Amazfit GTR 2 review

9 November 2020

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  • Sergio

taghack, 13 Nov 2020Most Android Phone apps provide an icon/button to disable t... moreThanks for the reply.
I've looked it up on the net, and it seems there's a button on the display of the watch that lets you transfer calls to the phone.
So, you answer a call, then the GTR's screen shows several icons/buttons, and the middle button (phone-looking one) is there to let you transfer the call to the phone.
I'm not sure how these things work when you're the one placing the call..

Sergio, 13 Nov 2020And how exactly do you 'toggle off the GTR 2 as the pr... moreMost Android Phone apps provide an icon/button to disable the active Bluetooth connection while in a call. That's where the problem lies - you have to do it every time, while the GTR 2 is connected for calls to the phone and you don't actually want to use it to take the call.

  • Sergio

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020Phone thinks like your headphones are connected, so default... moreAnd how exactly do you 'toggle off the GTR 2 as the preferred calling accessory'?

  • Anonymous

Anassf, 11 Nov 2020Someone to elaborate more about this: "They automatic... morePhone thinks like your headphones are connected, so default sound routing behaviour is through the watch's speaker even you dialled a number through your phone.

  • Tom

You guys mention the off screen looks a bit off
could you add a picture of the watch, whilst wearing, with the screen off ??

What is the difference between GTR 2 and zepp e circle?

  • Anassf

Someone to elaborate more about this:
"They automatically direct all calls through there. Hence, every time you want to make or take a regular call on your phone, you have to toggle off the GTR 2 as the preferred calling accessory."

  • G-man

Does it have always on display like Amazfit stratos watch

  • Anonymous

It would be nice to have comparation with Huawei gt2

  • cjcates007

The gps on this watch seems pretty accurate. The real issue is the bluetooth music skips like crazy while running and is really bad. Also the heart rate does not record properly and I find when I am really running hard the HR readings dont change at all. Im pretty bummed because I had higher hopes for this watch. The music and HR failure is making me return it sadly.

  • Nuclear man

Terrible notification issues, and even more terrible GPS...
Amazfit and Sport version make me laugh 😀 Look at the software first! Which sport functions do we have? What about sync data accuracy?
Good watch for everyday use, but definitely not for sport.

  • Anonymous

you should have talked more about the GPS, my hairy friend.

  • utal

Elsarrag, 10 Nov 2020Huawei and Honor have many choices recently, so comparing t... moreGTR v1 had an awful GPS performance, very well known in xda community. Had one GTR and gave it away. Wondering if v2 improved.

  • Anonymous

Currently using Stratos + thinking of an upgrade but this isn't it! Amazfit needs MAPS app so I can track cross-country runs and the OS does not give access to any APPS beyond what is on board when purchased; not good enough with no APP store and no way to enhance.

Choices are Garmin, Apple or maybe OPPO, not Amazfit

  • igivanov

Bram, 10 Nov 2020What about the GPS accuracy? I do not understand why yo... moreI agree, I am waiting GPS review to check the quality.

  • Disapointed

Birdseye, 10 Nov 2020I had the amazfit stratos and the gtr, both watches with go... moreAgree on everything you wrote and unfortunately left same kind of comment as you...

  • Disapointed...

I use and love my GTR but hate their support, known mentioned issues that weren't ever solved (i.e. GPS) and lack of support, they just never replied to my comments and request, downgraded my review on the zepp app from 5 stars to one always giving arguments and they never cared to reply... Although I love the hardware and recognize best possible quality for the price the bad support is definitively a no go for a new purchase... Sad.

Bram, 10 Nov 2020What about the GPS accuracy? I do not understand why yo... moreAfter being a gsmarena reader for many years, I've come to a conclusion.

When they say something as VERY GOOD, it means IT IS WORKING, not necessarily as intended.

I've seen they heap praises on GPS accuracy on many phones and amazfit watches, and happened to have the privilege to try a few of them myself. Most amazfit GPS are lemon. I could be running 20 laps around a swimming pool, and GPS route will show me wandering off the path for about 5km off mark. You're better off running with Strava running on your phone in your pocket. Much more accurate that way.

  • asvaberg

How about vibration? On the first model (GTR) the vibration is way too small/soft - but loud (!).

  • Bram

What about the GPS accuracy?

I do not understand why you say: "In fact, the great GPS performance on the GTR 2 hardly comes as a surprise altogether, seeing how its just in keeping with the impressive showing by other Amazfit wearables."

Amazfit has a terrible track record when it comes to GPS accuracy, given the problems with the GTR. Did you even test the GPS accuracy during an outdoor workout?