Samsung Galaxy M51 review

11 December 2020

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  • 26 May 2023

I had got Samsung M51 2 years back. I had travelled to hill stations, where there was no cellular network. The phone is not able to catch the network back even when I reached to city.
From past 8 days the phone is in service center, still no luck :(

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    • Naitik gupta
    • CbE
    • 19 Apr 2023

    Anas SHATER al shay, 06 Apr 2023I'm anas am using Galaxcy M51 2020 is super phone Batt... moreVerry good bro but idont like samsung phone bcoz all samsung phones are over heated while using

      I'm anas am using Galaxcy M51 2020 is super phone Battery backup very interesting value for money this phone tnx for samsung

        domoon, 12 Dec 2020how come Realme 7 Pro did better in most performance tests?... moreI hope I have a phone with 730G chipset and drains battery like hell even though it has 5260mAh battery; worse than the iPhone X 2716mAh. I charging it full at night 100% i find the 730G phone lost some 20% without even touching the phone whereas iphone x lost 2/3% charge even though it has half it's battery

          Could explain more please. Just care about battery

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            • Halgame
            • CF}
            • 05 Dec 2022

            IcyJay30, 12 Dec 2020I got this as main priority was nonchinese... i like it so ... moreHow did it held up on your daily use? I mainly care about battery and then ROM

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              • Halgame
              • CF}
              • 05 Dec 2022

              IcyJay30, 12 Dec 2020I got this as main priority was nonchinese... i like it so ... moreHow is the Battery life?
              Big it seems but some say it can't be trusted?

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                • Sunny
                • QwZ
                • 03 Oct 2022

                Samsung M51 is not it's Display auto black after software update this series may be some issue

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                  • Alphonsokurukuchu
                  • XNa
                  • 13 Sep 2022

                  you guys ought to retest this on One UI 4.1, difference is massive

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                    • Anonymous
                    • s8i
                    • 28 Jul 2022

                    Chirag, 29 Sep 2021which phone is good M51 or F62 ? plz suggest f62 is better option

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                      • Supercarblondie
                      • 3xf
                      • 12 Feb 2022

                      Anonymous, 05 Feb 2021No no no no... This phone bundled with a fast charger... ... moreYou are making no sense at all.

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                        • Dewashis
                        • YQS
                        • 29 Jan 2022

                        Very poor Screen Glass and Display Quality.

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                          • Hohn smith
                          • 3Y6
                          • 21 Jan 2022

                          Shybi , 23 Oct 2021Badly i purchase samsang m51 from amazone after paying 2000... moreWho buys a smartphone from Amazon????😑😑😑

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                            • Catalin78
                            • mAN
                            • 08 Jan 2022

                            Anonymous, 19 Jun 2021i need help, which one is better M51 or A32?A32 hy

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                              • Shybi
                              • utV
                              • 23 Oct 2021

                              Badly i purchase samsang m51 from amazone after paying 20000 when i try to on this mobile its not turn on 😭😭 after this incident happend i check revew about this phone many people saying same issue so this product is waste

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                                • samsung user
                                • XAm
                                • 30 Sep 2021

                                Horrible phone, My screen color turned green and I had to install new one, and now, after ONLY 6 months of use the screen broke again..
                                Its the worst buy I ever had. I
                                I'll never buy Samsung again

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                                  • Chirag
                                  • XN@
                                  • 29 Sep 2021

                                  which phone is good M51 or F62 ? plz suggest

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                                    • Patrick
                                    • tDP
                                    • 27 Sep 2021

                                    Hi, any chance you will be reviewing the M62/F62?

                                    I heard that a recent update to the M62/F62 released last month has improved the battery life to the M51 level, while previously it was lacking by around 30%.

                                    I hope you could review the device especially that you have replaced the M51 with M62 in the "Best battery life" list, and I am currently comparing between the two.

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                                      • iim13
                                      • fC8
                                      • 24 Aug 2021

                                      R, 06 May 2021Don't buy M51. I am facing lot of issues. Your whatsup... moreTotally agree on battery drain issue.

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                                        • iim13
                                        • fC8
                                        • 24 Aug 2021

                                        I purchased this a month ago


                                        Idle battery drain is too much. 3% goes in 5 hours. This is despite phone being on airplane mode and power saver. I shudder to this how it will perform with normal usage.
                                        Poor build quality. Plastic is very soft, needs a good phone cover.
                                        Samsung UI not as bad as Xiaomi but not as clean or ad free as stock or Moto phones.

                                        Good screen
                                        Good Bluetooth performance
                                        Decent processor performance

                                        Overall, don't buy. The battery life is maximum 1.5 days, which is disappointing considering the battery size. I have two other phones with 5000 mAh battery size and snapdragon processors, and they lasted the same duration when they were new.. there's no point dealing with the sheer size and weight of the phone due to the large battery when the software inside drains it so quickly.