Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review

25 January 2021

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  • Blowntoaster

CalGal99, 24 Sep 2021Had this phone for nearly a month now and can definitively ... moreI think your problem lies between the chair and the screen of your phone. :)

You have way too many issues, that I have never experienced with any phone ever.

  • Flyguy

CalGal99, 24 Sep 2021Had this phone for nearly a month now and can definitively ... moreIf you buy a phone just for camera, then buy iPhone... If you are looking for other quality than camera, then S21 Ultra is the way to go...

  • Darius

Samsung was best phones for me,i liked micro sd card slot, can ad more memory. Now sadly micro sd card slot gone. I Have samsung galaxy s10plus,im very happy. Hopefully samsung in tge future bring micro sd card slot back.

  • AA

This is my best phone ever. All in one gadget.

  • CalGal99

Had this phone for nearly a month now and can definitively say that if this is the best on the market, mankind is doomed. Frustrations abound. I expected to love it, but now I wish I'd stayed with an Apple product.

Go to take a picture and it won't snap the shot. Sometimes it's because the camera changed settings all on its own accord, but sometimes there is no known issue - it just decides not to work. And sometimes all that high tech fails to focus too.

Keyboard - all edge letters and numbers can require hitting up to 6 times before it works.

Auto correct - how many times can they change "Putin" to put in? Well I counted 6 attempts, and adding Mr in front made zero difference.

Do not try to write anything French or Spanish in an English sentence, you'll live to regret the attempt.

Today I sent a text, and then put the phone away. When I check back, there are 5 or more separate attachments to various contacts that I never included. Spooky. And I have that safety feature turned on in my settings to supposedly prevent that.

When I went to delete them I had to delete the part I actually did send, because they could not be separated. What a bunch of crap.

I recently loaded our internet TV app for my phone. The button to close the screen disappears. More frustration when something can't be closed. Turning the phone off and on just takes you back to the TV screen. Still don't know how I managed to escape that cycle.

You can't go both directions on a Google search. You can only go back not forward to the screen you just left. Supposedly every page stays open so you can hit the three bars at the bottom, but three times now I've found that's only sometimes available. How the system determines which pages not to keep open is a mystery. How I miss my Apple!

Abs123, 24 Jul 2021I bought Samsung ultra s21 4 days ago and since day 1 its r... moreSince you bought it only 4 days ago, best return it & get a new one from the customer care.

Got mine a couple of weeks ago. 12/256 Had a Oneplus 7T earlier. First major difference I have experienced is the weight. It feels much heavier. The camera makes up for it though.

Have not experienced any heating issues yet, fingers crossed ! Fingerprint sensor is super quick.

Overall, if you can manage to get one, go for it. You will not regret.

Cheers !!

I've had my s21 for about 2 weeks. My previous phone was a s8+. What a difference!! The pics are re outstanding! I love it. Five stars from me

  • Anonymous


  • Ak

No for that you have to spend $300 to buy a Galaxy watch :D

  • Jac

So no heart rate reader, no Sp02 reader... ?

  • Jac

So no heart rate reader, no Sp02 reader... ?

  • Michael

Abs123, 24 Jul 2021I bought Samsung ultra s21 4 days ago and since day 1 its r... moreCheck a place you bought it

I bought Samsung ultra s21 4 days ago and since day 1 its restarting on its own randomly, stucks at android recovery - cause of recovery unknown plus forces you to reset your phone and doesn't starts until you reset and lose all your dataπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ tried every hack troubleshooting everything nothing worked... Need help.... Anyone???

  • John

"The Always On Display also works at 60Hz - we expected this to be the place where we'd see the promised 10Hz. Well, it is not. This could be a potential burn-in-related setting, though, which mandates refreshing those pixels every now and then."

Why would I want 120Hz from AOD? It's only there to display notifications. I don't even slightly care about having "smoother" scrolling. I care a lot more about the content inside the app itself. HRR screens only pay dividends in gaming, that's it! You can't change that fact.

  • Ketchup

Bob, 05 Jul 2021I'd be interested to see if they do the same thing tha... moreWow

  • Jason

No SD card slot, no money from me. I have the note ultra and I love the pen. I can't see me getting another phone without it...if I ever do get another one...which I won't for a solid 6+ years. It has all I want.

  • Mike

I'm not a computer or technical savvy person, nor do I spell great. I've had my new galaxy phone for a few days there's a lot of great stuff so far. I'm am overwhelmed with driving fright to a big store chain so I drive. 4 different states maybe 5 in one week. Lots of mountain to take video and pictures and such. I needed a reliable phone πŸ“±πŸ˜©so here I go with the best phone and carrier Verizon with limited phone calls being lost. I remember my first phone was a flip phone πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. Today I have a what the heck in one phone

  • Bob

Zollyzo, 09 Jun 2021Same here. They lost that right with a device without expan... moreI'd be interested to see if they do the same thing that happened with the S6-S7
Take away the SD Card slot and use the new design language as an excuse to fob off anyone that wanted it.
Then next years model will add it back in as a brand new extra feature lol!

Hell dweller., 29 Jun 2021Wife lost the sim tray ejector tool/pin. I used a paper cli... moreDo the phone not come with warranty?