Amazfit GTR 2 review

9 November 2020

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Bram, 10 Nov 2020What about the GPS accuracy? I do not understand why yo... moreAfter being a gsmarena reader for many years, I've come to a conclusion.

When they say something as VERY GOOD, it means IT IS WORKING, not necessarily as intended.

I've seen they heap praises on GPS accuracy on many phones and amazfit watches, and happened to have the privilege to try a few of them myself. Most amazfit GPS are lemon. I could be running 20 laps around a swimming pool, and GPS route will show me wandering off the path for about 5km off mark. You're better off running with Strava running on your phone in your pocket. Much more accurate that way.

  • asvaberg

How about vibration? On the first model (GTR) the vibration is way too small/soft - but loud (!).

  • Bram

What about the GPS accuracy?

I do not understand why you say: "In fact, the great GPS performance on the GTR 2 hardly comes as a surprise altogether, seeing how its just in keeping with the impressive showing by other Amazfit wearables."

Amazfit has a terrible track record when it comes to GPS accuracy, given the problems with the GTR. Did you even test the GPS accuracy during an outdoor workout?

  • Kormet

The first version of GTR had huge issue with the GPS, which was almost universally ignored by the reviewers. I eventually gave up on it and it made me extremely wary of the brand.

  • Birdseye

I had the amazfit stratos and the gtr, both watches with good batterylife. Gps tracking is good enough for me. Heart rate isn't very reliable. I enjoyed the watch, but the notifications on the watch are really terrible. On both watches some notifications double or triple on the watch. I've posted several complains at huami, but they don't care about it. It's a bang for the buck phone, but don't expect any kind of service.

  • Viky

Worst watch n display is poor go for other brand

  • Sid

Can't wait to buy it. Hope they start selling in all Europe soon.

  • Anonymous

Nice! I like the 10 day battery life and the looks. Pretty decent smartwatch imo.

  • Elsarrag

Huawei and Honor have many choices recently, so comparing this model with whatever the same price watch from Huawei/Honor.. which has a better UI? And better features?