Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review

21 January 2021

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  • S21Njuser

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE .. I have had my phone less then 2 months and suddenly in the middle of a call 70% of my lower screen started to flash and go yellow after pixels went bad . I went to TMobile they checked whole phone for drops water etc.. and said they couldn't find anything that this happened before and would order Mr a new phone. That was now 10 days ago and after 20 calls to t-mobile finally they say my phone was delivered to a store 9 days ago . I go to the store they say they have nothing it's at another store so after 2 hours and driving to 6 stores getting told its there finally the last t-mobile store says its at 1st store calls them and they start arguing . He hangs up and says if they don't have it it went M.I.A. . I contact t-mobile support again and get told a supervisor would look into it and call me back that was 3 days ago 😂 but yet they want me to still make my payment on time and charging me for a $1200 phone I can't use. This has been the worse experience ever with any phone or company .

  • Anonymous

Kriobergsimas, 18 Jul 2021..i've started looking for a new cell phone for my wif... moreIt's a snapdragon processor in the states and china's version.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021crazy how its price went down from $900 to $500. so thi... moreThose $200 with 50W charging always have a third-degree performance. Just because it has big numbers doesn't mean it has big reliability.

  • Anonymous

"In YouTube, for example, the phone remains at 120Hz when you're playing back 24fps videos, but it does drop to 60Hz for 30fps and 60fps content."

Eh? How come the lowest frame rate use the highest refresh rate? That is odd.

  • Anonymous

crazy how its price went down from $900 to $500.

so this device is really a midranger with a flagship chipset (only the 888 is considered flagship, not the garbage 2100)

they could've done last years display and build quality

even $200 have 50 watts fast chargers on their boxes
wtf samsung

  • John

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2021I have a confession to make: My favorite phone right now is... moreActually, the bigger screen is still the best! I don't really like smaller screens, it doesn't look too good to me!

Here is the recent iphones that were came out since 2007!

First iphone with 3.5 inch, 5 to se 1 with 4 inch, 6 to se 2 with 4.7 and 5.5 inch, x to 11 pro with 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch, 12, 12 pro, 12 pro max and mini with 5.4 inch, 6.1 inch, and 6.7 inch!

  • Anonymous

I have a confession to make: My favorite phone right now is the Samsung Galaxy S9. Yes, the one from 2018. I’m testing the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra and running Android 11 on the 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL, but when I want to kick back with my phone of choice, these days I’m reaching for the Galaxy S9 and its 5.8-inch screen.

In short: I’m sick of big phones.

In just the past few months, we’ve gotten the 6.67-inch OnePlus 7T Pro, 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10+, 6.8-inch LG V60, and 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra, all of which are extremely cumbersome. It’s gotten to the point where the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max is on the small side (which is probably why Apple is rumored to bump the size of its biggest flagship to 6.7 inches this year).


But at least Apple makes an iPhone that’s under six inches. If you want a decent Android phone that can actually be used with one hand, your options are basically a 5.6-inch Pixel 3a or a Galaxy S10e. The Galaxy S20 starts at 6.2 inches and goes up from there, nearly half-an-inch bigger than the Galaxy S9 from just two years ago. Take a look at how phones sizes have increased over just the past three generations:

Galaxy S9: 5.8, 6.2
Galaxy S10: 5.8, 6.1, 6.4, 6.7
Galaxy S20: 6.2, 6.7, 6.9

LG G7: 6.1
LG V50: 6.4
LG V60: 6.8

Galaxy Note 8: 6.3
Galaxy Note 9: 6.4
Galaxy Note 10: 6.3, 6.8

OnePlus 5T: 6.0
OnePlus 6T: 6.4
OnePlus 7T: 6.6

Bottom line, premium Android phones have ballooned over the past two years and are just plain too big now, especially when you factor in the ever-taller screen ratios. The Galaxy S20 Ultra barely fits in my pocket, and its tremendous size makes it difficult to use—even with two hands. Case in point: I’ve been experiencing issues with autofocus that’s at least partially due to my inability to keep it still while snapping a pic.


