Samsung Galaxy S20+ long-term review

07 January 2021

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  • Denverskier

Don, 08 Jan 2021Its sad that even reviewers think that switching resolution... moreThat's one reason why sS21 and S21+ phones are inferior!!! And no SD Card Tray made it a no go

  • Denverskier

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021I've had an S20, though in the Ultra version, since th... moreThat's why I got S20+ no focusing problems like on S20 Ultra!!! Heard S21 Ultra also has focusing problems!!!

  • Denverskier

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021The only issue i have with my s20 is biometrics reader, nam... moreEasy screenshot!!! Goodlock ( or if not in your region Nicelock) Navstar module add Navigation Bar Screenshot Button!!! Way easier than any other method

  • Denverskier

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Press power button and volume down thenWrong use Goodlock or if not in your region use Nicelock!!! Use the Navstar module and add the screenshot button to your navigation bar !!! Problem solved

  • Denverskier

Marcos, 09 Jan 2021You can install "one hand operations" from the ga... moreI use Goodlock and the Navstae Module!!! It allows me to just click the screenshot button on my Navigation Bar!!!! Way easier!!!

I used to have a Samsung and I can't recall the model but I loved it. However, I made a change to an LGTHINQ 2 years ago and honestly loved that phone also. But when I started to look for a new phone last year I did a bit of research on the then new 5g+ and it really appeared to be THE phone. My partner and I each got one and on day 1 we loved it. Now that we are 6 months in, he actually switched to an iPhone (blech) and I am sadly still using this disappointing Samsung 20 5g + nothing but hype phone. The camera on my LG blew this one away and this battery sucks. Sure, I can have a lot of apps on my phone but what good are they if I have a dead battery most of the time. But honestly the camera is a huge deal and this one is hype with so many disappointing shots. I carry my LG with me for pictures just in case I have an amazing photo opportunity that I don't want the Samsung to mess up. The 5G is also hype. I live in dtla and 5g is supposed to be so different but my LG had similar speed and connections and a longer lasting battery. They feel the same as well. I dont know what options I will have in a few months but Samsung has fallen in my eyes and if they don't have a great phone that TRULY delivers not just hype, then I am out. I'd like to be able to safely trust that Samsung will deliver based upon my old Samsung phone from 2018 but this 20plus model has not filled me with any confidence or happiness. Keep looking if you are thinking about this model and u really want a great camera. Specs be damned. My eyes don't lie.

  • lcharm1

I've been trying to find the yellow wallpaper background show in the review for my own Galaxy S20+.
It would be really cool if someone (including the writers) could guide me in the right direction or find the wallpaper.

  • Anonymous

Neph, 09 Jan 2021I'm the owner of S20 and regarding the cameras - I wou... moreThat before s20 ultra camera got lot of updates and it’s way better now than s20 plus.

  • Friday

James, 15 Jan 2021You also get slow chargingWhy

Just get screen protector with a fingerprint reader hole. Works quite smoothly

  • James

Ivan, 12 Jan 2021So, bad build quality, mediocre battery life, terrible fing... moreYou also get slow charging


verery nice

  • Marc

Its very hard to place any value in samsung galaxy reviews given they sell completely different products under the same brand label. While car manufacturers may sell V8/V6/4 & hybrid variants in the same chassis they do not pretend they are the same car. If the heart of the machine is different, it is not the same. To pretend computers with different primary components are the same is plainly wrong and an intentional deception on the consumer. So reviewing a Samsung Galaxy products as S20 xyz is just plainly misleading, confusing and deceptive. Do you get a V8 or crank wind up start elastic band heart. Sites should just not review products where the sales marketing and branding are identical but the products are not. If Samsung want to sell a bar of silver with gold plating as a gold bar in some economies they should be called out for their deception it is not the same ans should bot be branded as a gold bar. To avoid confusion review sites such as GSM Arena should cease use of the sales brand labels such as "S20" or "S21" and state only the specific model number of the actual device they are reviewing. Where they do not they only contribute to the marketing deception.. ive used galaxy phones for a decade and the xynos variants have always got uncomfortable hot. You need to change ears every few minutes and know the heats is cooking something in your head. My next phone will likley be a grey import oneplus or sony x5ii, maybe a google as i dont condone samsungs continued deceptive marketing practices and i just want a compact reliable phone that doesn't get so damn hot and one with marketing and reviews that match what is actually delivered in the box

  • Ivan

So, bad build quality, mediocre battery life, terrible fingerprint sensor (4/10 in the morning) and average design.

  • Tito

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021have purchased samsung note 20 ultra. Right from day 1 lot ... moreGot s20 FE about 500 € or less with contract... I can complain because of gorilla glass 3!gor the rest nothing to complain... Snap 865, 6gb ram 128 Tom, big battery that at 60 hz lasts 2 dsys... At120 hz.. One full day... Ois.. Stéréo.. Hdr 10..a bit too big yes... But works perfectly... WITH QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 865... PEACE !

  • Ds

I purchased s20+ for 45k in bbd and i am quite happy with my purchase😎

  • Anonymous

have purchased samsung note 20 ultra. Right from day 1 lot of complaints like heating upto 46 degrees and battery lasting for jus 6 to 7 hrs with minimal usage that too on fhd and 60hz display..moving round service centres and talking to cc with poor response. They want my mobile for verification for 2 weeks its eems to inspect technical issues...when they knew n understand that mobile has issues after inspection why dont they refund. Poor quality mobiles by samsung at huge prices. It seems like samsung downfall began... most unprofessional mobile company. So cheap in its tricks.

  • dazed1

Disappointed that the pictures where not up to date.....

  • Neph

I'm the owner of S20 and regarding the cameras - I would have expected more from the zoom camera. It's just mediocre during the daylight and totally useless indoor on at dark. It has benefits such as 64 MPx photos which I find being better than S20 Ultra's 108 MPx.

This high-resolution mode is very beneficial when taking photos from viewpoints. You can zoom in after taking the photo and resolve really, really insane amount of details. Nevertheless, I personally would have appreciated regular x3 tele lens such as S20 FE more. I think x3 (or more) zoom photos is used dozens of times more than high-res.

  • DJ

The missing of the battery stats were not so quickly fixed with an update to the 'Device Care' application in the playstore which seemed to fix the issue for my One UI 3.0 running S20+