Apple iPhone 12 mini review

17 November 2020

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mrleft, 13 Dec 2020Been using mine for a week now. It's lasted between 22... moreIt seriously boggles my mind about how the iPhone 12 Mini gets a 6-7 hour SOT with a 69 hour endurance rating, while the S21 Ultra gets a 4-5 hour SOT with a 114 hour endurance rating.

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Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021I bought the iPhone 12 Mini to switch from the Samsung Gala... moreWtf I plan to do exactly the same. Cheers

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I bought the iPhone 12 Mini to switch from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to another handy device. Well, as a former Android user, switching to iOS is of course a bit complicated, but let's ignore that because Apple can't do anything about that. I think the CAMERA is successful when it takes great photos during the day and makes very good videos. The DISPLAY is a very good display which unfortunately does not support 120 Hertz (ProMotion). The PROCESSOR itself is very powerful, which unfortunately cannot be used. The device suddenly gets too hot after demanding games and the CPU has to be throttled. Therefore = unusable. However, it didn't matter to me anyway. The two biggest criticisms, however, are the battery life (I can manage a maximum of five hours). No, it's not okay because I would have thought that, like my old Galaxy S6, I would get through at least two days. so I have to reload every day. Apropo charging: NO power supply included, which is understandable because the environment wants to protect. BUT it is then incomprehensible to me why Apple then supplies a Lightning to USB C cable and not a USB-A because most chargers have USB-A. Plug. I was able to solve it by buying a cheap USB C power supply online, but the environmental aspect is ruined again. In conclusion, I would recommend the iPhone 12 Mini if ​​you are looking for a handy device like me. However, if you accept to use a larger device, I would recommend using either an older iPhone such as iPhone 11 Pro or an Android smartphone such as Huawei P40 Pro Xiaomi Mi 10 pro...

3/5 stars

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Lee, 01 Jan 2021I am owner of a company, and currently looking for corporat... moreStop trolling around lmao

Venkat1947, 02 Jan 2021It's a great light weight phone. Great grip. Ideal for... moreFor those wondering on video quality, it's great for you tube and Netflix despite the small screen. Point is - it's easy to lie in bed and hold the light weight phone in your hand instead of a bulky phone that causes wrist pain. That's why I got it. Also great for lying in bed and typing comments like this, thought it's a bit cramped for space. One handed operation is also great.

It's a great light weight phone. Great grip. Ideal for holding in hand all day for social media. I use it as wifi only at home and for the apple watch applications, since my previous one plus 5 is still working fine ( another great light weight phone btw). Bulky phones are a pain - literally on the wrists. It takes an hour to charge with the 20W charger and lasts all day but then no sim cards to drain in. Will switch sim cards to it when we get 5G in my country. Very satisfied with the purchase - small size actually stands out.

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I am owner of a company, and currently looking for corporate phone for my field managers. Iphone 12 mini is something on my shortlist.

Small, powerful and great camera, is all what I expect to give it to my field managers to keep productive.

While it is get hot easily when you play game on it, I see it as a plus instead of minus. No employer like to see their staff play game on a corporate devices.

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2020I am sorry but aren't all wireless charges connected t... moreI don't get wireless charging at all😂

Gandalfdenvite, 20 Nov 2020An endurance rating of only 69 hours is among the absolute ... moreWhich phone in 2020 is having a 5.4" screen?
Which phone is so small?
Mini legit has no competition right now😂

FrnzL, 23 Nov 2020I'm still with an old SE, I love that size and I love ... moreMini is very similar in size.
Only thing that would bother u over se is the price tag. That's it.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2020Lol Android has already put bigger batteries in a smaller f... moreTalk about efficiency 😂

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Gandalfdenvite, 20 Nov 2020An endurance rating of only 69 hours is among the absolute ... moreWith the samsungs looking the same all across the Board i Also cant see any reason to buy one except if you think 120 refresh rate is the ultimate feature off all time

Just got a 12 mini, it was an Even trade for my iphone XR on T-Mobile USA. Nice. It's literally a free upgrade lol

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MrHong, 21 Nov 2020Wow nice essay of negative listings. That is seriously long mate.Long but most of them are accurate!!!!

SHAPESHIFTER, 17 Nov 2020Get you through the day,are you serious,come on fella it�... moreBeen using mine for a week now. It's lasted between 22 and 26 hours between charges depending on my use for the day (22 being my average use, 26 light use for me). Most days, that translates to about 6-7 hours of screen on time. Completely acceptable battery life for a normal small phone user.

So full of trolls here that attact apple. Well iOS is not perfect. I own both and i have different use case scenario for each OS. Hey android trolls just get a life. I like android and ios and take advantage of each. Both are not perfect but when it comes to consistency of quality and support, hands down to apple
-Sent from my Xperia XZ1 that only got 1yr android update. Lol!-

Face ID does not work with a mask....I like that :)
If only there was an android equivalent , and since the Galaxy A3 2017 there is not really a small phone.
The price is ridiculous though and without a charger.
Then there is "How do I charge the phone if I am out and about ?"
Apple wind / solar powered hat chargers ?...only $600.
If someone gave me one I would probably sell it.

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I thought this was going to be my next phone to replace my aging Xperia XZ1 Compact, was even willing to jump to iOS even though i have necer liked it, but then Apple decided to put a tiny pecker in it. Now I have to hope this actually sells well so that we might see Sony bringing back the Compact lineup and show how real compact phones are made.

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Anonymous, 29 Nov 2020Why does it bother you what other phones you dont use have?... moreYou certainly seem triggered by the facts about your favorite OS

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Anonymous, 19 Nov 2020-Outdated design with ugly notch and ugly gas burner design... moreWhy does it bother you what other phones you dont use have? Is it a victory for you when others use your favorite products? What are you compensating for, your inability to reproduce? If someone switch to Android youre like “welcome my children”?