Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G review

5 February 2021

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SEUL8TR, 07 Feb 2021Still better than rubbishhhh 8gb ram. You're better o... moreI would certainly rather have more ram than less. But what is this stuttering you mention? On my S10 with 8GB of RAM I never ran into any memory issues during the 23 months I owned it. So I expect not to run into any issues with my S21 with 8GB of RAM. So far it's been fine. I'm using it the exact same way as I used my S10.

  • AnonD-961600

Where's the 512gb 16gb RAM option?
Only 8gb ram. What,are you serious.

"Exynos 2100 vs SD888"

Thanks for the link. As expected, Samsung is once again selling significantly inferior products in Europe. See you next year, Sammy

  • Note9 User

BG, 11 Feb 2021Test unit is equipped with SnapDragon 888...No, both review units are international versions using the Exynos 2100 (5 nm) SoC.

YBahadir, 09 Feb 2021Exynos 2100 vs SD888 moreThat was pretty interesting, thanks for the link. Especially Samsung 5LPE vs TSMC N7/N7P comparison.

  • BG

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021I'm surprised that very little was mentioned about the... moreTest unit is equipped with SnapDragon 888...

  • Artre

OhNom, 09 Feb 2021Ehm, because the more memory available to android the more ... moreEven better smoother is 16gb Ram.

SEUL8TR, 08 Feb 2021Well not with Samsung, unless Nexus or Pixel. Samsung has... moreEhm, because the more memory available to android the more it uses, and depending on the need it unoccupies it, I don't see any sense that you have 12 and only use 4, what are the other 8 for?

But I agree that 12 is fine

  • Anonymous

The flat design of s21 plus looks lot better than s21 ultra tad curved.

  • Gandalfdenvite

$1000/€1050/£950 for a phone is simply far too expensive even if I/you... can afford it!
Too much of the worlds resources are wasted on buying new toys/"phones" every year, and thrown away the next year, this must stop, the planet Earth will not survive this much longer!

  • Alex

[deleted post]Yeah, a little dictator growing up, going to flagship forums with his little A50 and telling people that they only need 8GB ram, plastic backs, low res screens and no SD cards :-)

  • Alex

Jt, 07 Feb 2021Because of water resistanceBecause of the extra costs that Samsung is not willing to spend. (Like any other company but it matters to what extent.)
It has nothing to do with water resistance, take Moto G3 for example.

  • ADpro

I just bought the S21+ (sold my S10+), I was looking a phone without curved display and with a better battery life than my old S10+, I use the phone mostly for working and the curved display was ever a problem for me. I could bought the ultra but it has curved display so I discarded it in first place regardless of their specifications.
Comparing to my old S10+ I like more de 120hz screen that with an app I can set to 96hz max and it's really smooth and the battery last much more than the S10+, for the performance aspect I didn't see any big difference compared to the S10+ because I don't do gaming.

  • Anonymous

I'm surprised that very little was mentioned about the bench test results compared to the standard S21, some rests are over 10% higher which is unusual considering the hardware is meant to be the same? Is it due to the size difference affecting cooling which means the S21 has been throttled?

AnonD-973296, 08 Feb 2021name me on person, any person on this planet that use every... moreIt's not enough for me. I often use about 5-6 apps and a browser with many tabs. Then I want to go back to YouTube vanced app and continue from where I stopped, only to find that it was offloaded due to insufficient RAM and my progress is lost.

  • AnonD-973296

SEUL8TR, 08 Feb 2021much less RAM size? First of all, it is because of the w... morename me on person, any person on this planet that use every single drop of RAM in their phone, 8GB ram is more than enough for most computing tasks that people do on their phones, i don't need to learn Java or "Swift" to know that.

AnonD-973296, 07 Feb 20218gb RAM is more than enough for anyone.much less RAM size?

First of all, it is because of the way the operating system of the iPhone is designed. iOS is written in " Swift". While, Android, whose majority of apps and the system itself are written in Java. Android selected java because java is a virtual machine that helps to combine the OS code, enabling the OS to run on many devices and processor types with different hardware configurations from different manufacturers

Secondly, iOS devices do not undergo garbage collection to recycle used memory back to the system while closing the application.

Thirdly, Apple has more control over iOS than Google has over Android. Apple is well aware of what type of hardware and devices should be used in each operating system so that the iPhone operates efficiently and smoothly.

Not only android devices are bloated but the android applications also function in the background taking a lot of RAM's space to function smoothly.

The memory of Android is managed by the operating system. On the other hand, the memory of the iPhone is regulated by the apps themselves. The iOS does not permit the apps from taking RAM size according to their preference and then freeing it when no longer in use. In fact, the iOS apps allocate and deallocate memory as per their requirement, automatically.

Ios is fake bogus Darwin Unix platform than android running Linux.
It's like android is you know how many or whose getting on the bus with no limits, ios is limited to certain people because the cache memory is very low so it freeze at the background rather than running.

Common sense, use your brain or learn the java program

8gb ram is not enough.

Why do you believe and explain and brake it down for me..

AnonD-973296, 07 Feb 20218gb RAM is more than enough for anyone.Anond916100

Why don't you argue or dispute with him.
Why don't you brake it down in information Why you disagree?
Why don't you give your reasons that 8gb ram is sufficient?

You just came back to argue with 8 sentence and few words .
You're just a simple guy who knows nothing about software or hardware requirements or neither are you qualified or graduated on these subjects Why you disagree the facts.

Give me and the guy facts, ....

AnonD-973296, 07 Feb 20218gb RAM is more than enough for anyone.Well not with Samsung, unless Nexus or Pixel.
Samsung has way too many features, if active, you're left with 1.5gb RAM to use Chrome browser.
12gb is perfect .