Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G review

5 February 2021

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  • Nick gur

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021YesNo

  • Anonymous

Muz, 22 Jul 2021Does it come without chargerYes

  • Muz

Does it come without charger

  • Bokedla

To be honest, i switched from 21 ultra to + and can't be more satisfied. Dimensions ans the flat display are main factors. Although i was a bit sceptical about a resolution downgrade, i must say I'm impressed with 1080+ panel.

Very nice job, samsung!

very happy with my device

Uh nice S21! Have a new S21!

  • Kris

Disappointed 😞, came from S7 sdge after screen broken, I were in rush so I didnt do my homework before buying the s21+, although my provider didn't have too many options, but I wouldn't thought it will be a downgrade buying a new flagship phone from Samsung.

1st. No headphone disbite it's price,
2. No charger as I only have old USB one, which make me visit Samsung store to buy one before my battery ends up.
3. Can't recharge and use headphone same time
and need adapter to use old headphone which I end buying it as well
4. fingerprint not good as s7 edge, I need to try 4 to 5 times before opening the device, and password need to be entered with numbers + letters now.
5. My old device s7 edge have better display, 1440 x 2560 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~534 ppi density) compare with 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~394 ppi density, I can feel the difference.
6. No heart rate sensor with new device, although I know many don't include this feature although still a plus as I used it from time to time.

Really not worth the price, feel like Samsung screw their customers with this phone, I would go to xiaomi, huwaui or mid range phone.

  • ked

asdadasfff, 05 May 2021Hey, is your display really that good? I've bought min... morehow i can get this phone

  • asdadasfff

proUser, 22 Feb 2021They are getting paid reviews I am actual user lolz... ... moreHey, is your display really that good? I've bought mine 3 days ago and really regretted it. Screen looks yellowish compared to my oneplus 6t and iphone xr. All those true tone crap is disabled

  • Anonymous

Shadim, 08 Apr 2021What chipset did you use in this review, Gsmarena?Of course Snapdragon, you can't get 111h with Exynos...It's a crappy CPU and Samsung doesn't care about this...They should learn from Huawei how to make CPUs

Can anyone reply please with the mediainfo (use app on the play store) so I know what the audio bitrate is when recording videos please?
With it being a flagship I don't expect it to be the useless 96kbps that so many lesser devices seem to be set to these days. Thanks.

not purchasing a Samsung again.. bought an s21+ after a month of using it suddenly the screen went blank.. had to replace the screen though it has a 2 years warranty but just shows how cheap quality this thing is

  • Shadim

What chipset did you use in this review, Gsmarena?

  • Anonymous

even iOS runs chrome smooth than google itself...

  • Optional

proUser, 15 Feb 2021Bought Exynos s21+ 2 days back , here are observations ===... moreSadly Chrome is lagging on every android now. I had the same problem on Xiaomi Mi 10.
Problem is caused by google. Source code of chrome is more and more complicated.
Chrome on iOS uses Safari engine (as every browswer on ios) not chromium engine.
So it is not problem with Samsung or Exynos.

  • Mohan

proUser, 15 Feb 2021Bought Exynos s21+ 2 days back , here are observations ===... moreWell written,
Its the same case with me. Phone runs hit when camera is used. Intermittent standby consumes lot of power. Hence the real life battery life is not great. You might get great result if you use it staright up.

Opinion, 16 Mar 2021Sorry for the late reply. I also told him selling a 2 month... moreSorry for my late reply too. Honestly speaking, Samsung's refund policy is completely bs. They never refunded people who bought the Note7 at the time and even after banning. Also since I have experience of using Samsungs earlier (many people in my family also used as well), the earpieces and mics were very defective and was replaced over 3 times and so does the motherboard (without any water damage or physical damage). Speakers on low-end and midrange phones were very soft (except 2017 A series, phone speakers again went downhill) There are ghost touches on the display while charging (locking and unlocking the phone wouldn't fix it, and I've always used the original charger that came in the box). Phones look fast at first but a year after using, it's very slow. The AMOLED displays are honestly a good unique selling point but prone to screen burn-ins and replacements costed mostly higher than the phone itself (Devices with giraffe "infinity" displays were prone to ink-like blotches). Not to mention, my honest opinion is that they should refrain from advertising the water resistance of phones if they have a bs water damage policy. I have no intention of trolling (I don't even earn anything from trolling) the brand's legacy but my experience with Samsung was very horrible. Also my kind request to fans is that, if people have a horrible experience with a particular brand, let them explain it instead of unwantedly defending that brand and calling the user a liar.

  • Sandman

Samsung s21+5G - OR - Note 20 Ultra 5G ???????

Opinion, 09 Mar 2021Don't mind the fanboy that cannot accept criticisms to... moreI am not sammy fanboy or apple fanboy,
S20FE is totally failure with Exynos.

  • Opinion

Minu, 12 Mar 2021I feel bad for your friend, then again selling a used phone... moreSorry for the late reply. I also told him selling a 2 months old phone would be a big loss, especially as the new S20 FE price just dropped $100. But I guess he is too disappointed with his first Samsung. He bought the S20 FE because he really wanted to experience high refresh rate display and try out OneUI (again, from reviews saying OneUI is so good).
He actually demanded a refund from Samsung, but got rejected on the account of the phone is 'operating within acceptable parameters'. Honestly, we think it's a load of BS from the company. After getting 3 software updates that still failed to solve the problems, he put it up for sale because according to him "I am tired of this $800 phone that overheats when doing anything and drains battery like crazy".