Sony Ericsson G900 preview: Touch and go

21 February 2008
As promised, we are now ready with our exclusive preview of the highly intriguing Sony Ericsson G900, which we had the chance to try out in our office shortly after its announcement at the Mobile World Congress 2008...

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  • Thiru

This mobile very nice and i need to G990 rate kindly reply me


  • Sisay

Connection with my Computer fails though I tried several times.

  • Sisay

My Phone can not be connected

  • kajiman tamang

Tiaan, 10 Mar 2010that just happened to me.... sent it away to be fixed. Firs... morehow to update new software ?

  • Jason Jay

i have a problem please someone help my inbox if read a message and when i press the return button it always return from the first message, so when i scroll for the older messages when i return it always go back to the start how will fix this? are there any applications needed so that it can stay on the message that i last read?

  • Tiaan

qimie22, 08 Mar 2009anybody face the Touch screen problem for S.E G900? sum 1 ... morethat just happened to me.... sent it away to be fixed. First i did a software upgrade to try and solve it myself, but then i couldnt click "yes" to confirm i want english...

  • Sameyha

i got a question.

why is that if a took a picture, even when the flash is on there is still no flash? even my torch would not work. please heeeeeeelp. :(

  • Robin Hanssen

If you estimate to accidentally throw your phone in the ceiling a couple of times, this is NOT the phone for you.

Make some clubbin', and this phone is dead as a rock. Sorry folks, just had to add.

Also, when new the phone responds slowly while multitasking. (I guess the reason for that is the use of a pre-generations mobile processor module)

Otherwise, fairly good buy if you are careful with it.

  • IM

My phone reboots regularly with no reason or any touch as soon as i switch it on.
I also update its software but nothing has changed so far...
What should i do???

  • Jam87

sarah, 13 Feb 2009help me!!arghh..i confuse,which one is better(w960 or g900)... moreI believe G900 is. i was having the same cofusion as well. but you have to remember, W960 has no memory card slot,thus, in case your phones breakdown, everything is gone!

Another thing, G900 has 5Mp camera that alerts with auto-rotate=)

  • qimie22

anybody face the Touch screen problem for S.E G900?
sum 1 plz help.... my touch screen doesn't work.... even to answer the call and 2 delete the incoming sms... i try to master reset but the lower part of my screen didn't work both right n left, juz the center part of it work.... what can i do?...

  • Herry

sarah, 13 Feb 2009help me!!arghh..i confuse,which one is better(w960 or g900)... moreabout u question, the 2 gaget have special perform different each other. The camera is better G900, the screen is better W960. In this case what is u like which ur gadget?

  • sarah

help me!!arghh..i confuse,which one is better(w960 or g900)???please let me out of this thing...

  • Anonymous

latest UIQ phone from Soon Expired LoL.. after kill UIQ Sony Ericsson isn't smart again..Zz..Zz

  • Comment

This phone has a wort, nice look.

  • diksha

hey i woild lyk to buy dis cell bt jus 4 normal use as i prefer touch phone... and i personally prefer SE cells... is it f9 for me to buy such a cell im quite disappontd wd some of the comments... im really interestd in buying dis cell but scared dat vill it reach upto my expectatn... plz jus help me out..

  • Dukie

Ive had SE hp as my base phone but this doesnt come close to the K810i when it comes to camera and cant sync it with the pc even if it has the pc suit on it overall not as what i expected it to be..bummer

  • alex

i've got a problem..

why does the open application status still have programs that was previously exited via the exit button??

it's very draining for the phone and i've to go into the OPEN application to close the program to ensure the applications are properly close/exited..

  • jg

Does any one know the service centre address for me to send MMS????

  • ng

can tis phone support some chatting tools like windows live messenger?