Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review

25 January 2021

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  • begjay

[deleted post]Dual sim means you can used two sim on that phone and your second question mean both sim have that network frequency you mention

AKW2020, 27 Jan 2021Thank u so much. It called bbk electronics, include Oppo Vi... more1100usd for my find x2 pro back in may 2020

  • AnonD-973296

Hellfire, 27 Jan 2021I just run geekbench 5 on samsung s21 ultra and single core... moreu own one? and if so which version do u have?
Looks like there's secret sauce in the Ultra oled panel reducing power draw vs all other oled phones

Nick.B, 26 Jan 2021Oppo is the top of the brands in the Group (don't know... moreThank u so much. It called bbk electronics, include Oppo Vivo Oneplus Realme and iqoo. It will be perfect if we can active both 3 fingers swipe and navigation button for screenshot together. I like Oppo X2 Pro and Find X. Vivo X60+ Pro has that leather back idk about slip. But Find X2 Pro is enough altough i can only buy mid range phones. Xiaomi is cheaper but there is news to data colleting idk about other chinese but high price of Oppo and Vivo seems explain it.

  • pepe-el-toro

No MicroSD, no carger? Samsung thinks they are Apple now? No more Samsungs for my Galaxy Note 9 is the last Samsung phone...

  • T-money

Thanks for the review. Love the jabs at Samsung and its attempt to "save the planet". GSMarena keeping it real lol

Joe, 27 Jan 2021BBK they own Oppo, Oneplus, Realme and Vivo just clarifying... moreThey do. And the top dog is Oppo. End of story.
Check it if you want.

  • Anonymous

So it seems that the phone changes cameras in certain conditions when zooming, especially in low light. Then, I understand, it crops the 108MP photo to "zoom in" instead of using the dedicated zoom camera.

How can we tell whether a photo was shot using zoom lens or the main one in that case?

Nick Tegrataker, 27 Jan 2021Nope, the ringings on photos from phone cameras are caused ... moreSince you're so confident of your theory, you could do this to photos from whatever camera you use, and upload them somewhere and share the link. Theoretically, this should apply to any camera. I would gladly agree with you, if I see the actual results.

Hellfire, 27 Jan 2021I just run geekbench 5 on samsung s21 ultra and single core... moreWhy do you even care about benchmarks? In everyday tasks you think the phone is gonna be slow? When was the last time you used a Samsung phone?

Benchmarks don't mean jack. I dunno why people even talk about them.

The phone isn't even available. Where are you getting your benchmark data?!

TheLastOracle, 27 Jan 2021The ringing artefacts are due to how much they resolve. Thi... moreNope, the ringings on photos from phone cameras are caused (or emphasised) by oversharpening most of the time and are nothing to do with how much details are being resolved. Samsung, as always, applies too much sharpening to its image resulting in this odd "whitening" of edges as well as some discolourations in finer textures. Pit it against Find X2 Pro and Mate 30 Pro and you'll see what I mean - they all capture comparable amount of details yet photos from both X2 Pro and Mate look softer, more natural (especially in small lines/texts) with less obvious edge enhancement artifacts.

Here are some simple steps to create ringing around edges in your photos:
1. Select any image (including RAW) and import it to Lightroom.
2. Take the sharpening slider all the way up to the right and use the largest sharpening radius settings.
3. You should see white borders on high contrast edges.

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Go purchase a 50$ wired and wireless earphones and tell me ... moreWe do, we just don't care about the difference.

AnonD-973296, 26 Jan 2021i tried the dual aperture system on the s10e, it was from f... moreIn daylight, the only notable difference you can see between those two apertures are natural bokeh and depth of field. But in lowlight, the larger f/1.5 definitely helps a lot since more light can enter into the sensor. f/2.4 in low light is not what I call 'ideal'.

GSMArena did wrote a good explanation about the difference between the two aperture:

  • Hellfire

I just run geekbench 5 on samsung s21 ultra and single core results is nowhere near 1000

Pattern like last boss, not many can win. Like the raw capability though, wonder if it can do 108mp for monochrome or it saves just 12mp...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021trust me, the performance will feel slow in 2 years later :) Let me guess, your last Samsung was the galaxy S6?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021Probably a different cooling solution and/or reduced max po... moreshould technically perform better but thus could be reasoning for 1080p display as a 1440p uses kite power which overheat faster especially in smaller devices as they is less room for the heat

also reports of snapdragon 888 running very hot
and exynos runs hot anyways but looking at reviews they seem to throttle devices at 40c compared to snapdragon 45 c

  • YBahadir

Now S21 can open EIS and HDR during Ultra 4K @ 60 FPS video recording? Can it do this in all lenses or not?

Nick Tegrataker, 27 Jan 2021S21U seems to suffer from a ton of ringing artifacts from e... moreIPhone has tons of noise in their low light images. Simply unacceptable on a flagship as mid rangers with gcam are outperforming the iPhone in low light.