A month with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro

16 December 2020

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  • Mody

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021A phone without Google? Oh.. what a joy!!This phone the best enyine

Hi can anyone tell me if a lqiqi phone is a Huawei phone?

  • Anonymous

A phone without Google? Oh.. what a joy!!

  • Anonymous

HMS support Spotify app and it works fine.

Nice. Thanks for this review, very cool.
Btw, you can check out Benlotus at forums.benlotus.com it is one of the best forums out there.

Huawei Fan Man, 29 Dec 2020Online how else haha?I love Huawei

  • Anonymous

It's actually not that hard to avoid Google apps. Use Outlook, Waze and Vimeo instead of Gmail, Google maps and YouTube.

YOUNG MATA, 29 Dec 2020how can you buy the phone Online how else haha?


Huawei Fan Man, 23 Dec 2020Don't believe small percentage will be bothered to ins... morehow can you buy the phone

  • Potatooo

Really excited for this phone, I have P40 Lite and I don't even need gms! Because there is appgallery and petal search where you can download the apps!

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2020I just wanted to point out that I'm showing facts and ... moreCheck DXOMARK for the complete reviews of the two products. Here has been proven well both human eye and comprehensive lab tests for the answer on photography. All the best

  • Fingolfin

I realy dont care about Google, actualy, i am happy to get rid of them. So, for me, its perfect phone.

Android--Master, 22 Dec 2020All of them use Google Maps as we know the current state of... moreDon't believe small percentage will be bothered to install .. As ppl got too lazy to install apps by themselves as well .. that top 10 that is fake as apple and google collaborating each other.. Even ratings.. By not preinstalling many ppl uses ''baked'' mail app in iphone

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2020He'll if he does and responsible for R&D research ... moreYeah, that means only people from R&D or who work for data security or some geek would understand it. how many percentage of the people fall into this category? maybe 1-2%. rest dont care. what I am trying to say is, data safety is very important but people constantly ignoring it is real and maybe not gonna change in near future.

  • Anonymous

Their 40mp big wide angle sensor was better . This is a downgrade

  • Anonymouse

i feel the mate 10 pro is still current in this climate. it was and still is a revolutionary phone

  • Anonymous

Kris, 18 Dec 2020I Have the Huawei mate 10 pro hands down the best phone I h... moreExcuse me but I feel my phone (none pro mate 10) is even better.

Huawei Fan Man, 21 Dec 2020Like ask iphone users if they miss google apps ... suddenly... moreAll of them use Google Maps as we know the current state of Apple maps.
Gmail is also standard for Apple users. Same for YouTube.
Infact, the top 10 apps downloaded on Apple Store, 3-4 of them are Google based Apps.

On Android, they don't make the list as they are baked in by default. So they don't end up on the most downloaded list.

I don't think 2020 people are so stupid, they don't know how to install apps themselves😁😁😁 but they do know that Google doesn't have nantphones even though they don't know why google service is so good.
Most people make 10 accounts in a month. They never remember their passwords... Hahaha, ha So why is Google using them to have a chrome viewer because it's google to them? And they don't know how to install YT vanced for those and it's not these phones that want everything on a plate if you're stupid

Youtube vanced is complicated to install?? are u nuts??? U just search YT vanced will result official website u download manager install it and it will install everything for you in minute...