vivo V20 review

30 October 2020

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Buy the M51's the best out there

  • sani

Ali, 31 Oct 2020Every think is ok without battery . My vivo v20 battery per... morebest vivo s1pro good betry timing.m plyng pubg one timm chrgng m plyng 6hr ruglr pubg game

  • Ali

Every think is ok without battery . My vivo v20 battery performance is very weak. I need to be charged at least 2 times in a day😓😓. But I didn't play Amy game with my phone.

  • Vivek

Snapdragon 720 less processor 27k not worth

  • Anonymous

Joshua9858, 31 Oct 2020How is 161mm COMPACT??? What are you guys smoking...It's quite narrow (under 75mm)

Its quite thin (under 8mm)

Its also relatively light.

I wouldn't base weather a phone is compact or not on the length alone. I'm guessing the reviewer thinks the same.

  • My phone


  • Tahir

This smart phone is best in every thing like camera, battery etc
But there is no 4g only option if possible please add.
One thing more please add the option to hide the caller name or number when screen is lock.
When screen is lock no one can attend call please add the options for security purpose..

  • A.Delhiganesh

Joshua9858, 31 Oct 2020How is 161mm COMPACT??? What are you guys smoking...It like v20 so many people in vivo v20 this model front camera eyes AUTO fixing 44 mp

  • Yaaz

What about screen protection? Gorilla glass protection?

FFS, how long are they going to keep that crap screen design?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2020My vivo v20 is hanging and hotspot is not workingMyalso hanging

  • Joshua9858

How is 161mm COMPACT??? What are you guys smoking...

  • Kishor rana

Nice phone

  • John

Well OS is not advance as Huawei
Like finger print on clone what'sapp not working
You cannot play audio or video during call
Many more little things like these
Good hardware but average Chinese OS

  • Anonymous

My vivo v20 is hanging and hotspot is not working

Its an insult that GSM arena to even compare this to a 2020 midrange phone, heck the mi9t pro would already be enough to annihilate this to smithereens. Im not sure what Vivo would like to achieve in releasing this kind of phone, but only people with no technical background or people who actually works in BBK would actually buy this crap. 30% of their profit margins goes to the advertisement and media, just to let common people that they are just buying phones that movie stars are using.

  • AnonD-945200

funtouch looks so much polished now
well done vivo 👏

Could have been better with higher refresh rate,sd765,better ultrawide snapper and stereo speakers

  • Shaikh Mohammed Ayaz

I am one of the favourite choice of Vivo. In this generation lot of technology takes the world ahead. Vivo V20 I bought this smartphone on the first day of launched. Awesome phone looking gorgeous light weight, Android 11 and specially camera clearity is too good and features are amazing to operate smoothly. Thank you to Vivo

  • Mohammad Tauseef

Very nice and amazing device
Big battery timing
Good camera
Good feture mobile
Vivo v20 this eyer best mobile
I like