open nothing these days without 30 sec of ads For now...... Till the evil ads caught up on this new system. But I truly not!!!

iOS Never Again, 30 Oct 2020Find X2 pro isn't a display focused phone, it is good ... moreit is, do you see how much they advertise this display? and it still misses wireless charging and a good selfie cam

Dennis.K, 29 Oct 2020and keep in mind this isn't a display focused phone, s... moreFind X2 pro isn't a display focused phone, it is good in every department and has proper GMS unlike Huawei.

Nick.B, 29 Oct 2020You point is correct but any mate40 model will be no match ... moreand keep in mind this isn't a display focused phone, so no it won't be "best of the best billion color qhd+ 120Hz display", just good display, good cameras, good speakers, fast charging wireless charging

Dennis.K, 29 Oct 2020They did, check brightness and color accuracy, improved fro... moreYou point is correct but any mate40 model will be no match for find x2 pro. Sorry guys for repeating this oopo model but it is incredible screen (and not only but screen camera and speed is his masterpiece, and it is 7 month old model)

Nick.B, 29 Oct 2020They upgraded EVERYTHING except the screen? That is not sma... moreThey did, check brightness and color accuracy, improved from last models and is on par with the others with 800 nits

They upgraded EVERYTHING except the screen? That is not smart!

My 1000eur oppo find x2 pro (7 month old model!):

AMOLED, 1B colors, 120Hz, HDR10+, 800 nits (typ), 1200 nits (peak)
1440 x 3168 pixels (~513 ppi density)

1200eur mate40pro not even on sale till november:

OLED, HDR10, 90Hz
1344 x 2772 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio (~456 ppi density)

  • Wizkid


Biggest bummer is not the lack of GMS, but the poor screen even for 2020 not mentioning 2021. No qHD+, no 1 billion colors, no 120hz refresh rate! I got all of those in my x2 pro and trust me when I put it next to my wife's p40pro it is like night and day (and both phones cost the same including the fact the p40pro has no GMS)! That talks a lot for mate40 series too since they have same as p40pro screen just 0.2" bigger!

  • AnonD-923722

ArioluSs, 25 Oct 2020Excellent phone but overpriced imo. Can it record real HDR video?Yes there is, just look at their presentation, they compare the video of Note 20 Ultra and the Mate 40 Pro backlit, and the Mate 40 Pro's HDR really is awesome, now time to compare it to the Iphone's Smart HDR video.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Please, you kept at your own world of what I HAVEN"T u... moreYou are full of lies and my 4 year old cousin is bigger IT expert than you. All apps installed on huawei phone update regularly. You are using paypal app for purchasing via PayPal?? LOL

In Mate 40 Pro's camera review, GSMArena says: "While it's reasonably accessible when holding the phone in portrait with the right hand, getting at it when using the Mate with the left hand or in landscape in either direction invariably requires another hand (or a nose, depending on the situation)."

Well, getting at the zoom selector when using the Mate with the left hand it is actually accessible because there is a hidden zoom slider on the left side of the interface while holding the phone in portrait. It is completely invisible and it can be used by just swiping up/down on that area (at least on my P30 Pro works and it's something that is available for a while).

  • Juhaur

Living without google services is the biggest down fall, I've trained my preferences, likes dislikes over my account
Not being able to benefit from that sucks.
And people who don't like Google tracking, well personal preference, but again this Chinese phones have bad System apps with Root privileges . Like for eg, some apps keep restarting even after disabling em,.
And not everyone can run adb and disable that crap.
People mentioning petal search, well it's not alway authentic I've faced clones of authentic apps.

  • Anonymous

God bless Googlefiered

I would like to thanks the xda developer for developing Googlefier that can install GMS (Google Mobile Services) in Huawei phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020Have you tried looking in the Appgallery to see if your ban... moreLOL, it doesn't have PayPal or Citi... And no, 3rd party link/provider of fancy Petal search does not count, as it cannot warrant it authentic. If you trust your finance app download via a mirror/unofficial repo, good for you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020There's nothing communist about these phones. You kee... morePlease, you kept at your own world of what I HAVEN"T use... Well, as an ICT veteran of 20+ years, giving the Android framwork, one can pretty much know what it can and can't do. Non system app cannot automate APK installation process. 3rd party store cannot be install as system app without root.

And if Petal search can automate apk installation process, I'll be concerned on a whole new level.

  • Anonymous

mesand, 24 Oct 2020That is only partially true. Any store can auto update apps... moreThat is NOT true. Only system apps has root permission, without root permission, you cannot automate apk installation process.

  • captain fokou

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020"While 2020-powerful, the chipset might be lagging beh... moreExactly

  • Anonymous

Waqar Masood, 26 Oct 2020Wonderful better than iPhone 12. Huawei mate 40 pro has mor... more28 seconds is not the point, please provide the pre-sale quantity. Then compare with IPhone 12.

Nick.B, 25 Oct 2020If the white house changes his man next month, huawei ban w... moreYou think I dunno