Apple iPhone 12 review

28 October 2020

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This Apple iphone 12 works outstandingly well.

  • Anonymous

How is not having official RAW support NOT a massive con? It really sickens me that a "tech / phone" site refuses to call out apple on this BS artificial restriction imposed on the two base models.

On the android end you can take a $100 china junk phone, slap GCAM over it and if the sensor is at least of some decent sony make, it can output RAWs that can be tinkered with later or fiddled with to create HDRs images.

But this $600+ phone lineup does not support RAWs unless you use paid 3rd party apps and even then those do not leverage the entire hardware kit's features. This point literally keeps me (who is brand loyal only to my own wallet and needs) from plonking on a non-pro iPhone 12 or 13 since apple is just so GD greedy with their tactics. And before I spend on a pro model I would rather pick up a cheap pizel for CalyxOS and a budget DSLR and have the best of both worlds.

  • Michael

Having iphone 6,7, 12 pro mac, huawei p30 p40 pro, samsung note 9,i feel that battery , camera and variety app of android are all fall better then iphone, the only thing I chose iphone 12 pro max now is only the security's and privacy provide by apple. I feel more secure on the app download from apple store rather the google store. The latest privacy control also a add point for me to chose iphone12 pro max as i do online transactions through phone. Other then that I dun see any advantage iphone over android phone i used

  • Anonymous

"the photos look natural"
Not at all. The daylight photos use watercolor noise reduction.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 29 Jul 2021insanely better resolution? OLED uses 2 subpixels vs LCD... moreHeld my 12 next to an 11 , screen is in another league, the resolution seems like something out of 2012 and the LCD (though it is very good for an LCD) is lacking in colors and blacks.

  • Ayomikun Ilesanmi

I love it

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020Well it is, professionals dont have time to configure, root... morelooks like, to most of the gsmarena readers, a PRO means who uses his/her phone to shoot and edit videos, uploads in youtube or who tweaks his OS, root it and install custom roms. Nonetheless, these group doesn't have much else to do.

the definition of a real PRO is not the same as the definition of a PRO coined by gsmarena readers.

Blah, 25 Apr 2021The X/XS/XS Max were the first phones they made with an OLE... moreinsanely better resolution?

OLED uses 2 subpixels vs LCD's 3. that means, in reality both have kinda same resolution.

Iphone 11 display is very good apart from your so called LOW RESOLUTION even if you think 458ppi OLED wins vs 326 ppi LCD. the color reproduction, contrast all are very good. and not to say, welcome to flickering. a great LCD is as good as a great OLED.

  • Aditya

Iphone12 : I bought this swanky gadget last week and much to me delight I'm enjoying every moment of it..extra ordinary touch, magnificent camera, excellent battery backup..what not..truly a premium experience..just go for this master piece..

when will iphones have inbuilt dual app facility & not using 3rd party apps. iphone is concerned about privacy but allows 3rd party apps for using dual apps. why cant they develop inbuilt feature for dual apps.

  • Anonymous

HARI BABU, 21 Jun 2021bought iphone 12, 10 days ago (10th jun) and found Display ... moreOLEDS don't even look that bad, but the pwm has yet to be the problem for your iPhone Screen! Especially in low brightness!

Of course, the ltpo oled was by far the best display that Samsung has ever made! Even though it flickers, it's still the best!

bought iphone 12, 10 days ago (10th jun) and found Display flickering issue with the mobile.
Apple service not support in giving me the new device replacement and more over to get the appointment for service quite difficult and today gave my device for repair and need to wait for another 5 days for the result.
from my experience of ( iphone 5S) i purchased this new model iphone 12 , but both device and their customer support definitely not impressed me. quite gap between the actual experience i faced and my perception before purchase

  • Anonymous

Its so fabulous and enticing to buy

  • DarkReaper

AndroidNoThanks, 08 May 2021So many embarrassing droid fanboys here. Jeez, you guys are... moreYou do know that iPhone has parts from china and assembly is in china. Also the microchip is from Taiwan or Korea. Get over it. iPhone is a gimmick. And your comment about china phone is a bullet to your own foot since iPhone only is designed in the states. Lol

  • Ram

Kevin , 02 Apr 2021This phone sucks. It does whatever it wants and whenever it... moreYou need to turn sleep mode off. Sleep mode silences the call during sleep timings

  • AndroidNoThanks

So many embarrassing droid fanboys here. Jeez, you guys are cringy! Stick with your 5000mAh, 108MP, Chinabomber devices and don't spam this comment section with your nonsense, thank you! I don't see Apple 'fanboys' commenting on Galaxy, Nexus, etc. reviews, it's only the droid army, pathetic. The 12 is perfectly fine for all people who prefer a 162g light but powerful phone with great quality, cameras, iOS and LONG update support. That matters much more than some stupid specs 🤷‍♂️ And yes I also had a S7 and A3 once and they sucked!

  • Bryce

Sara, 17 Apr 2021But mine working perfectly. Are sure u bought the original ?Are you sure that is original iPhone 12? It sound like you are using imitation or something. You always can bring it back to any authorised Apple SC and they will check for you even replace with new phone.

  • Blah

Quben, 31 Oct 2020Having the ip11 for almost 12 mths went and checked out the... moreThe X/XS/XS Max were the first phones they made with an OLED screen, (which has insanely better resolution than LCD). They used LCD again for the less expensive XR phone and for some reason kept LCD for the IPhone 11. They upgraded back to OLED with the 11 pro & beyond. This is further reason why Apple sucks as a company but my point is X has a better screen than IPhone 11 even though it was made earlier.

  • Sara

S, 13 Apr 2021I bought this phone with big smile but iPhone 12 sucks. Nob... moreBut mine working perfectly. Are sure u bought the original ?

  • S

I bought this phone with big smile but iPhone 12 sucks. Nobody can hear me but I can hear them clearly. Also when I try to open any icons on the screen I have to hit it twice it’s crazy piece of crap . I don’t like this model.