Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G review

5 February 2021

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Minu, 12 Mar 2021I feel bad for your friend, then again selling a used phone... moreSorry for the late reply. I also told him selling a 2 months old phone would be a big loss, especially as the new S20 FE price just dropped $100. But I guess he is too disappointed with his first Samsung. He bought the S20 FE because he really wanted to experience high refresh rate display and try out OneUI (again, from reviews saying OneUI is so good).
He actually demanded a refund from Samsung, but got rejected on the account of the phone is 'operating within acceptable parameters'. Honestly, we think it's a load of BS from the company. After getting 3 software updates that still failed to solve the problems, he put it up for sale because according to him "I am tired of this $800 phone that overheats when doing anything and drains battery like crazy".

Opinion, 09 Mar 2021Don't mind the fanboy that cannot accept criticisms to... moreI feel bad for your friend, then again selling a used phone is quite a waste of money afaik

AnonD-966113, 07 Feb 2021Ikr! Wtf do people use 8gb ram for!? 4gb is sufficient for... more4GB is enough if you use a stock Android phone

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proUser, 22 Feb 2021They are getting paid reviews I am actual user lolz... ... moreDon't mind the fanboy that cannot accept criticisms to his favorite brand. I believe actual users more than reviews because users encounter real world situations such as going to places with different network strength and ambient temperature (reviewers usual do tests in controlled environment), real daily usage (reviewers usually cycle between different devices in a day) and not afraid to criticise (some reviewers are afraid to offend big brands like Samsung).
My latest experience confirms reviews are not as trustworthy as real world user. A friend bought the S20 FE after glowing reviews everywhere about the phone. The phone was problematic from day one by heating up even while doing light tasks like watching Youtube videos and scrolling through social medias. His S20 FE also affected by touchscreen lag and abnormal battery drain. Samsung customer service simply asked him to wait for software updates. He finally had enough and put up the phone for sale after 2 months. And again he was struck by bad luck because Samsung announced price drop of $100 for the model.

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Enjoying the Red S21+

  • Bulldog

If you want everything Samsung has to give, then the "Ultra" is your only choice. Otherwise, for me, the "Plus" is the real winner in the S21 lineup. It's essentially the vanilla S21 with a bigger screen and a bigger battery. Is that worth the extra $200 (in USA)? It is for me, because the screen and battery have an enormous impact on day-to-day use. And you get ultra wide band thrown in, which may or may not amount to anything in the near future, but heck, why not?

SEUL8TR, 19 Feb 2021Troll elsewhere. YouTube reviews have never had any issues.They are getting paid reviews
I am actual user

THink before dropping comment

proUser, 15 Feb 2021Bought Exynos s21+ 2 days back , here are observations ===... moreTroll elsewhere.
YouTube reviews have never had any issues.

Alex, 13 Feb 2021And I never ran into any issues with 2GB RAM on my Tab Pro.... morePhones have more apps running on the background. Tablet doesn't.

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The S21 February 12 software update seems to fix the standby battery drain issue.

Bought Exynos s21+ 2 days back , here are observations
The Good ::
1) display
2) speakers
3) reception
4) call quality

The Bad:
1) heating on minimum camera usage
2) battery drains fast
3) camera is still oversaturated with colors with latest firmware
4) camera shutter lag still there
5) chrome freezes multiple times even I have 30mbps internet (iPhone runs chrome smooth, sad but truth)
6) OneUI optimization required to give lag free experience.
7) Overpriced

Since this is overpriced, I would recommend people to wait for few more months and then buy this device at little low price. I hope later software updates gives more smile to us.

  • Alex

aaronwt, 12 Feb 2021I would certainly rather have more ram than less. But what ... moreAnd I never ran into any issues with 2GB RAM on my Tab Pro. 6 years ago :-)
But times change. And software does too. Are you aware of that?

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Jt, 07 Feb 2021Because of water resistanceThe S5 says hello.

SEUL8TR, 07 Feb 2021Still better than rubbishhhh 8gb ram. You're better o... moreI would certainly rather have more ram than less. But what is this stuttering you mention? On my S10 with 8GB of RAM I never ran into any memory issues during the 23 months I owned it. So I expect not to run into any issues with my S21 with 8GB of RAM. So far it's been fine. I'm using it the exact same way as I used my S10.

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Where's the 512gb 16gb RAM option?
Only 8gb ram. What,are you serious.

"Exynos 2100 vs SD888"

Thanks for the link. As expected, Samsung is once again selling significantly inferior products in Europe. See you next year, Sammy

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BG, 11 Feb 2021Test unit is equipped with SnapDragon 888...No, both review units are international versions using the Exynos 2100 (5 nm) SoC.

YBahadir, 09 Feb 2021Exynos 2100 vs SD888 moreThat was pretty interesting, thanks for the link. Especially Samsung 5LPE vs TSMC N7/N7P comparison.

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Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021I'm surprised that very little was mentioned about the... moreTest unit is equipped with SnapDragon 888...