Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review

21 January 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2022Great phone. I upgraded from a S9 and wasn't expecting... morewhich phone did you get the exynos or the snapdragon version.....

  • Anonymous

Great phone. I upgraded from a S9 and wasn't expecting such a big leap in performance, screen and software. Battery is great for me, no overheating and I can't go back to a regular 60hz screen, 120hz is so smooth.

  • Narenderreddy

Exynos, 23 Apr 2022I have the exact same issue with my S21 5G. It heats up not... moreMy phone is overheating

I purchased this phone , but really upaet about the battery: speed is ok, but due use it with loads of apps charge 2x per day.
Can somebody recommend a phone with similar camera but strong battery which can last for a strong 1,5-2 day?

  • Exynos

the1stgeek , 02 Apr 2022I bought the s21 FE 5G Exynos variant on Thursday. I was ex... moreI have the exact same issue with my S21 5G. It heats up noticeably fast even under light loads, never mind gaming. Too hot to handle without a case around the phone, don't even wanna know how bad it'll be in the summer months. Really wish I had gone with OnePlus or some other brand instead, currently waiting for my S21 to get back from the warranty service. Hopefully just a bad unit, though considering the reviews probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

  • the1stgeek

I bought the s21 FE 5G Exynos variant on Thursday. I was excited to get this device because of the reviews I saw. Unfortunately, it heats up so much that it got to 45-47°C just browsing through twitter and downloading an update. While charging, I can't even use the phone because of how hot it gets.

I got a replacement unit and still the same, heating up till 45-47°C. I take it back to the store and they are wasting my time giving me back my money which is the whole issue with this stuff tbh.

The Exynos 2100 is poorly optimised. Do not buy this device. I repeat: Do not by this.

  • TommyJLion

This review is misleading. Should be 3/5

I am typing this on a S21

Battery is not good
I charged the phone with Oculus charger from that day battery performance is very bad.

If they dont include a charger in the package, software should be ready for it. Money sucking monsters

  • Oceanadrian

Unfortunately Samsung disabled eSIM on this phone, so that removes it from consideration for me. Pity. Otherwise seems like a nice phone.

  • Anonymous

Sadly this phone is still $960 in my country

  • kj

really good phone, practical, i enjoy the size in my hand and functions very well

  • Gabeuk

I've had this phone for 6 months or so (Exynos version, I think). I actually really like. And I like it more as time goes on because it's so simple and it "just works". Nothing flashy here.

Great screen, really good battery life (2 days for me), perfect size. So far no scratches or dings (I don't use case).

The in-screen finger print reader is really good -- an ultrasonic fingerprint reader is really worth having. Fast and it just works. Wouldn't go back to anything less.

Camera is probably not as good as a Pixel 6 or latest iPhone. But it's decent enough.

Some of the inbuilt Samsung apps (e.g. Bixby) are a little annoying. I wish you could delete them. But for the most part they are fairly innocuous.

  • Yuri

Any feedback on the buggy os update 12???? Refresh rate slow camera slow.... send videos are distorted and clored screenrecord is totally distorted

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2021CHIPSET Exynos 2100 (5 nm) - International Qualcomm SM835... morevery true

Rahul D, 15 Nov 2021They didn’t have have to reduce the built to knock off 100$... moreTrust me, unless you keep your phone for 5 years, 50W charging barely impacts battery health. Maybe that's why they removed 45W, because it didn't save much time. But these 50W and 65W really save a lot of time. You could wake up and put your phone to charge, and it will be 100% when you go.

  • Daisy

Nice phone and portable size but I wish it had space for headset speakers

  • Rahul D

RandyRiffin, 24 Oct 2021Nope, they needed to sacrifice build quality to take $100 o... moreThey didn’t have have to reduce the built to knock off 100$ ! A Glass back barely costs 10$ to manufacture! Its just a method to make more picky customers to take the expensive models ! To be fair it looks good and doesn’t break ! I don’t like glass back phones all My friends are running broken phones. Back glass breaks easier than front glass as most people have a screen protector on! 50w charging isn’t good kills the battery! I was thankful they removed the 45w charging heats the phone but just cuts 5-10min !

  • Anonymous

Exynos 2100 (5 nm) - International
Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G (5 nm) - USA/China

Why would you be partial as you charge pretty much the same price everywhere ..Samsung!!!

  • Aristocracy

Nice and good

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021crazy how its price went down from $900 to $500. so thi... moreNope, they needed to sacrifice build quality to take $100 off the starting price. Yeah, the Realme 8 Pro has 50W for $200, but that's like all it has (and a great camera), the display is really falling behind with 60Hz, and performance too (720G), and it's got meh speakers. It can't actually compete with the likes of the Redmi Note 10 Pro or A52 5G.
But I agree, Samsung could've EASILY put faster charging. I mean they put 45W for their Note 10 plus, idk why they didn't with this. And now Google is also ahead with 30W.

John, 18 Aug 2021Actually, the bigger screen is still the best! I don'... moreBro he's talking about android phones. If you love big phones, well you're in for a treat. We got plenty of those. I'm guessing you have a Pro or Pro Max. There's also the big boys: S21 Ultra, Mi 11T Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, Oneplus 8 Pro, Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Realme GT Neo 2 and Asus Zenfone 8 Flip.