Apple iPhone 12 Pro review

3 November 2020

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  • iOS Never Again 42.0

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020What's new? It's the same old camera system. ... moreYou can't even edit 8K video on your laptop, if you have one.

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020I suppose you know it is impossible to record 8K with 12MP.... moreNobody forced them to stick to 12mp camera
Apple engineers with their Algorithms simply couldn't get the software right which is required to extract better image quality out of larger Megapixel Quad Bayer sensors. So they decided to stick with 12mp sensor even on the pro Max version.

Besides, they had to put night mode on as default, like the Pixel series to compensate for small sensor.

  • MrHong

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020 Their A14 GeekBench scam is exposed. The chip throttles ... moreSo do you trust Antutu?

Yes, the chip does throttle badly, but I will use neither benchmark. Wait for Gary Sims Speed Test G result. iPhone 11 and 11 Pro beat all Android phones except the ROG Phone 3.

  • MrHong

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2020I wonder why Apple is not able to make products with low le... moreThe bottom side has less SAR.

  • Anonymous

Exactly why I’m going back to android

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020What's new? It's the same old camera system. ... moreI suppose you know it is impossible to record 8K with 12MP.
Also, if the cpu cant handle 4K@120, it means it cannot do 8K@30 as well.

"We expected more from the iPhone 12 Pro, but it turned out a recycled iPhone 11 Pro"

Sums up the entire review.

  • Anonymous

What's new? It's the same old camera system.

Still weak Ultrawide camera.
Weak images from telephoto camera.
No 960fps super slow motion recording.
Video is best on iPhone? Lol, no wind noise filter, no zoom audio, subpar low light video since they stick with small sensor.
No 8k video.
LiDAR turned out to be very little use as uncle LongPost explained.

Top many shortcomings.

  • Essen

I reckon the Mini is going to have atrocious battery life. I am not buying the 'compact phones can't pack in a big battery' speil. A millimetre or two of additional thickness will go a long way. In all phones. Large or compact. How is it that nobody has an issue with 6+inch phones, but the moment thickness is closer to 10mm, everybody starts palpating?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]As usual garbage battery life despite 60hz screen.

  • Minas

dude111, 04 Nov 2020"and 4 small Icestorm cores working at 1.8GHz with Tur... moreThe game that u mention is a heavy open world game,there is many games like that so don't have hopes that is a bug,the test of gsmarena in cod is funny,is small maps with low amount of players,nothing heavy on that,online open world games can easy reach 200 ppl in a map with each skill having different effect and much more demanding in power of graphics

  • Anonymous

dude111, 04 Nov 2020"and 4 small Icestorm cores working at 1.8GHz with Tur... more
Their A14 GeekBench scam is exposed.
The chip throttles badly and is losing in speed tests as well.
Not to forget the total battery hog that is 5g. So much for the 5g marketing.

Brand boys too busy defending it by saying, apps aren't optimized for A14 yet.
On one end, they say, apps and games are better optimized for iOS.
When the test doesn't go their way, they say it isn't optimized for A14 chip.

  • Minas

So u didn't find any of those?all forum of apple is complaining for throttling but u guys didn't find anything

"and 4 small Icestorm cores working at 1.8GHz with TurboBoost capability to go to 3.1GHz when necessary"

Where did you guys get that??

BTW, there's a bug in the scheduler that will be resolved in 14.2, so you should consider updating your stress test later to see if it improves. This is because a lot of people here are posting YT videos of Genshin Impact with huge performance drops, and that bug seems to be the cause.

This is a subjective review and the fact that some people are okay with a notch does not count on this website, why are people not acknowledging those ugly punch holes on huawei phones?

  • Bobby

battery long last for 3 hours of gaming and you should buy a charger and wait one hour and half to charge it to be able to play again! 🤣

Conclusion if you have a iphone 11 pro, sit still, relax and wait for next year iphone 13 pro with 120hz screen and other improvements.
If you have a iphone 7, 8, X or older then yeah it's a very nice upgrade. If i had a XS though i'd wait for 13 pro.
I think the real best sellers will be the iphone 12 and 12 mini. And some will go for the Pro Max of course because of the big battery and better cameras.

  • MrHong

Looks like some downgrade from the awesome i11 Pro, unfortunately. Apple's undoing the greatness from the i11 Pro because they did not listen to the customers unlike what they did earlier. 👎

i11 Pro got fast charger after consumers asked for it, now gone from i12 Pro.

i11 Pro (and regular i11) had graphite cooling under the motherboard, now gone as well from i12 Pro. Thermal throttles quicker than i11 Pro, worse for gaming. (i11 was very good for it)

Magsafe was not what consumers asked, instead causing the iPhone to overheat in some cases. It does not attach very well and there's a risk of killing credit cards etc. despite being safe with users using pacemakers.

Battery life was supposed to be equal to the i11 Pro, but was found to be much shorter.

No 120Hz screen, notch is not smaller. As a result it's a decent phone.

One thing I admire is the build quality. I tested it and it feels extremely premium. No sharp edges to be honest. 👍

  • Anonymous

Lol. 128GB 6GB RAM 1000 $... Not 256GB 12 GB like phones of less than 450$ (like Realme X3 Sperzoom). Does it cost so much money tthe RAM? It looks like gold. It´s ridiculous that configuration for the price it has.

  • Sarkirssian

Not for my budget...