Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review

25 January 2021

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  • Anonymous

GSM Arena nitpicking there's nothing wrong with these images they are great. And those night mode shots are superb

  • Anonymous

Note10PlusIsBoss, 25 Jan 2021Samsung should be ashamed of themselves ripping off custome... moreBe sure that at this point, the project of upcoming phones are very advanced.
When a product is announced, they are already working on the next generation.

As far as I have read on twitter, none of the expensive future Galaxies have sd slot. Also more phones (midranges) may lose charger and earphones .

  • ben7337

Is this review of the Exynos model or the Snapdragon model? Asking specifically out of curiosity about the battery review.

Nice review GSMA!

I get the issue with standard low light shots and thankfully, it'll be improved with software updates.

However, on my S10, I rarely use auto mode in low light. I will always switch to night mode, as it does a great job for the photo's I like to take.

With that in mind, I am so excited to be receiving my S21 Ultra this week!

  • Anonymous

So, main camera is 26mm and periscope is 240mm.
But Samsung advertises as 10x. Again fooling costumers.

I know all phones lose performance as ISO goes high, but a 1/1.3" has obligation to deal better with ISO1000. Samsung and Apple have always been the weakest at high iso among expensive phones.

I am re-posting my own comment from the other thread. This is for Samsung to continue processing the photo, after it has been taken, to increase detail, dynamic range and sharpness via AI

Samsung should do what iPhones do with Zooming (they use a similar algorithm to Google's Super Zoom), and (Samsung should) Improve Details in the 108MP and even 12MP photos, which is, they use post processing to improve detail and sharpness even further. It's like built-in lines of the algorithms, which actually improve the resolution and detail in the final image, via AI, after the photo has been taken, thereby circumventing many of the limitations of the actual sensor, even beyond regular HDR image processing. This is the sharp contrast between the Viewfinder photo and the final taken one. That's why the final taken one, especially for zoom, in the iPhone us surprisingly good, even at 10x.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021It’s better device than S20 ultra in every way, but Samsung... moreTo enlarge the periscope from 104mm to 240mm, it is necessary to decrease sensor size.
Otherwise, module would be way bigger.

  • Anonymous

Sadly it only comes with the (yet again) inferior Exynos where I live.
The exynos is still a lower performance and battery , harsher thermal throttling than the Snapdragon, and what's more is still sold at an higher MSRP than the SD variant.

  • Anonymous

JDK a.k.a NOT JUNIOR, 25 Jan 2021Waiting for the samsung haters to come swarm.There’s too many haters this days
Sd card haters
Box without phone staff
Samsung haters
iPhone and Samsung haters


  • Anonymous

Note10PlusIsBoss, 25 Jan 2021Samsung should be ashamed of themselves ripping off custome... moreHere we go sd card fanboys lol.

  • Anonymous

walkman8, 25 Jan 2021Honestly,I'm surprised by GSMArena verdict, I expected... moreTech sites and youtubers do not want to lose their audience.
That is why all will forgive S21/21+ despite all those downgrades.

  • Anonymous

It’s better device than S20 ultra in every way, but Samsung still made mistake by ditching 48MP and ToF camera.

I preordered the navy blue version, couldn't resist!

  • MrPong

Nice phone 👍 and the review says so.

Just the regular S21 and S21+ are quite off.

AnonD-973296, 25 Jan 2021Brace yourselves... THEY are comingHonestly,I'm surprised by GSMArena verdict, I expected it to be much harsher and nitpickier.
Seems Like a fine device.

Samsung should be ashamed of themselves ripping off customers with these useless offerings. No MST on Samsung Pay, No sdcard support on no S21 models, No charger, No headphones, poor 1080p displays on the S21 and S21Plus, poor unboxing experience (NOSALE) I look forward to extremely poor sales on S21 models which Samsung deserves this isn't 2015 when they did the same sdcard bullshit to the Note5 and S6EdgePlus. Poor sales means they won't fuck with the Note21Ultra or Fold3 come September.

  • AnonD-973296

JDK a.k.a NOT JUNIOR, 25 Jan 2021Waiting for the samsung haters to come swarm.Brace yourselves... THEY are coming

Waiting for the samsung haters to come swarm.