A month with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro

16 December 2020

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  • 16 Dec 2020

"But maybe they would've been even better, especially in low light, had OIS been added?"
I tried the P30 Pro in a store last year and you can not notice any OIS although the specs mention OIS. The OIS is obvious when you use a different phone with OIS or when you use the periscope camera of the P30 Pro. But I couldn't notice any OIS with the main camera of the P30 Pro. I also compared it with the P30 (which doesn't have OIS) in manual mode and the P30 Pro had no advantage. So I think that the bad OIS of Huawei's main camera didn't work well anyway, so Huawei decided that there is no disadvantage.

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    • 16 Dec 2020

    It not a personal opinion, when a phone cost 1000 bucks lacks the major set back of app issue is NOT worth it no matter how you try to downplay.

    And honestly, it a fact GMS is a huge battery drain where mixed used is probably anything between 15-25+ percents. So given that the Mate40 does not come with GMS yet with less than steller battery life, HMS has even more serious drawback.

    And GMail - Google's own native gdata protocol just isn't the same with IMAP IDLE, the fact that development on advanced e-mail client on Android has died down, there's actually *very* few e-mail client on Android that is capable enough than the Google's native Gapp. The only advanced client left that is still under development is K9 and Aqua Mail. While both more advanced than Gmail app with Aqua Mail support Exchange and K9 support PGP, both actually do have hard time to balance between battery life and (instant) sync of new arriving mail. So for the mission critical e-mail users, I doubt the inability to use Gmail native app would be suffice.

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      • 16 Dec 2020

      Is there a full Widevine support with EMUI 11? There are some reviewers who say it is, some say it isn't.

        1000 for the Mate 40 Pro nah...too much and you'll lose sometime getting the apps and messing around with youtube learning how to install google services etc

        BUT, for 600 you can buy the P40 Pro from amazon! That has been tempting me for some time for that price. The thing that keeps me from buying it it's i don't know what will happen with HarmonyOS. Will you be able to use google apps in harmonyOS? etc that is a big unknown for me and othe people. But it's an incredible smartphone!

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          • 16 Dec 2020

          They still haven't fixed night mode? Why?
          They had close to 8 months since the P40 pro launch.

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            • 16 Dec 2020

            Never used Google Assistance... dont need.
            But still, 1000€ for a phone?? Never.

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              • 16 Dec 2020

              Been fiddling alot on the apk without GMS as well.....and one thing to note especially is there is ZERO junk calls, messages and even mails in contrast comparison to an exact same phone with GMS in it.

              Both phones are active, daily used phones with working SIM & line but comes with a stark difference; the one that is without GMS aka CN phone comes with fraud protections in phone and in HMS, than in comparison to the one with GMS.

              This main difference made me wonder if GMS installations actually is not exactly as safe as it was advertised as it is to be.

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                • 16 Dec 2020

                It's a nice phone, but it's a shame there are no google apps