And I have fairly big hands. My wife wouldn’t even consider the Galaxy S20 Ultra, effectively shutting her out of the best camera features just because she doesn’t want a phone with a 6.9-inch display. Choosing between screen sizes is one thing, but forcing buyers to choose a phone that’s downright unwieldy just to get the best features is just wrong. And beyond the fear of missing out, they’re just too heavy, fragile, and awkward.

Bigger isn’t always better

I simply don’t understand why Samsung dumped the 5.8-inch model with the launch of the Galaxy S20. For most people, it’s the perfect size, big enough to get work done but not too big where you can’t use it with one hand. But if you want an S20, you’ll need to get a phone with a screen that’s at least 6.2 inches with a noticeably larger body than the Galaxy S10e.


A half an inch of screen size might not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference. Compared to the Galaxy Note 10+, the S20 Ultra is only 4.6mm taller, but for the impact it had on my grip and reachability, it may as well be a foot. By comparison, the Galaxy S20 is 9.5mm taller than the S10e, so by jumping from 5.8-inch to a 6.2-inch screen you’re getting a significantly bigger phone, too, which for many will cross the line from useable to unbearable.

But phone makers don’t seem to care. I’m willing to bet that next year’sGalaxy S30 will start at 6.4 inches, with the upper model inching ever closer to 7 inches. Usability has basically gotten lost in the race to be biggest, and there’s no signs of it slowing down. If anything, with the advent of folding tech, phones are going to push further into mini tablet territory.

Folding phones might still be novel and interesting, but we’re a long way from mainstream use. The Galaxy Z Flip is certainly a big step in the right direction, but with so-so cameras, nascent UIs, and uncertain form factors, foldables are still in the experimental phase and likely will be for a while.

But even if foldable phones were to magically become durable and affordable, the only real problem they solve is pocketability. When you want to use the Galaxy Fold, you’re still stuck with a giant screen, and if anything, folded phones will quickly get just as big as today’s non-folding handsets. This brings us to a crossroads: There’s only so much bezel that can be trimmed, and if phone screens keep increasing in size, we’re going to be looking at Galaxy Tab A-sized screens in just a couple more years, folding or not.

And it’s all a big distraction from the truth: smartphone evolution has stalled. Folding displays and space-zoom cameras aside, we’ve at something of a lull in smartphone innovation, even as displays have gotten bigger. I'll admit that Samsung's Galaxy S20 120Hz panels are downright remarkable, but brightness and speed aside, my Galaxy S9's display is plenty good. As we all wait for the next big breakthrough, whether it’s folding screens, everlasting batteries, or next-gen AI, phone makers are trying to convince us that bigger screens are the main thing we need, and power users will work harder and smarter with more pixels. 


And as a result, small phones have gotten short shrift. Phone makers have reserved some features for its biggest phones due to space and battery limitations, but now, even 6.2-inch phones are missing out on features in their larger-screener counterparts, whether that's better screens, faster connectivity, or more powerful cameras. 

Phones used to have so many new features people wanted to upgrade every year, but with the push into more screen, people are holding onto their phones longer. Part of the reason is the price, of course, but that’s merely a consequence, not the cause. The larger issue is that phone makers are reserving their best features for phones with the biggest screens, essentially forcing consumers to buy more phone than they might want.

So they’re waiting, which only leads to bigger phones. Phone makers are in such a race to one-up each other that none of them seem to be thinking about what can actually make them better. And a 7-inch display isn’t it.

  • Anonymous

Me, 02 Jul 2021Don't buy the S21 it will go dead in two months and th... moreLol, you're probably misleading to yourself because of a fact that the screen will work after 2 months!

What a liar!

  • PeteC

Ewl, 24 Jan 2021Actually this (S21) is my first Samsung ever. I'm not ... moreI had to laugh...same here. I have at least a half dozen wired headphones laying around in my closet from other cell phones and tablets, not to mention another half dozen or more charging bricks. Once I first began using true wireless ear buds I've never gone back to using wired. It is true to get the super fast charge you need to buy Samsung's 25Watt PD charger, but I primarily charge with a 15 watt wireless charger anyway which is plenty fast enough for me.

