Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review

21 January 2021

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  • Facepalm

I am not surprised to find Samsung apologists here defending the plastic back, but still feel have to get a few points across. Anyone who have ever used plastic-backed phones will know plastic gets scratched easily even with case on. Just see how many micro scratches your S21 will have after 3 months of daily use. Shine a light on the back and see how ugly is the back of your $1000 phone at that time.
Then, the funniest thing is these same people saying glass break easily also said they don't care about plastic since they will put a case on. Guys, you do know a good case will also protect the glass back, right? Hypocrisy to defend bad moves by Samsung doesn't make you a loyal fan. It just makes you a blind fan. That's food for your thoughts.

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021If I upgraded from the S8 to this it would actually be a do... moreMan, I don't know how much free storage do you need to feel unconcerned, but I had a 64gb S8 with a 64gb SD card and never went out of space. Besides, I've only used my sd card to store downloaded tracks from spotify...if you're that much in need of storage, get the 256gb variant. It's only $50 more in most cases. I'm sure it'll last one day's work in most circumstances. BTW, cloud storage isn't a thing for you?
I do miss the curved screen of the S8, but 120hz is nice too! I for one, don't care about premiumness (if that's a word) couse I'll toss it in a case anyway...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021If I upgraded from the S8 to this it would actually be a do... moreNah, what it looks like on paper is one thing, how it really feels and works is another. I'm using Note9 since premiere and just bought regular s21 as a new main phone. What I thought all the time was maybe they slightly improved camera and the screen has different colors and that's it. Boy I was wrong. Experience is completely different. If no one would tell me about lower resolution I wouldn't notice and I don't think it's possible. But 120hz and HDR10+ just rocks. I'm still using Note9 as my second phone so I can do direct comparison and, S21 is just awesome by so many means. I was long time Iphone user, but I'm in this small group that cannot stand notch and this stupid non removable on screen gesture guide bar so Galaxy seemed like a natural choice. And first time ever I don't know what more I could want from a phone, seriously. Maybe under screen front camera and a little less aggresive software on photos. About plastic back... yeah yeah, I always wondered what premium is in aluminium and glass to be honest. Both are crazy cheap. Ok, metal frame is ok, nice to have. But glass? It can easily break, it extremely expensive to replace because reasons, catch scratches as easy as plastic and you actually never look at it. So I don't mind plastic back at all, doesn't feel any less premium than glass which has nothing to do with whatever premium means these days.

  • Anonymous

If I upgraded from the S8 to this it would actually be a downgrade with a worse screen, cheap plastic from cool glass, and I would have to get the more expensive version cuz no SD card lot. I'd also be gaining bug bezels on the sides and loosing that gorgeous curve I love.

What a joke Samsung. The phone that came 4 gens later is a downgrade.

  • Yvil

I actually really like the return to a plastic back because I have cracked and had to change my glass back too many times.
Also not having the rounded sides is a real-world advantage. Again there's more chances of cracking your screen and your thumb sometimes interferes with the phone as you accidentally touch the screen while holding your phone

  • Joakim

The S21 February 12 software update seems to fix the standby battery drain issue.

  • Anonymous

Terry, 12 Feb 2021Problem setting up finger printing, after many attempts fin... moreDo not have a screen protector on.

  • Alex

Lucian77, 10 Feb 2021I bought s21 few days ago,but i'm very disappointed wi... moreI was fortunate to avoid Samsung customer support myself but never heard a good word about it, in any country. This gives an idea how cheap Samsung goes supporting their customers.

  • Alex

Rich, 09 Feb 2021In your opinion which phone is better s21 or the s10+S10+ has many more features and better build. There are also plenty overheat reports for S21 but it's not clear how bad it is. S10+ cameras are not the best out there but at least have optical zoom.
Put them side by side in comparison and see what you like. I kept my S10.

  • Terry

Problem setting up finger printing, after many attempts finally my finger print is 100% until I try & open the phone, it doesn't recognise my finger print, can anyone help?

I bought s21 few days ago,but i'm very disappointed with it due of overheating issue.The phone is get very hot during the video call especially if is used multitasking.
If your are using messenger video call and TeamViewer at the same time,the phone gets hot and show the message: "Multi window closed.Your phone is too hot.Let it to cool down before use multi window again."
The same happens if camera is used to much.
I've tried to contact samsung costumer service by Samsung Members,but i still not have a answer even it pass few days.
Even the samsung s21 has a good battery life compared with other galaxy devices and has a nice design,i could not recommend dues of this issue and due of quality of costumer support.

  • Rich

T-Money, 29 Jan 2021What I noticed was that some of pictures had parts that wer... moreIn your opinion which phone is better s21 or the s10+

  • Rich

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021True the battery is very bad How long has your battery generally lasted

  • Anonymous

The camera bump is going to be a constant nuisance, and with no mini jack O/P
OR SD card I'm just not interested....

  • Anonymous

Anjum, 05 Feb 2021Overheats, fast battery drain (6 hrs SOT only) at 60Hz, ove... moreTrue the battery is very bad

  • Dills

I think I made a huge mistake buying this phone when I had a option to buy a iPhone 12 the battery life is very very bad

  • Anjum

Overheats, fast battery drain (6 hrs SOT only) at 60Hz, over saturated photos - this phone is a huge disappointment for $800!

  • Anonymous

Notannavovk, 01 Feb 2021Hello, you have option in pro mode choose 108 megapixel len... moreHigh megapixels never indicate quality, lol. It only indicates how much you can zoom in a photo. That's why, iPhones never had huge mexapixel lenses.

  • Alinsws

Ugliest phone i ever seen. Low cost platic. Samsung is going backwards

  • Anonymous

Ping, 01 Feb 2021Finger print log on don't work, hard to set ,then don... moreThat's the case with all Samsung in-display fingerprint sensors.