Amazfit GTR 2 review

9 November 2020

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  • Sall

Nice cool watch specially battery 🔋 is suburb one thing is missing always on display is not like samsung watch 3 and active 2 this watch have beautiful Amold display when its goes AOD only two nidels showing not complete watch face like samsung watch 3 or active 2 please developers so it in updates...

  • Damyan

How do you make the GTR 2 show callers ID...?? It irritates me so much..

  • Andrei

Notttifications on this watch are pointless... If you want nottifications on your wrist, look else where. How stupid the developers must be to create this kind of shit nottifications?! Easy: brainless. For sure they don't use their own products. Nice watch, crap software. Is off with heart, steps and sleep messurements... I wasted my money on this garbage. I advise you potential buyers to NOT buy this... watch

  • Pradeep

Great watch. Worth the price. Amazing battery life(10 days approx)

  • PSBG

I hve been using GTR 2 for last 2 months ..... sensors seems not working properly.. Not sure it's just OS issue or sensors.
To try how accurate the step count works I started walking ..even after 3k steps GTR shows only 792 steps .


HEM, 11 Mar 2021Does this watch supports jump rope activity?No. :(

  • HEM

Does this watch supports jump rope activity?

  • Lizard

I gave the Amazfit GTR and it still delivers because I don’t take calls on the watch neither I want to reply to messages using a smarwatch. More : adding music to the watch is something I don’t need at all because I use Spotify, period. The battery still lasts for over 20 days and the problem is that now and then I forget to recharge it !!! The only complain I have is that, when recording an activity the watch can’t do nothing else , not even be used to control the music .... Apart from that and after all this time using it I cannot even consider buying a smartwatch who needs daily charging . Not me me !!

  • Fred

Perfect.. if Amazfit could develop time of see tide it would be nice.. thank you

  • reza

weather report not updating

  • Sandeep Sandy

Sir Plz tell me. WiFi here or not say

  • Fury

cjcates007, 10 Nov 2020The gps on this watch seems pretty accurate. The real issue... moreI am having the same issue... Any fixes?

  • Fury

navqui, 26 Dec 2020I´m having some issue each time I try to play intenal stora... moreSame issue here...

  • alberto

I like my gtr2 but font are too small

  • 7egend

Since you talked about the 'painted-on dial on top of the glass edges', Mi Watch looks similar but without it. Thoughts?

  • Macx

I got the watch yesterday. Everything was working fine untill I shared a few music tracks. After that the heart rate sensor is not measuring not even the sensor lights are working. Heart rate app shows its measuring but no value is shown. Also the SpO2 app always shows that the I'm not even wearing the watch. It shows " Please measure by wearing your watch". Then I factory reset my watch and everything started working. Then again I shared a few music tracks and then also Heart Rate & SpO2 shows same errors.

Is this the new Xiaomi watch? The product lines are practically identical..

  • navqui

I´m having some issue each time I try to play intenal storaged music while I´m running. Each time I have used this feature the watch reset itself. I have tried with full load in earphone and watch but the result has been always the same. Does anyone have a similiar problem? I am upset about this behaviour because with my previous amazfit pace smart watch I didn´t have any problem with the same feature.

Thanks in advance.

  • detran

I looked for a way to check what is in watch memory but cannot find how. Strange enough!

  • Joop

Sergio, 13 Nov 2020Thanks for the reply. I've looked it up on the net, a... moreGet the most out of your Amazfit smart bracelet with Amazfit Tools! Set up your own, individual and fully customizable notifications for incoming calls and applications. Energize your brain during a hard day using the power nap feature, configure custom patterns for each single notification, fine-tune custom content filters and a lot more!

This application works very well with original Mi Fit / Amazfit application (but is no way associated with Xiaomi). This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fit / Amazfit version and the latest Amazfit firmware in addition to great and powerful advanced features.

• Display Text Support (see caller contact names & full contents of notifications on your Amazfit)
• Button Control & Sensor Control (assign actions to button presses, control media with movements of your hand)
• Button Control Profiles (create you.