  • Kriobergsimas

Jimmy, 29 Apr 2021Samsung went very very CHEAP on this phone and I've ow... more..i've started looking for a new cell phone for my wife, and its really a struggle to choose any.. I went to the shop grab a feel of how phones feel in hand. iPhones feels well in hand (premium) and looks good, but I am reluctant to pay for their behind technology and questionable perfection they declare (oversaturated photos..gosh..). When I took Samsung in hand (S21, +, Ultra etc).. damn, I felt either like i picked up cheapophone, premiumless feel (yeah, I know - useless parameter, but nice to have glass front ant back.. my Xiaomi Note 10lite has georgious back, I love to take it from case and look and feel it)..So Samsungs felt cheep like you picked up xiaomi 7A.. And one surprising thing was those camera modules are so bulky compared to construction of the phone itself that phone feels unbalanced and not elegant. Also I am still afraid of Samsung system performances especially with exynoses..
It looks like Xiaomi became quite decent phone manufacturer. They had some right to the spot phones previously (Mi 9 Se, 8T..), but they still get behind in some areas (they could improve photography (for their 108module they could do a better job than it is now)) and I do not like their recent design decisions, a bit quircky, .. also avoid exynoses there. Brr..
I cannot find my favorite yet. Either its pricy without a goood reason, or it can be cheaper phone, but it has to have its key point of why you buy it.

  • Me

Don't buy the S21 it will go dead in two months and the screen will no longer work and you'll just get another 1/2 as a replacement and it will probably die into my stew thank you for losing all the information I had on my first phone with no way to fix the screen and transfer it and get a replacement

  • Mad buyer

Best 21 sucks after only two months of owning this phone and it's in perfect condition the screen no longer turns on I have no way of getting my numbers or media on to another phone and I will get a replacement phone that will probably break in two more months don't buy this 21

Anonymous, 20 May 2021 i prefer plastic back than glass and it's not true wh... more"please don't talk about something you don't know about it," not really. I had the Pocophone F1, and I always put a protective case both from Spigen and Ringke, yet there are still slight scratches on its back. Even when I rarely drop it.

  • Anonymous

Tigolebitties, 20 Mar 2021Yeah, they should at least protect it with a plastic film/a... more i prefer plastic back than glass and it's not true when you said it grab scratches Easley i have had s21 without any cace and i dropped so many times and it's not have a single scratch so please don't talk about something you don't know about it. I think it's brilliant move form samsung and i wish they keep it especially it's not cheap plastic it's feels like glass.i had no issues with it at all.

  • 23452345

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021Samsung galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 not are best phone! then its came was best but nothing anymore after it Samsung Galaxy S4 came and its a more better phone than Samsung Galaxy S3 but Samsung Galaxy S21 is better!

  • 34352343

Den, 15 Apr 2021It's exynos Bye samsung s21Nah. for u bye! Samsung Galaxy S21 is good phone and one of the best Samsungs phones!

  • 34567634

Jimmy, 29 Apr 2021Samsung went very very CHEAP on this phone and I've ow... more:D

  • Upgrader

Segoomir, 06 May 2021You upgraded from a note 9 of course it's a hige diffe... moreBro s21 is cheaper, has LTPO screen and better chipset and battery lif, only screen resolution is reduced a bit. So it is farbetter deal than s20.

  • Ryansyde

I'm annoyed I didn't get a plug because I never had a phone with USB-c I expect after paying £800 to have a charger and not have spend extra money buying a charger .....also annoyed that they have taken the headphone jack out aswell ....there isn't many headphones with USB-c and all the others are Bluetooth which makes the microphones lag behind when on different apps plus surely wired head phones are more friendly then having to charge headphones every 6 hours .....its ridiculous and also .....there is no difference with the s20 which my friend has and we compared .....literally no difference to the average joe

Anonymous , 21 Feb 2021Nah, what it looks like on paper is one thing, how it real... moreYou upgraded from a note 9 of course it's a hige difference bit if you have upgraded or better said downgraded from the s20 you wouldn't talk like that.