Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review

21 January 2021

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Jay, 07 Jul 2022I really like this phoneHahaha. You mustn't have a nightmare taking screen shots! Or being unable to turn the piece of crap off! Or the short battery life! Or the constant never ending "up down grades"! Or the virus that is Samsung itself. Then there is the moron called Bixby! Fail upon fail upon fail for Samsung

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    • Hoggaforfan
    • MNS
    • 09 Sep 2022

    Pavan Ramane, 22 Jun 2022Phone Not Dust Proof... 😡😡😡IP68 so dustproof and waterproof

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      • fuf
      • 11 Jul 2022


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        • Jay
        • fu{
        • 07 Jul 2022

        I really like this phone

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          • Pavan Ramane
          • Hkr
          • 22 Jun 2022

          Phone Not Dust Proof... 😡😡😡

            Szabi, 27 May 2022I got thid phone but the battery life and the fingerprint r... moreS21 Plus 5G.

              boombasticz, 01 Jun 2022I recommend Realme 9 pro plus.How many os updates? once? twice if your lucky? that typical of chinese oem's.

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                • boombasticz
                • 7v0
                • 01 Jun 2022

                Szabi, 27 May 2022I got thid phone but the battery life and the fingerprint r... moreI recommend Realme 9 pro plus.

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                  • Szabi
                  • 39y
                  • 27 May 2022

                  I got thid phone but the battery life and the fingerprint reader is horrible. Can somebody suggest an alternative phone which has longer battery life, faster change and a good camera? I'm not a gamer , but want a phone which is survive a day easilly.

                  Budget : 400-500€
                  Screen : max 6.5-6.6" (prefer something at 6.2 if possible)
                  Fingerprint reader is on the side or back , but fit for bigger hands

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                    • Anonymous
                    • nC6
                    • 18 May 2022

                    Anonymous, 14 May 2022Great phone. I upgraded from a S9 and wasn't expecting... morewhich phone did you get the exynos or the snapdragon version.....

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                      • yDn
                      • 14 May 2022

                      Great phone. I upgraded from a S9 and wasn't expecting such a big leap in performance, screen and software. Battery is great for me, no overheating and I can't go back to a regular 60hz screen, 120hz is so smooth.

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                        • Narenderreddy
                        • Dk$
                        • 03 May 2022

                        Exynos, 23 Apr 2022I have the exact same issue with my S21 5G. It heats up not... moreMy phone is overheating

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                          • Szabi
                          • 3H1
                          • 01 May 2022

                          I purchased this phone , but really upaet about the battery: speed is ok, but due use it with loads of apps charge 2x per day.
                          Can somebody recommend a phone with similar camera but strong battery which can last for a strong 1,5-2 day?

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                            • Exynos
                            • pW5
                            • 23 Apr 2022

                            the1stgeek , 02 Apr 2022I bought the s21 FE 5G Exynos variant on Thursday. I was ex... moreI have the exact same issue with my S21 5G. It heats up noticeably fast even under light loads, never mind gaming. Too hot to handle without a case around the phone, don't even wanna know how bad it'll be in the summer months. Really wish I had gone with OnePlus or some other brand instead, currently waiting for my S21 to get back from the warranty service. Hopefully just a bad unit, though considering the reviews probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

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                              • the1stgeek
                              • Nue
                              • 02 Apr 2022

                              I bought the s21 FE 5G Exynos variant on Thursday. I was excited to get this device because of the reviews I saw. Unfortunately, it heats up so much that it got to 45-47°C just browsing through twitter and downloading an update. While charging, I can't even use the phone because of how hot it gets.

                              I got a replacement unit and still the same, heating up till 45-47°C. I take it back to the store and they are wasting my time giving me back my money which is the whole issue with this stuff tbh.

                              The Exynos 2100 is poorly optimised. Do not buy this device. I repeat: Do not by this.

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                                • TommyJLion
                                • vap
                                • 26 Mar 2022

                                This review is misleading. Should be 3/5

                                I am typing this on a S21

                                Battery is not good
                                I charged the phone with Oculus charger from that day battery performance is very bad.

                                If they dont include a charger in the package, software should be ready for it. Money sucking monsters

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                                  • Oceanadrian
                                  • 4{d
                                  • 22 Mar 2022

                                  Unfortunately Samsung disabled eSIM on this phone, so that removes it from consideration for me. Pity. Otherwise seems like a nice phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • vaS
                                    • 16 Mar 2022

                                    Sadly this phone is still $960 in my country

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                                      • kj
                                      • fnH
                                      • 30 Jan 2022

                                      really good phone, practical, i enjoy the size in my hand and functions very well

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                                        • Gabeuk
                                        • mxL
                                        • 10 Jan 2022

                                        I've had this phone for 6 months or so (Exynos version, I think). I actually really like. And I like it more as time goes on because it's so simple and it "just works". Nothing flashy here.

                                        Great screen, really good battery life (2 days for me), perfect size. So far no scratches or dings (I don't use case).

                                        The in-screen finger print reader is really good -- an ultrasonic fingerprint reader is really worth having. Fast and it just works. Wouldn't go back to anything less.

                                        Camera is probably not as good as a Pixel 6 or latest iPhone. But it's decent enough.

                                        Some of the inbuilt Samsung apps (e.g. Bixby) are a little annoying. I wish you could delete them. But for the most part they are fairly innocuous.