Apple iPhone 12 review

28 October 2020

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  • shelly jane
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  • 26 May 2024

Regarding the battery life and charging section, one trick I’ve found incredibly useful is using a battery limiter. It's a game-changer for maintaining long-term battery health. I combined this with Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging feature, which learns your daily routine and delays charging past 80% until you need it. This duo has really helped me keep my battery health stable. Anyone else tried a battery limiter or have other battery-saving tips? Especially with the iPhone 12.

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    • 26 Oct 2023

    This iPhone 12 is the best iPhone I have an iPhone 6plus but am happy with it it works great and is very addictive you have to be happy with what you have but also when you have

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      • 28 Sep 2023

      Anonymous, 08 Apr 2022Make sure you get original product. I never experienced any... mores21 plus is good? This is the funniest joke I have ever seen. I am currently using it and guess what? The processor is very hot, the frame is not anti-slip and difficult to hold, and the waterproof effect is very poor compared to the claims. I I don't know how many times it has been repaired, but all in all, it's not worth the price at all.

        Chacko Job, 07 Feb 2022I phone 12 is behaving quite erratically, I was using I pho... moreBuy an 11 pro max, everything except the chip is better than 12, the best iphone currently.

          RedRaiken, 01 Dec 2022So I’ve been using the iPhone 12 for quite a few months now... moreIt has nothing to do with iphone, it is the credit of ios, which makes iphone last longer than androids. BTW, I'm currently using 11pm, best iphone ever.

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            • 08 Jul 2023

            First off all comming from android, i miss the back button on iphone 12, apps are a pain in the ass to find. No customization in ios like launchers etc. The only pros are the quality cameras , fast face id and secure os. You cant install any apps outside store. Its more secure than android because even if you click on any unknown links from whatsapp they cant hack ur iphone. Battery life sucks in iphone 12 2023 year. I guess i will switch to iphone 15 when it comes out. 5G is good but i have noticed better cell coverage in androids. No auto filling of otps in iphones. Headphones are expensive and android phones have better settings options u can find stuff easily.

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              • 02 Mar 2023

              Price has gotten too low now but after looking at battery endurance, nah.
              iPhone are generally equipped with weak batteries.

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                • uta
                • 15 Jan 2023

                Purchased phone in 2022 . The OS failed within a week . Got replacement of hardware without any charge . Now working fine

                  So I’ve been using the iPhone 12 for quite a few months now. Much like you, I had been an android user till I got this phone. It says that it has a 2,800 mAh battery but don’t let that scare you. iPhones are far better at battery optimisation than android phones. This battery easily lets me use the phone till nighttime without having to charge it. You can say that this phone has roughly 6 hours of screen-on time but that is only if you don’t play games (I don’t exactly play games on my phone). If you’re more of an average user like I am and stick to stuff like WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube then you should get battery life like I do. Playing games would probably lessen the screen-on time. Hope this helps.

                    10+ years on android. Now I'm thinking of buying this phone; its just android skins slapped on every phone are getting used-to and boring.
                    Someone just confirm me the battery timing of this phone. I'm an android user who loves the 4000mAh figure and I've no idea about this under 300 mAh phone.
                    So I'd love comments from those who experienced this phone...

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                      • 20 Oct 2022

                      Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020“You can tell if a phone manufacturer takes care of their c... moreAnd what about taking care of the planet? How many people buying these phones don't already have chargers etc? If not and in the UK ask on freegle where you'll get all the accessories you need for free.

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                        • 20 Apr 2022

                        Chacko Job, 07 Feb 2022I phone 12 is behaving quite erratically, I was using I pho... moreYes we all believe you. Most stable phone I have ever used. Work as well as it did when I bought it a year ago with no signs of wear at all. I use it for work daily , what a a device !

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                          • 08 Apr 2022

                          Chacko Job, 07 Feb 2022I phone 12 is behaving quite erratically, I was using I pho... moreMake sure you get original product. I never experienced any of the issues you stated. Or better get your iphone checked by an authentic apple service center. Hopefully issues will be resolved or else s21 plus is good option i am using it as my second phone it’s a great device too..

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                            • 27 Mar 2022


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                              • 11 Feb 2022

                              Chacko Job, 07 Feb 2022I phone 12 is behaving quite erratically, I was using I pho... moreGet an iPhone 13

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                                • 07 Feb 2022

                                I phone 12 is behaving quite erratically, I was using I phone 5, 6,S, 8 and now 12. In one year , it is not working reliably, some time it mutes itself, it doesn’t dial, it doesn’t retain settings, settings go astray by itself. It is quite unfriendly. It’s Selfie is quite bad in coverage. Photos 6S was much better than 12. Overall the performance of 12 is poor. I am thinking of changing the brand for next upgrade.

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                                  • 27 Jan 2022

                                  I have this device and love it, the face ID with a mask on can be finicky at times but I otherwise have no issues with it

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                                    • 03 Jan 2022

                                    I need it free is good

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                                      • 17 Nov 2021

                                      Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021I hate it, a total piece of crap. Now I see why they were ... moreYou really are unreasonable!

                                      Next, will be the iphone 13! I bet the battery life will be just as good, but I'm fine with no home button, so why don't you just shut up and move on!

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                                        • Muhammad
                                        • ssY
                                        • 31 Oct 2021

                                        Feeling very bad about its water resistance.
                                        I have used the same hand with phone to open tap and the water have flowed on the phone and its dead.
                                        Your water resistance is very bad compared to other mobiles.
                                        The water have just entered on the mobile and its got damaged.

                                        And for replacement with warrenty you have charged half of the new 12pro max price.
                                        I swear this is my last iphone and iam not gonna recommend anyone to buy more.
                                        Worthless mobile
                                        Feeling pitty for it.