A month with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro

16 December 2020

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  • Waiz
  • UUK
  • 09 Aug 2023

I love this phone, Camera is awesome.
I wish someone will replace my mate 10 pro with mate 40 pro.

    Unpopular opinion but the best soc for Android is kirin 9000.

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      • AAA
      • gL8
      • 03 Nov 2021

      One of the best in this category
      Camera battery life and touch is amazing
      Only problem is we don't have many applications in Huawei app

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        • Jamine
        • IVN
        • 10 Aug 2021

        The camera is very nice!!! And I also like the battery life for me to use for a whole day, and the size was very nice and fit to my hand. Most importantly, the price is very affordable.

          • J
          • Jessica
          • IVN
          • 10 Aug 2021

          The size is right and can be held comfortably!! I really like it's design is very modern. I like the camera with the three lenses, the picture taken from this phone is so nice! I also like the battery life with very enough for me to use, the price is also very affordable.

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            • Carrot
            • bJb
            • 10 Aug 2021

            holansu, 09 Aug 2021I like the Mate 40 size is right and it can be held in one ... moreTotally agree. I like the size and design the most. Perfect size and stylish design. Besides, I like the battery capacity, because the battery can effectively maintain power, without charging for a day.

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              • holansu
              • uC4
              • 09 Aug 2021

              I like the Mate 40 size is right and it can be held in one hand and comfortable for me. The camera can go from a super close-up lens to a 10x hybrid zoom to a crazy 50x digital zoom.
              I think the price for me is value and affordable and the battery can for me to use all day.

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                • Jamesta
                • j@u
                • 25 Mar 2021

                I live in USA and using P30 Pro EMUI 11, very excellent phone. I've disabled ALL Ads from Google and Huawei, I do not see any targeted ads.

                I've uninstalled HiSearch, HiVoice, HiTouch, Facebook, and other system apps and removed all bloatware, my phone has 3 ½ days SOT (Screen on Time).

                I would love the Mate 40 Pro, I don't mind the GMS problem as there are workarounds and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

                Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus...etc nice of these companies can compete with Huawei Technology, that's basically why they're banned from USA. Huawei is a rising Giant and they made this trade war to cripple their product and manufacturing market. Huawei is still struggling but they'll make a comeback.

                They say Huawei is tied to CCP, but where is the evidence?

                I'm going to continue buying Huawei even if it's banned because it still supports GSM carriers.

                Ice had Samsung phones and apple phones, they're nothing compared to Huawei. 💪

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                  • Anonymous
                  • X$6
                  • 24 Mar 2021

                  Philbob, 10 Jan 2021Hi can anyone tell me if a lqiqi phone is a Huawei phone? If you mean iqoo, then no. Iqoo is subsidiary of vivo.
                  But again vivo, oppo, OnePlus and realme is from BBK electronics

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                    • Sagir
                    • syk
                    • 09 Feb 2021

                    Philbob, 10 Jan 2021Hi can anyone tell me if a lqiqi phone is a Huawei phone? No dear

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                      • Mody
                      • Dhd
                      • 15 Jan 2021

                      Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021A phone without Google? Oh.. what a joy!!This phone the best enyine

                        Hi can anyone tell me if a lqiqi phone is a Huawei phone?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mAE
                          • 07 Jan 2021

                          A phone without Google? Oh.. what a joy!!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nmP
                            • 04 Jan 2021

                            HMS support Spotify app and it works fine.

                              Nice. Thanks for this review, very cool.
                              Btw, you can check out Benlotus at forums.benlotus.com it is one of the best forums out there.

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                                • Alaan
                                • Nk9
                                • 31 Dec 2020

                                AnonD-844232, 29 Dec 2020Online how else haha?I love Huawei

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Nxb
                                  • 30 Dec 2020

                                  It's actually not that hard to avoid Google apps. Use Outlook, Waze and Vimeo instead of Gmail, Google maps and YouTube.

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                                    • AnonD-844232
                                    • m5u
                                    • 29 Dec 2020

                                    YOUNG MATA, 29 Dec 2020how can you buy the phone Online how else haha?

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                                      • YOUNG MATA
                                      • Nue
                                      • 29 Dec 2020

                                      AnonD-844232, 23 Dec 2020Don't believe small percentage will be bothered to ins... morehow can you buy the phone

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                                        • Potatooo
                                        • pXb
                                        • 29 Dec 2020

                                        Really excited for this phone, I have P40 Lite and I don't even need gms! Because there is appgallery and petal search where you can download the apps!