Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (Max) long-term review

4 December 2020

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A bad device and not worth the money, and I do not recommend charging it with a commercial wire other than the original

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    • Pryingbasoon
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    • 30 Sep 2022

    I was a Xiaomi user and upgraded to this from my Note 7 two years back. This phone is a beast and running smoothly. Never had any issues. Yes the camera might not be as good as it's Oppo or Vivo counterparts within this range but I'm not much of a photographer any way. From what it seems, I might be able to squeeze out another couple of years from this phone which is quite rare these days.

      I loved this phone for a full year and then it just stopped working after a reboot absolutely no physical damage phone looks pristine Tried factory reset took it to phone pros here in Toronto nobody could fix it warranty is finished I'm out of luck don't bother with this phone

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        • mikim
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        • 06 Dec 2021

        miki, 30 Oct 2021I have this phone already one year and I highly recommend i... moreyes definitely. I have EU version and I recommend this phone, even though it's an old version and nowdays u can buy much better for the price

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          • miki
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          • 30 Oct 2021

          I have this phone already one year and I highly recommend it. mine is EU version and am really satisfied so far

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            • 12 Jul 2021

            I bought redmi note 9 Pro in mid December after my note 5 Pro was stolen. I was an MI lover but after using this fon I started facing issues from day one. It has signal strength issues, while my other fon with same network provider's sim is working fine. In last 6-7 months I tried resetting my fon or putting on aeroplane mode to get the network refreshed around more than 200 times. The other issue I m facing since the beginning is that during video call my side of video is totally red or pink. When I put my hand on front cam than it changes color and becomes a bit lighter. After waiting for updates and resetting my fon several times, I am forced to write a review. Now since last few days am facing a new issue. The picture be it on any online shopping site like Myntra or be it an image in gallery, some images turns out to be like an image in negatives. It changes its colour and appearance. And it's speaker is also not working. I am unable to hear the Caller unless I use a bluetooth. Very pathetic experience with this handset. Hands down.

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              • Fahd
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              • 28 Jun 2021

              Mik, 25 May 2021 Hi everyone Any one facing automatic reboot for note 9 p... moreDEVICE: Redmi note 9 pro ( global)


              ISSUE: random reboot issue on my note 9 pro. the restart issue has destroyed my redmi note 9pro global. I tried hard resetting my device. but it didn't work. in fact the reboot issue didn't let the hard reset complete and it turned off in the middle of the process then it kept on restarting. I can't even switch off my phone. it turns back on and keeps on rebooting. one thing I've noticed is that when even my finger touches the power button even when I'm not pressing it the device gets out of the restart loop error and boots up.

              STEPS TO REPRODUCE: This happens every day when i use my phone. it will just restart and will keep on restarting on Redmi logo vibrating and making my phone hot

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                • Mik
                • J7L
                • 25 May 2021

                Hi everyone
                Any one facing automatic reboot for note 9 pro global
                I visit the dealership twice and same problem
                If any one facing that please advise

                Thanks in advance

                  About 5 month of usage.. no complaint.. 16++ hr screen on time with WiFi. One and half hour charging time.. Good screen even for LCD, loud and clear speaker even mono, fast GPS, doesn't heat to much when gaming, premium feel glass design, great photo with Gcam, NFC ready, IR blaster if you're too lazy to grab your TV remote, in under 300 bucks.. What else would you expect?

                  Of course, there is some bad things.. Mediocre recording quality, bad RAM management (only in Miui 12), No EIS in 4K and 60 fps, slow update and bug fix, and MIUI forum site is ugly..

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                    • harry
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                    • 21 May 2021

                    no issues , i m using this phone since 8 months

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                      • 14 Mar 2021

                      Shashu, 07 Dec 2020Oh madmax it's one of the best phone for 15000 , if u ... moreYou want a Snapdragon 800 for a $200 phone, hehe you're either a greedy person or you're just dumb

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                        • Sanal
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                        • 05 Mar 2021

                        Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020There is sound problem, very feeble sound in hands free mod... moreMe too have the same issue now i am forced to use either speaker phone or headphones

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                          • Dku
                          • 05 Mar 2021

                          I am using redmi note9 pro from 4 month .i have face not any problam.as a budget phone it much better than other company.The same sefection like samsung give in 25 thousand.
                          Only drowback that i notice that it took little more time to charge.otherwise best phone in 14k

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                            • Saiful Islam
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                            • 22 Feb 2021

                            Any one tell me this 8GB ram or no

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                              • 21 Feb 2021

                              Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020Very bad pictures. Esp. pictures taken outdoors look so un... moreIf they are bright put HDR on

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                                • emmanouela greece
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                                • 10 Feb 2021

                                The worst cell phone I've ever got. It sticks to photos everywhere ..tragic

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                                  • 08 Feb 2021

                                  Papa, 09 Jan 2021Pubg is not installed already u r telling lieThe reviewer is from another country and as its banned here they cant keep it in the phone cuz it wont work and will be a waste of time for us also as we would have to uninstall it cu it'll occupy space

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                                    • 10 Jan 2021

                                    Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020There is sound problem, very feeble sound in hands free mod... moreSpeaker and sound low rated

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                                      • 09 Jan 2021

                                      Anonymous, 30 Dec 2020U can do uninstall pubg from your phonePubg is not installed already u r telling lie

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                                        • Ahangu
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                                        • 03 Jan 2021

                                        I have this phone for more than 6 months and I don't have any issues with the bluetooth, in fact it seems to always have priority against other devices such as laptops and other phones. The battery is still unreal after 6 months. Love the positioning of the fingerprint sensor, just because I use the pointer finger of the left hand. Basically, I have nothing to complain and will keep this phone for as long as I can