Poco F2 Pro long-term review

27 October 2020

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IpsDisplay, 27 Oct 2020I am honestly annoyed by being told over and over agai... moreAgreed on this.. I always hear about deep blacks, contrast, colours, etc
but when I see poco f2 pro, iphone 11, the display is still superb ( mind you I am using Amoled screen)
the difference is not that big to quickly avoid lcd phone

I am honestly annoyed by being told over and over again that an AMOLED display is good because we said so....

Give us some real data and not his generic deep blacks, screen is bright

Look at the black shark 3 pro display review on DXOMARK a high refresh rate OLED


And it scored horribly because of poor visibility, and light uniformity issues for once a display especially an AMOLED gets reviewed for its individual merit

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best performance for its price, none can beat it

btw i can easly get 8-9 hours of screen on time on poco f2

Commenting from poco f2 pro. Way back 2014, i really loved my Lumia 1520. But when i purchased my f2 pro, i liked it more because i feel i got all i want in 1 package and at the best price. I bought this at about 380usd. Im so happy.

Does nobody else appreciate that this is one of the very few phones without a disturbing notch or hole?

  • Flo

Certainly good phone but TOO BIG and HEAVY! a cinder block 😵

"At the moment, our review unit is still stuck on the July 1, 2020 security patch level. That's just unacceptable in October, and it was just as unacceptable in September."

I am using Global Rom but unlike Admin, my phone has newer update downloaded via OTA. Securiy patch date is 01-09-2020, Rom version is MIUI Global 12.0.4 Stable.

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It's actually the best phone of this year. OnePlus and Realme prices are really in some bad water here in europe. This Poco is the last phone I bought since a long time.

Im commenting from Poco f2 pro
All i have to say , This is best budget flagship phone of 2020 , Super fast , snappy, with Beautiful bright display Along with very very good camera
It's Miui 12 Update is very cool & im loving it
It's UI is best for me
Battery life is superb , im easily getting 8/9 hours of screen on time with out gaming ( im not a gamer) but my usage is heavy ... & Battery charging speed from 10 to 100% is under one hour ... Love you Xiaomi ♥️